The Flat Interior Which Gives An Ambiance Of Vintage And Modern Outlook | Squares Design Studio

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The Flat Interior Which Gives An Ambiance Of Vintage And Modern Outlook | Squares Design Studio

Hemalatha Pedamallu is the creative partner of Squares design Studio based out of Hyderabad. Today she is the proud owner of a tastefully designed flat in Hyderabad. “I always dreamt of having a proper sit out with a garden inside the house. So finally when I saw the layout plan of O2 Square Residences, I knew my dreams were going to turn into reality. The interior of my flat is a mix of aesthetics and modern designs. The old rosewood furniture laced with modern recliners and traditional oxide wall finishings is the highlights of this flat”. It has been so designed that every corner of the house has been put to use in a very useful manner.

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Architecturally this Flat has been designed in such a fashion that there is total privacy for the inmates. The guest bedroom, Puja room, Living – Dining hall, and Kitchen forms one side of the flat. The other side which is elevated by 3feet is connected with tastefully designed Tandur stoned steps with pink oxide separations consists of the Master bedroom, Children bedroom, and Informal living room which extends into a Private balcony.

The flat has cross ventilation on all sides with the breeze flowing across the house. The sit-out measuring around 250 sqft is right in the middle of the house with half of it having covered slab and the rest of it is open to the sky facilitating a beautiful decent-sized garden.


The entrance to the Flat is from the Northeast corner where Puja court is placed which connects to the rest of the Flat. The Puja room has been designed with special care with wooden carving mantap while having pleasant green and bright yellow oxide finished walls giving temple ambience. The yellow oxide flooring laced with round marbles and copper flowering which also extends onto the foyer is the highlight of the house. It looks very rich and Gives a pleasant experience to walk on. The foyer leading from the Puja court to the Formal living room is very tastefully done with yellow oxide finishing on one side and rosewood doors on the other side of the corridor.

The living and dining areas have a pleasing pink finished oxide wall with a century-old rosewood sliding door with intricate carvings on one of the walls and flooring laced with Polished Tandur stones culminated with Mother of pearl motif inlays. The carved wooden door opens into a very useful and practically designed storeroom with pure white marble. Crockery is concealed into the wall behind beautifully crafted cane doors. The entire living and dining areas open into the sit-out making it well ventilated with a pleasing view of a beautifully maintained garden with the traditional swing.

The state of art Hafele modular kitchen is practically designed with tiled cabinet doors ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance with inbuilt dish washer, Micro Wave Oven and refrigerator.


The open to sky sit out is exactly in the middle of the bi – levelled flat. Sunlight hits the garden right from 11 am till around 1.30 pm. The sunlight coupled with the strong breeze that comes in gives us a feeling of being in an outdoor garden. I always wanted to have an aesthetic feel inside the house. So took full advantage of the open to sky sit out and gave the feel of traditional ambience by using oxide material for wall and sitting areas mixing it with tandoor tiles flooring.

The part of the house consisting of the informal living room, master bedroom, and children bedroom is totally private and are on the other side of open to sky sit out. The master bedroom and the informal living room also overlook the open to sky sit out garden giving enough light and breeze.

The informal living room extends into a spacious balcony where a traditional swing is put up to enjoy the evening sun and breeze. This balcony with French doors gives plenty of ventilation and breeze giving an extraordinary fresh feeling.


The combination of old and modern furniture in the house has ensured an ambiance of vintage and modern outlook. The dining table has a Bisazza tiled top with wooden teak chairs laced with a cane. Vintage furniture pieces are a collection of old valuable rosewood furniture.

This traditional furniture has been mixed with few Italian made sleek recliner sofas to have the comfort needed while relaxing and watching TV. A lot of cane works and wooden carved doors have given the feel of our ancient living


  1. Yellow, Green, pink oxide finish walls.
  2. Green Tandur floor.
  3. Mother of pearl motif inlays.
  4. Glass marble flooring with brass inlays ( Puja court & Foyer).


Studio: Squares Design Studio

Headed by: Hemalatha.P, Ramana kumar.P, Samanth.N.

Project name: Urban Oasis.

Project type: Flat interiors.

Project Design team: Hemalatha. P, Venkat, Divya, Narasimha Rao And Mohan

Project Location: Financial district , Hyderabad.

Flat area: 2400 sft.

Year of Completion: February 2020.

Photo credits: Ricken Desai


The squares design studio is an amalgam of young professionals from varied fields like architecture and interior design, dedicated to creating one kind of unique design experience for clients. “When perfect lines and sinuous curves create more than geometry. Where you can experience the next level of aesthetics, fashioned with fanatical detail from absolute simplicity”. This is our design philosophy at Squares design studio.



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