A Modern Contemporary Design With A Touch Of Indianness | Paperish a Design Studio

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This 2900 sqft residence at Himmatnagar, Gujarat is an outcome of eclectic vibes. The idea behind the design was to create a warm feel with a material palette of wood & warm colours. By merging the transitional spaces with design elements, the design brings about a feeling of simplicity yet is luxurious at the core. The main challenge in this project was to design the Living room, which is the centre area of all other areas of the house – The drawing room, Bedrooms, Dining area, and Kitchen.  All these rooms open through this centre space. The client wanted this space to act as a separate space as well as a transitioning space for all other spaces when required.

A Modern Contemporary Design With A Touch Of Indianness | Paperish a Design Studio

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For this space, we designed elements like – Swing, sliding doors, vibrant colour schemes and space-shifting lights to make this space, seem like a separate space along with a transitional space to other areas.

The entry of the house is covered in a veneer look with exposed material running the wall to balance the heaviness of the wooden feel.

The design of the Living room has our heart. The transitioning space with a modern contemporary design with a touch of Indianness directly matches the persona of the client. The space shows vibrancy with minimalism.

This residential home belongs to a retired Doctor couple, who by themselves are very active, vibrant, modern and open for their age. They wanted a space which is contemporary but new, low maintenance but at the same time has vibrant elements in some places, has peacefulness of home and shows openness for their family & friends to create lasting memories.

The drawing room / Tv room wall has the most eye-catching wall from the dyed veneer of royal blue that catches the whole attraction. with the subtle grey furniture and curtains. The water colour art paintings of horses by da_quirky_canvas were the lucky charm of this space.

Connecting the dining with the colours theme transition of breakfast table to kitchen space makes the whole design into the layers of pastel shades.

Powder bathroom space is also in the hierarchy of use. The basin vanity has Semi visuals with the metal and fluted glass screening to merge with surroundings and not be highlighted element. With the easy distance from the dining area.

Hues of blues from a wide angle, is the caption for the master bedroom, suffice the love of colour blue for the client specific requirement.

The daughter’s room with exposed brick is the outcome of a raw taste in the highlighter of the room, with the contemporary console table with a fabric facia adding beauty to it.

The guest bedroom had a requirement of a minimal look and enough storage space with a study table, so basically a multipurpose room and not just a guest bedroom. With a plain bed back wall, we tried to create an elevation with a loose cushion headboard that adds charm. The wooden essence theme of the guest bedroom with a pinch of grey makes it subtle.


Designed by (Firm Name): Paperish a Design Studio

Project Type: Apartment Interiors

Project Name: Shah’s Residence

Location: Himmatnagar, Gujarat

Year Built: 2019-20

Duration of project: 1 year

Project Size: sq feet:  2900sqft

Project Cost Appx: 3,00,0000

Principal Architect(s): Disha Kotadia & Honey Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Nilkanth Barucha

Firm’s Instagram Profile: Paperish a Design Studio


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