A House Interior With A Pleasing Palette And Sundry Mix Of Style | Midas Luxury Interiors

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A House Interior With A Pleasing Palette And Sundry Mix Of Style | Midas Luxury Interiors


The natural light reaches the interior spaces from the full-height windows, providing privacy while letting in the daylight. The beige-colored sofa sittings are the most important element of the entire picture. It blends well with the overall setup and is the apt place to lounge, read rest and enjoy. The light-tinted Rose Dawn curtains mellow the inner environment.

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The elegant corner with the Chandelier adds a cosmic vibrance to space. The subtle TV unit with the spider Onyx Marble cladding statement high gloss paint panel creating complete mono-tone magic with different textures.. The lightings in brass finish steal the show at the end. The scattered peach and burnt henna tones cushions add a little personality and pop.


Multifunctional and maintenance-free kitchen with ultra-modern storage systems that are customized to suit the specific needs of the client. The counter length provides ample working space. This is a perfect combination of a modern and minimalistic kitchen with ample utility space.


The dining with its bright colors, luxury Onyx marble top, and quirky designs touches everyone’s heart. The in-trend bronze tinted mirrors are used to fashion the entire home which solves two purposes. Firstly, it visually expands space. Secondly, it integrates the room with an abundance of glamour. The warm ceiling lights complement the elegant sheen of the room. The classy taste played a key role in articulating the house with pretty elements.


The intense purple hue was picked to justify the feminine lingo. Moreover, the color bought a new fun element catching up with the brilliant energy and vividness of the space and thus fuses perfectly with the overall theme of the décor. The Rightfully used Bronze tinted mirror making the room look spacious and strikes the right chords of design and décor. The quiescent tone for the wide headboard is used as a focal point in the room. The master bedroom greets you with an informal sitting with upholstered seating and matching throw cushions. The sophisticated but eclectic mix of style is at once beguiling and chic. The fabric for the drapes is in hues of browns to blend with the dark purple interior finishes.


Sons bedroom has a different color pallet with Hues of blue and off-white were picked to maximize the efficient positivity due to the calm and cool feels it provides. The geometric patterns on wardrobes devise the balance between the other linear patterns used for the bedding covers and hand board. This room brings an emotion of transition that is an eclectic mixture between the classical and contemporary style of home decor.


Reflecting emotions, abiding by customs and traditions shows significance of Temple in Indian families. Temples form an integral part of almost all Indian households but unable to arrest our eyes when it comes to home Décor. This mandir is designed keeping both sentiments and décor in mind which made it look classy.


Peach Pleases to the eyes and delight to the girls. The feel of the space just magnetically brings you to be here all day and night. The linear lines upholsteries head board excites and brings life to the units. Foldable study table gives an option to make the room look and feel spacious. Straight seating by the window is the perfect place for the girls to chill while enjoying the beautiful outer view. They definitely tell you a story.

We tried to bring as much natural life, light, and air as inside making it seamless to harmonize the outdoor and indoor. No wonder the pastel colors, materials, and subtle art of adding the exact proportions, all together create this soothing natural environment inside. All of it made us customize everything to every smallest detail.

Every material of the space has been meticulously thought over and used to create the user experience comfortable and a feeling of belongingness every time. All the textures, colors, objects, plants, together magnify the space and please the eyes and the soul. 


Designed by: Midas Luxury Interiors

Project Type: Apartment Interiors   

Project Name: Ashwin Jeet

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 

Year built: 2020

Size: sq feet: 1650 sq.ft        

Principal Designer- Rachana Goyam

Photograph courtesy: Ganesh Vetrivel

Website: https://www.midasluxuryinteriors.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Midasluxuryinteriors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/midas_luxury_interiors/

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