• Top 50 Graceful Balcony Design Styled Beautifully

    As per function the balcony is provided to enlarge the living space and range of activities possible in a dwelling without a garden or lawn. In many apartment houses the balcony is partly recessed to provide for both sunshine and shelter. In hot countries a balcony allows a greater movement of air inside the building, as the doors opening onto it are usually shaded.

    Architecture wise the balcony holds a special place in our home. Maybe it is because this open space connects us to the world. One interesting fact about human personality is that we can conceptualise the similar looking balcony of same size, shape and design in the same apartment and make it into a completely different world.

    Apart from plants which bring in life to the balcony, the outer space can be decorated with soft lighting, cozy seating arrangements and colourful cushions to make it a warm and inviting space. Considering the importance of open space in our life and functionality it should offer, we have come up with 25 enchanting balcony decoration ideas by the landscape designers and architects. Have a look and get inspired!

    1) Bayview | Anjali Rawat Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed ByAnjali Rawat Architects

    Area : 3500Sqft

    Photography By : Subhash Patil

    2) Green House | Delution

    Fact File :

    Designed by : DELUTION

    Area : 3327 sq.ft

    Photography By : Fernando Gomulya

    3) Brigade Exotica | By The Riverside

    Fact File :

    Designed By : By The Riverside

    4) The Tranquil House | Design Dialogue Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Design Dialogue Studio

    Area : sq.ft : 5500 sq ft

    Photography By : Monika Sathe Photography

    5) Contemporary Residence | KN Associates

    Fact File :

    Designed by : KN Associates

    Area : 10,000sq.ft.

    Photography By : Tejas Shah Photography

    6) Residence Design for Mr. Yashwantsingh | Kunal Shah Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed byKunal Shah Architects

    Area : 2550 sq ft carpet

    Photography By : Abhishek shah

    7) 38 Krishna | F+S Designs

    Fact File :

    FirmF+S Designs

    Built Area:  11000 sq.ft

    Photo creditsRicken Desai

    8) 281 Residence | Archemist Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Archemist Architects

    Area : 2400sft

    Photography By : Harsh Sharma

    9) The Canvas Home | Beyond Space Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed By Beyond Spaces Design Studio

    Area : 2,400 sq ft

    Phography By Monika Sathe

    10) Bold Exterior Facade | Cadence Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Cadence Architects

    Area : 3174.08 sq ft

    Photography By : Shamanth Patil J

    11) Shriram Chirping Woods | Aishwarya Interiors

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Aishwarya Interiors

    Area : 3000 sq.ft

    Photograph Courtesy : Mr Sanjith Seetharam

    12)  Jagtap Residence | Designer’s Group

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Designer’s Group

    Area : 1000 sqm

    Photography By : Khozema Chitalwala

    13) White Love | Dev And Kaushik

    Fact File :

    Designed by: Dev & Kaushik Architects

    Area : 2200 sq. ft.

    Photography By : Ricken Desai

    14) Residence in Hyderabad | Dev and Kaushik

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Dev & Kaushik Architects

    Area : 5800sft

    Photography By : Ricken Desai

    15) Weekend Villa | Fable Design Studio

    16) High End Villa | Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Area : 11000 sq.ft. x 2 =22000 Sq.ft

    Photography ByPhotographix

    17) House By The Grove | LADLAB

    Fact File :

    Designed by : LADLAB

    Area : sq feet: 1600 

    Photography By : What We Click

    18) Apartment Interiors | Magic Houz

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Magic Houz

    Area : 1054 Sq.Ft.

    Photography By : Kuber Shah

    19) Skydeck Select | Marigold Interiors

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Marigold Interiors

    Photography By : Inclined Studio

    20) VH House | Oddo Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed by: ODDO Architects

    Photography By : Hoang Le Photography

    21) Residence of Rajesh Chajed | Parshwa Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Parshwa Architects

    Area : 2900.00 Sq.ft, 

    Photography By : Rishikesh Bhandare

    22) Apartment Interiors | Prashant Parmar Architercts

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Prashant Parmar Architect

    Area : 2130 sq.ft 

    Photography By : Inclined Studio 

    23) The Shaded House | Prashant Parmar Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed by:  Prashant Parmar Architect

    Area : Plot Area: 4000 sq.ft

    Photogrqaphy By Inclined Studio   

    24) Minimal and Classic Apartment | PSB Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed By : PSB Design Studio

    Area : 1480 sq.ft

    Photography By : Dhrupad Shukla

    25) Simplistic Apartment Design | Shayona Consultant

    Fact File :

    Designed By :  Shayona Consultant

    Area : 2370 Sq.ft.

