Pleasant And Humble Adobe Apartment Decor | Skyline Interiors

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Pleasant And Humble Adobe Apartment Decor | Skyline Interiors

A home can be said to be the reflection of the owner’s soul. A pleasant and humble adobe is what anybody would desire. Creating this modern style residence while catering to the functional spaces that represent the persona of the dwellers. The foremost challenge was to restore the balance and harmony of the elements into space.

The living area entices us with the stylish interior décor that is practical as well as establishes a chic style statement. The furniture arrangement was done brilliantly to maximize the area available to perform the fun activities and relax together simultaneously in here. The large section of the rustic sofa sitting has been placed in front of the highlighted concrete polished wall. This leads to an ample amount of space to spread out when numerous guests gather or pack-in when alone. The idea of designing an elegant false ceiling and still make it a striking twist to the region was achieved by utilizing mirror and strip lightings creatively. The selection of the circular chandelier blends well with the contemporary style of the house and the light is then scattered well in the entire room after reflecting from the mirror giving it an astonishing appeal.

The iconic pendant lights at the two corners charm everyone with its alluring patterns created due to light and shadow on the adjacent walls. The rare warm colors with the wooden finishes have done wonders for this house. The exquisite television cabinet in wood gives a glimpse of the interactive dining space through it and still makes a barrier for the pacing of the unit. The marble flooring done in the house provides a spacious feeling with the luminous shine it gives. The impressions of feathers on the door panels, walls, and the curtains compliment the decorations in the room. This room is the best place in the house gives you the opportunity to feel equally gratified after receiving compliments on the chic décor.

Combing the dining and open kitchen can feel like an interior challenge. The motive was to create separation while restoring the open flow of space. The ideology of open space was to overcome the space scarcity but then it came out to be even more convincing due to the abandonment of the feeling of not being alone in an enclosed space. So, every detail was thought accordingly. For instance – the strategic positioning of the dining arrangement and using white color majorly made space feel bigger than actual. Hues of dark-tinted blue color on the walls invite serenity and style to the room’s design. The segregated spaces for the kitchen platforms have been positioned cleverly while adding abundant storage. The subtle ceiling lights offer a lot of brightness to space.

The master bedroom is not just a place to lay your head, but a space to dream in. This bedroom maintains the warmth and glow of wood inside. The wooden paneled interior creates an interesting interplay with lightings complimenting the wooden furniture. The color pallet features the light shades of green and coral that makes the design pop. The false ceiling too replicates the language of the room and highlights a rectangle in wood. The hanging lights enhance the sense of cozy feeling.

The other bedroom follows a similar trend.  Adding the hues of blue in small quantities has made the bedroom environment more relaxed, peaceful and comfortable to rest and sleep. The big blue pillows in royal blue personify the calming element idea for such a room. The classic interiors of this admirable residence are extraordinarily stylish.

Fact File:

Firm: Skyline Interiors
Project type: 3BhK Residential Project
Location: Ahmedabad Location
project year: November, 2018
Principal Architect: Manali Pandya
Design Team: Skyline Interior’s designers
photography: Hiren Rawal
Text Credits: Abhilasha Jha

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