The Soft And Bright Balance In This Spacious, Welcoming, Contemporary Abode At This Suburban Mumbai Home | Kaizaad Mehta Architects

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Olive green and champagne pink marry in perfect harmony, while still maintaining enough of a clash to create a visual buzz in the finished effect of this suburban Mumbai home.

The Soft And Bright Balance In This Spacious, Welcoming Abode At Suburban Mumbai Home | Kaizaad Mehta Architects

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In the land of modern décor, this 425 Sq. Ft. studio apartment uses the magic of white and greys along with raw wood to transform into a spacious, welcoming abode. The soft and bright balance this combination brings to a space is viewed evenly through the entirety of the apartment.

The floor plan was opted to be remain unchanged, a linear living room with a tiny pocket serving as an open kitchen, adjacent to a seemingly tight entrance foyer, a compact bedroom and two bathrooms.

The generous balcony space and a dry area were preferred to be left out of the design scope by the owners, who were on a tight budget and timeline. Almost all the walls of the apartment are concrete walls, thus there was no scope of changing the wall layout or disturbing/ mitigating the sleeves for plumbing and electrical conduits.

The kitchen and living are divided by an arched paneling allowing the spaces to merge yet stand out in their own right. The shades of color are used evenly throughout starting with an olive-green kitchen with a white spotted countertop and backsplash and a matching main door.

Matt black accessories and handles are allowed to stand out in this framed kitchen/ entryway. Fluted wooden panels flank each side of the entrance foyer as a necessary yet elegant statement. Embracing the season of arches and curves, a standalone mirror adds depth to the foyer and kitchen area.

The breakfast counter is treated as a part of the kitchen scheme to help extend the marriage of pink and green into the boundaries of the living room. The pink archway dividing the kitchen and living extends through the length of the living room and into the bedroom.

A pocket door slides out from behind the Tv wall which gives the runaway pink a definitive standpoint. The guest bathroom door and the adjacent wardrobe is flushed with the arched wall and treated in white spray paint. A symmetrical, flued, handle less design of these doors allows them to blend into the living room ensemble with a sense of disguise. A strong, single tone of wooden polish gives singularity to the apartment.

The seating arrangement is bifurcated into two segments with a lounge effect. A backless sofa divides these two segments of interactive and viewing arenas. The color of the fabric is muted in grey with a few accent chairs adding a pop of soft blueish hue.  Traditional molding and paneled walls along with a fluted stepped false ceiling and matt black fixtures create the necessary drama the owners craved for.

The owners also wanted to create a cozy feel for their bedroom, thus the use of the same wooden panels and a soft blue fabric allows the bedroom to look spacious and feel inviting. The runaway pink wall that extends into the bedroom is packed with flushed wardrobe and bathroom doors in similar fashion as in the living room.

Warm cove lighting gives depth the wooden paneling focusing on its rawness. The modestly sized bathrooms are designed vertically to feel both taller and more streamlined. A tight pallet of black, white and muted tones prevents it from feeling cluttered.


Designed by : Kaizaad Mehta Architects

Project Type : Residential

Project Location : Mumbai

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 4 MONTHS

Project Size: sq feet :  425 SQ.FT.

Project Cost Appx : 14 L.

Principal Architect : KAIZAAD MEHTA

Team Design Credits : ALI LOKHANDWALA

Photograph Courtesy : Varad Anvekar Photography

Visit : Kaizaad Mehta Architects

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