    Photography By : Sahaj Smruti Studio

    26) River Front Tower| Space Interior Design

    Fact File :

    Designed by :  Space Interior Design

    Area : 1500sqft

    Photography By : Dishank Shah

    27) Black Bastion House | Spasm Design

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Spasm Design

    Area : 11500 ft²

    Photography By : Umang Shah

    28) Villa in Goa | Vivant Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed By : Vivant Design Studio

    Area : 5400 Sqft

    Photography By : Photoarchitects

    29) Flat Interiors | Squares Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed BySquares Design Studio

    Area: 2400 sft.

    Photography By : Ricken Desai

    30) Sea View Apartment | Studio Yamini

    Fact File :

    Architectural FirmStudio Yamini

    Area : 4,000 sqft

    Photography By : Photographix 

    31) House Dyuti | Tales of Design

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Tales of Design

    Area : 2165 sq.ft.

    Photography By : Turtle Arts

    32) House Between Two Trees | Techno Architects

    Fact File :

    Architectural Firm : TechnoArchitecture

    Area : 9000 sq.ft.

    Photography By : Anand Jaju

    33) Duplex Apartment | The Canvas Design Strokes

    Fact File :

    Designed By : The Canvas Design Strokes

    Area : 9000 sft

    Photography By : Ricken Desai

    34) House Of Earthy Hues | Urbane IVY

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Urbane Ivy

    Area : 2500 sq.ft

    Photography By : out of focus

    35) Contemporary Indian Apartment | MS Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed By : MS Design Studio

    Photography By : Roma Patel

    36) Modern Architecture | Meister Varma Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By Meister Varma Architects

    Area : 1700.0 ft2

    Photography By : Praveen Mohandas, Govind Nair

    37) The Mystical Home | The Arch Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed by : The Arch Studio

    Area :  2700 sq. Ft 

    Photograph Courtesy : Atul Kanetkar Photography

    38) Mediterrannean Apartment | Studio RKD

    Fact File :

    Designed by :  Studio RKD

    Project Size: sq feet :  925 sqft

    Photograph Courtesy : Shirish Ghate

    39) Minimalist Residence Design | The Design Alley

    Fact File :

    Designed by : The Design Alley

    Area :10,000 Sq.Ft. 

    Photograph Courtesy : Phxindia

    40) Residence With Vastu Complience | Foaid Designs

    Fact File :

    Designed by : FOAID Designs

    Size:sq feet : 13,500

    Photographs : Yash Jain Photography

    41) Residence Design | Dreamscape Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Dreamscape Architects

    Size:sq feet: 10,500 Sq.feet

    Photograph courtesy: Ishita Sitwala

    42) Luxurious And Sophisticated Residence Design | Zeel Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed by: Zeel Architects

    Size:sq feet: 1670 approx

    Photograph courtesy: Subhash Patil

    43) 4 BHK Apartment with Aesthatics | Nspire Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed By- Nspire Architects

    Area- 1800 Sqft

    Photography- ArchiGraphIndia

    44) 3 BHK Apartment with Paramount Craftmanship | The Design Code

    Fact File :

    Firm : The Design Code

    Area : 1650Sq.ft Carpet

    Photography: Akkil Suvarna-Voila Studioz

    45) Contemporary Apartment Design | Ameliorate Design Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Ameliorate Design Studio

    Area :  1000sq.ft

    Photograph Courtesy : BIZOU

    46) An Achromatic Bungalow | De’uja Designs

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Deuja Design

    Plot Area : 1700 sq.ft. 

    Photo credit : Tejas Shah Photography

    47) SKY House | Yellow Studios

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Yellow Studios

    Area : 6200 sq.ft

    Photograph Courtesy : Ishita Sitwala

    48) Mumbai Penthouse | Romanirao Architects

    Fact File :

    Designed by: Romanirav Architect

    Size:sq feet: 3500 Built up area 

    Photograph courtesy: PHXIndia

    49) Luxurious Residence | OCube Architects

    Fact File :

    Firm: Ocube Architects

    Plot Area: 3500 sq

    Photo Credits: Studio Bluora

    50) Sophisticated and Urban Apartment Interior | Space Studio

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Space Studio

    Size:sq feet : 2350 sq ft

    Photograph courtesy : Inclined studio

    As per function the balcony is provided to enlarge the living space and range of activities possible in a dwelling without a garden or lawn.

    Architecture wise as an element the balcony holds a special place in our home.

    Considering the importance of open space in our life and functionality it should offer, we have come up with 25 enchanting balcony decoration ideas by the landscape designers and architects. Have a look and get inspired!

    The design of balcony may vary according to Light Requirement, Size of the household, proximity and Lifestyle.

    Light is very important for balconies. If you want to add home decoration highlights to your balcony lighting, customize the neon sign to add a little special sparkle. Neon lights can add a romantic ambiance to your balcony. Custom neon signs are available at

    Garden, Balcony Furniture, Swing, Shading Devices etc. comes as an element in balcony design.

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