House Designed With Simplicity That Appeals visually | Parshwa Architects

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House Designed With Simplicity That Appeals visually | Parshwa Architects

A cubical volume cast in concrete and brick red walls highlight the residence as one passes by the house. Since the nearby houses are majorly g+1 structures, and the house sits in a lane distant from the main road, it experiences a serene environment. The site is free from vehicular noises, dust, and traffic.

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It’s a tight plot of 2,900 sq ft with the west-facing entrance. The plot is a rectangular layout that allows the house to open towards the north and south directions. These directions are defined by the greens so that it creates a buffer from the adjoining houses and also gives views of greens to the internal spaces. Accommodating four bedrooms, parking space, and the basic facilities are tough considering the plot size and absence of greens.

With the architect’s passionate involvement in all three areas of architecture, interiors, and landscape resulting in a home that segregates the private spaces from the public/ semi-public spaces. As one enters through the main gate, one comes in contact with the landscaped garden that contrasts the sturdy look of the house.

To enhance the look and feel of the interiors, the design strategically places large windows in the rooms that allow natural light to flourish the interiors and ease the visual connection with the greens. The living room is a cozy space looking into the landscaped periphery of the plot. The concrete wall here continues the material palette notified by the façade. A small and beautiful courtyard has been created on the ground floor and it becomes the soul of the house. It has a cozy sit-out arrangement. An artistic wall in yellow depicts the traditional and spiritual Indian roots and is shaded by the greens hanging from the pergola screen above. This space becomes an ideal spot for enjoying time in solace. This court opens into the living and dining area.

The dining and kitchen are placed at the rear and enjoy the views of the landscape. Two bedrooms are also placed on the ground level that is approached by an internal passage that takes care of the privacy concern. The upper floor – a private den, holds two bedrooms with attached balconies, walk-in-wardrobes, and spacious bathrooms. Lounge space has also been integrated here for the family to spend time together. An indoor court is provided on this level, to allow the circulation of light and air.

This illuminates the lounge creating a vibrant and refreshing ambiance on the first level. The lounge has been designed with a rustic material and color palette. Variance in browns and greys here gives an earthy feel to space. The bedrooms are kept minimal and clutter-free with soft tones to maintain a soothing environment within.

To enhance this feeling, skylights have been designed in the staircase area as well as in the bathrooms. The house is simple and comfortable with a minimal material palette and yet appeals one visually. Its simplicity and relation with the greens on a condensed layout leaves a sensory and relaxing environment for the user.

Fact File

Firm– Parshwa Architects

Name of the project – Residence of Rajesh Chajed

Location – Karad. Dist – Satara , Maharashtra.

Scope of Work- Architecture, Interiors & Landscape

Design Team – Ar. Jitendra Bhandari, Gayatri Vibute – Bhunje, Ar.Dhaval Aghera. and Ar.Sushant shedsale

Plot Area – 2900.00 Sq.ft,  Built Up Area –3000.00 Sq.ft.

Cost of the Project – 1.5cr

Duration – Jan -2018 – May 2019.

Photo credits. – Rishikesh Bhandare



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