A House Between Two Trees:Fusion of Indian and Balinese Architecture | Techno Architecture

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A House Between Two Trees:Fusion of Indian and Balinese Architecture | Techno Architecture

Techno Architecture’s Vision is to create better living experience in harmony with nature and “Between Two Trees” is the next step towards it.

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Between Two Trees is a three storey represents different levels of privacy. The first storey as the common area with services while the next two stories as semi private and private area. 

The client is a Joint family, consisted of the grandparents, parents and two kids with the explicit wish to have a home filled with natural elements while being able to improve the spiritual connection between each family member.

The house is welcomed by two massive trees which in turns acts like an entrance gateway to the building and therefore in a general view the home looks like a composition of cubes while the space is created under the lifting volumes.

The entire language of the home is centralised on the fusion between Indian and Balinese architectural style which includes a lot of natural materials spread across the home.

The main features of the home is the presence of the Nandi statue in a courtyard at the centre of the space with a central skylight flanked by 4 wooden Chettinad columns which clearly define the spaces to add warmth to the home.

The main elevation also indicates clearly the concept of the geometry, while the volumes are mostly covered by wooden horizontal slats to absorbs the south sun heat coming hits the home.

The bedroom has attached sit outs – where in nature is invited to flow inside By that meaning, natural elements are always welcomed to be part of the home.

The interior material palette also is kept to the minimal with wood, concrete, Jaisalmer marble (yellow), Kota stone, exposed bricks being the highlights

The furniture also is kept in warm tones sourced from Bali to compliment the spaces perceived.


Architectural Firm: TechnoArchitecture

Project type: Residential

City: Bengaluru

Principal Architects: Rajesh Shivaram

Design Team: Rajesh Shivaram, Rupali, Megha, Yashaswini

Year Built: 2019

Area: 9000 sq.ft.

Project cost: 4.5 cr (approx) (5000/sq.ft.)

Photography: Anand Jaju

Website: http://technoarchitecture.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technoarchitecture

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/technoarchitecture_rajesh

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