Vintage Eclectic Themed Apartment Interior | Da Namah Design Studio

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Vintage Eclectic Themed Apartment Interior | Da Namah Design Studio


Look & feel A sophisticated eclectic space that is welcoming and charming.

Approach: The house was designed for a big joint family, with three generations and their different likes and requirements. Hence, we felt an Eclectic theme would be an answer to the design of this expansive house.

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About the theme: Eclectic theme is difficult to desegregate and categorize and classify. Eclectic style, by definition, is one that mixes and matches break the rules, embraces contemporary and vintage. As mentioned, the style itself embraces concepts such as, “rules are made to be broken,” and that has been our forte – “Breaking design norms.”


The larger than life feels sinks while you enter the relatively large living room. A sophisticated eclectic space that is welcoming and charming. The vintage-inspired Wood and fluted glass partition, highlighted with grey on the left side of the living room give a glimpse of the partially covered peach and blue Kitchen.

The significantly large marble TV unit grabs your attention while you are seated on the 14 feet long L shaped sofa which was designed to cater a large but informal gathering. The Red couch adds appeal and attracts attention amidst the subtle colors in the living area. 

The Moroccan design carpet was introduced to add some pattern to the floor. The layering of the carpets further helps in adding some character. The muted floral upholstery of the statement chair makes place for itself in the eclectic themed space. The electric blue accents define & highlight the dining area. The collage of modern abstract paintings forms the perfect backdrop to this eclectic themed space.

The modern 16 armed light sits proudly above the marble table complementing the royal blue and black and white upholstered chairs. The mix of patterns in the chair further justifies the theme whereas the royal blue emanates a rich view along with the classic touch of beauty that the chair designs bring in.


This classic, chic, retro kitchen is functional to the core. From small niches for easy access of daily utilities to bigger ones for appliances. The striking vintage chequered floor compliments the unconventional peach n blue cabinets. The gold knobs and the wooden ceiling resonate with the theme.


The vintage eclectic themed bedroom gets its vintage highlights from the wooden handcrafted side table with gold knobs and dark tan chesterfield headboard and bed. The Greenish grey color of the bed wall adds a classic touch to the room. The modern glass shutters of the wardrobe bring the required balance. The richness of the set up resonates in the Raw silk curtains, marble floor, and washroom door which is highlighted with a pattern formed with veneer and hammered brass sheets.

The orange console or chest of drawers forms the identity of the room. it’s an important example of how aesthetics and necessities can go hand in hand. What otherwise could have been bulky unattractive storage, now gels well in this eclectic vintage room and adds its own charm.


Calm and soothing tones combined with vintage moldings result in this subtle yet luxurious room. The textured console adds character to the bed wall, which is highlighted with mint and silver wallpaper. The theme extends and resonates in the vintage-inspired wardrobe shutters with a subtle grey finish.

KIDS ROOM:   Bright, colorful, and functionally planned. This kid’s room gave us an opportunity to explore this playful palette. Customized wallpapers & quirky graphics balanced with the grey walls and pine bunk bed. The bunk bed was designed to be attractive, functional, and safe for the kids.

The safety fence was introduced and executed aesthetically. The lower bed is a sofa cum bed hence converting itself into a double bed whenever required. The colorful hexagonal cement floor gels into the theme of the room. The vintage yellow washroom door is the highlight of the wardrobe wall.


Understated Luxury: The elite, classy, & less is more design. The centrally placed veneer TV panel, conceals a structural round pillar, hence adding aesthetic value.

The herringbone wooden floor acts as an appealing yet neutral canvas to this room. The tall headboard on one side and teal statement chairs on the other side helps to maintain the understated luxury.


Firm Name: Da Namah design studio.

Project Name:  Mohatta Residence

Location: Borivli west, Mumbai.

Built up area: 2500 sq. ft.

Year of completion: April 2019.

Principal designer : Namrataa Shetty & Neil Cresto.

Design Head: Namrataa Shetty

Projects Head: Neil Cresto

Photo credit: ©Photographix | Sebastian Zachariah 

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