Apartment Which Has Warm Earthy Decor Palette | Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

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Apartment Which Has Warm Earthy Decor Palette | Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

Wadhwana Residence is designed and executed by Bhavin Wadhwana, founder of the Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio, for his father and family. This 2000 Square feet Apartment is located in the suburbs of Mumbai in B-Wing of Aquaria Grande towers.



The interiors are a take on modernism, clean and crisp lines yet opulent. The warm earthy palette of materials, textures, and colors is alluring and comforting to the eyes. The spaces are meticulously detailed to form a family of details that echo throughout the apartment implying a connection between spaces.

Upon arrival, the combination of dark grey tiles and copper inserts give the space a sense of subdued elegance. The entrance is marked by a massive natural teakwood & glass door.

The undulatory wooden ceiling spanned across the living, dining spaces brings a sense of warmth. The stucco finished lime plaster acts as a backdrop to the bespoke furniture’s in the space pronouncing elegant luxury along with a sense of timelessness.

The spine is treated as a single compositional element. The basin is designed as a bespoke object. Wooden fins break the monotony of the solid composition giving the kitchen which is traditionally a private space, a sense of transparency. The coded composition then continues concealing services and storage to connect the private spaces of the apartment behind the doors. The shrine is a take on heritage design, in essence, the tiring ornate the otherwise monumental form of the shrine.

The kitchen is planned to be as open and uncluttered as possible, the shade of the lime plaster is reflected in the choice of quartz and is contrasted by the dark acrylic panels housed under a veneer and stucco finished ceiling.

The subtle brass inlays and elements bring a sense of elegance and warmth to the master bedroom. On the other hand, the wooden slates conceal an ensuite walk-in wardrobe and minimalist bathroom finished in white marble.

The combination of marble and high sheen Venetian plaster in muted tones of grey creates a restrained and stylish atmosphere in this bedroom. The use of concrete textured lime plaster with grey and white marble gives this ensuite bathroom a definite character.

The guest bedroom is designed as a multipurpose space. The wood and brass wall unit functions as study and storage. The bed sits lower than usual housed in grey hued lime plaster imparts a sense of space that is unique and informal.

Dark marble and wood theme in the walk-in wardrobe, bathroom ensuite the master bedroom at the end give the space class and exclusivity.

The master bedroom is designed to emphasize the character and status of the owner. Natural Teakwood demarcates this enormous space complimented by the pastel lime plaster which has its natural yet rustic charm.

Facts File:

Project Name: Wadhwana Residence

Firm: Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

Location: Mumbai, India

Area: 2000 Sqft.

Year Of Completion: 2019

Principal Designers: Bhavin Wadhwana

Photography Credits: photographix

About the Firm:

Wadhwana Design Studio was established in 2019 by Bhavin Wadhwana. A people-centric philosophy is at the heart of the design process. The studio believes that better buildings make for a better world. A successful building is one that improves daily life for the people who live and work around it. Wadhwana Design Studio has successfully undertaken and completed 2 projects in Mumbai.

As architects, we are involved in projects from start to finish. We usually provide full architectural design services and consultancy services during the construction phase. Our design skills extend beyond mere architectural services. Our work also includes interior design services.

The Wadhwana Design Studio method is wise, stimulated by a love of detail and exactness. It is a game between the simplicity of principle and complexity of detail. Design is not an arbitrary stylistic choice but is always informed by specific parameters on the Site. The emphasis is on “design to build” to ensure, from the start, that every detail works. This approach means clients can be confident that when they are shown renderings, they will represent the final building right through to the tiniest finish.


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