Grace: A Modern Home that Evokes a Sense of Calm with a side of Chic | U and I Designs

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Grace – as the name suggests, is a modern home designed for a young couple, which encompasses a refined elegance. This home showcases some bold pops of colour but in elements and embraces a calming coziness which is welcoming and fuss-free. The clients came to us with a few design references of homes they loved. With contrasting aesthetics in their selections, we decided to do a home that was not particularly aligned to one style but was equal parts beautiful and functional.

Grace: A Modern Home that Evokes a Sense of Calm with a side of Chic | U and I Designs

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The living room on the other side has a different tale to tell. Relaxation and unwinding being the central idea of this space, we marked it with a monochrome aesthetic, the result being a dreamy sight to behold. Playing with the interior chiaroscuro which was abundantly lit with natural light, we decided to give the space a calming feel by adding grey tones to the walls. Greys that are just enough to add some dimension and depth to the space. The seating set up of this room is clean lined with subtle curves aligning towards a slinky minimalism. The star of the room – a monochrome upholstered wooden swing sits at one end. We introduced dual patterns – monochrome stripes for the backrest and monochrome hound’s-tooth pattern for the seat and it creates a layer that is fascinating.

As one walks past the entrance vestibule, the dining space makes a grand show. With an aesthetic devoid of colour, yet abuzz with style and suavity, this zone caters functionally. We decided to do a classic wooden textured wall panel above the sideboard, that very well brought in warmth into the space. Wooden married with white brings in the splendour that is much deserved. The wall lights above the sideboard and the gorgeous pendant light fixtures ooze an appeal that is sexy, lighting up the space in an ambient glory. We added a desirable touch of gold in the light fixtures, statement mirror & décor, completing the space in an exquisite appeal.

We introduced a pleasant pop of green in the armchair upholstery & custom made a couch punctuated in a soft curved design which is a glamorous addition. To highlight the back wall, we designed an edgy trim rather than a classic moulding to give the wall a modern dimension. Within these trims on either side are an exotic pair of wall lights which create the most beautiful glow. On the other end we created a concrete textured base at the media unit wall, layering it warm wooden tones and a black & white two-toned unit.

Crisp and chic, the unit is designed to maximise their usability. We ideated an open shelves & niches combo which has a compelling effect on the entire composition. With an intent to add some more drama, we had concrete make pendant lights hanging on the other end.

This home has an aesthetic that is thoughtful and sumptuous, influenced by simple luxury as well as modernist utilitarianism.

On the right side of the dining, the space opens up into the spunky blue kitchen. With an open kitchen plan that was conspicuous in the public space, we decided to conceptualize it to create a fully immersive experience. We chose a striking blue as our base tone and interweaved it with soft whites accentuating it with rattan. We consciously created this narrative to bring out a space that is buoyant and upbeat. With functionality being prima facie, we also designed a petite island for them, which serves as a breakfast counter too. Detailing the island with curves to replicate the entryway arch we designed, we harmonized our scheme. We further added pizazz to the space with glitzy gold accents in the delicate cabinet knobs and a pendant light above the island, not to miss the faucet at the sink as well.

We wanted to design the master bedroom in a serene appeal which a light, ethereal quality but also offers a warmth that is snug. Hence, we anchored the space in the most pleasing turquoise color at the bed wall which is highlighted in a scalloped half panel. Layering this wall with contrasting tan upholstery, we designed the headboard is a plush, tufted pattern. With bed linen done in soft tones of beige & delicate florals, the entire bed set up adds whimsy to the space. Right ahead of the turquoise, we also added large brass pendant lights on the either side & the effect these tones create is fabulous. The end opposite to the bed is treated in the same scalloped half wall panel, but we decided to finish it in a neutral tone so as to provide a perfect backdrop to the green stained wooden console sitting ahead of it. To give it a vintage appeal, we designed this console with rattan accents and classic brass knobs. A compact closet space occupies the other end of the room, with minimally designed wardrobes completing the space.

The study den is a sassy space with bodacious brick-toned walls and charcoal grey finished furniture. We designed the bookshelf in an abstract arrangement that amplifies the interesting vibe of this room. With the clients requiring a small pooja space in the room, we cleverly concealed the cabinet in the bookshelf with geometric jaali patterned shutter. To complete this room, we introduced blinds in the most alluring chequered patterns which goes so well with the way the rest of the room is conceptualized.

Fact File

Designed by: U and I Designs

Project Name: Grace

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Size: 1000 Sq.ft

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year Built: 2022

Principal designer: Sonal R Mutha & Aniketh Bafna

Team Design Credits: Sulekha R Jain

Photograph Courtesy: Nayan Soni

Products & Materials: Fabric: Home Stories | Wall lights: The White Teak company | Table: Lakkadhaara / Saraf furniture | Rug: Jaipur rugs | Mirror: The Dekor company | Artwork: Best of Bharat

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