• Showered with Natural Light and Lush Green Surroundings, A Villa Inspired from Scandinavian Design | Aishwarya Interiors

    Nestled between 16 acres of lush green surroundings, blessed with 2 lakes with proximity to the main city, Shriram Chirping Woods Villament at Sarjapur Roads, Bangalore provides the luxury of a lifetime. Having the requirements of a 4BHK luxurious villa, Aishwarya Interiors has translated the client brief into a Scandinavian design that blends seamlessly throughout. The core characteristic of the house includes wide balconies and fenestrations bridging the gap with nature – providing a chance to rediscover themselves. Resembling the architectural characteristic, Aishwarya Interiors used elements such as abundant light, huge mirrors, matte finishes and white surfaces to support the clients’ brief.

    Showered with Natural Light and Lush Green Surroundings, A Villa Inspired from Scandinavian Design | Aishwarya Interiors

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    Showered with natural light and lush green surroundings, the villa maps a 3000 sq. ft of liveable space in total. The clean ceiling, bonded with brick-cladding walls, finds a timeless partner in the flooring. These neutral colours with wooden furniture make this double-height room an inviting space. With the Scandinavian theme in the brief, Aishwarya Interiors have designed in an open plan with flexible circulation and visual porosity in the spaces. The entire project was customized according to the client’s brief, including civil changes, staircase remodelling, and furniture design. The material finishes and the fixtures are handpicked for the client. Aishwarya Interiors have collaborated with various brands in providing finishes and fixtures like Hafele and Blum. A similar design language throughout the house, yet a unique take in all the spaces defines itself as an epitome of beauty. 

    Balconies being characteristic, are partly shaded with pergola’s and are made habitable for longer hours with artificial grass and plants. This builds a micro-environment in itself with the views of the landscape nearby and an extension to the dining area. Additionally, the dining area can accommodate 8 members. Following the Scandinavian theme and the interior material palette, the dining area has wooden storage with a large mirror adjacent to it. Further, the dining table in oak wood finish is highlighted with handpicked cutlery and suspended lights. All the light fixtures in the house are respecting the theme of the Scandinavian design shadowing on the reflective backdrop. 

    The kitchen has been given a functional and aesthetic look by giving it a closed and open look. It follows the same palette of the entire house, in the two L-Shaped layouts giving it clean out-of-sight storage which fits more in less space. Clean design and distributed spaces make it convenient for the clients as it follows the ergonomic principles.

    Provided with sufficient light and a large fenestration, the bedroom benefits from the theme of Scandinavian design. It relaxes the users with complete tranquility within Bangalore’s bustling ecosystem. Hence, its aesthetics are at the intersection of simplicity and beauty. The design intervention involved stripping away excess to provide a mindful meaning to the bedroom. The cleanliness and simplicity of off-white are juxtaposed with light oak wood-toned wooden flooring helping residents to stay present and grounded. A large mirror is placed adjacent to the bedroom visually increasing the space with a TV for occasional entertainment.

    The design has an excessive use of clean walls with mute colours to focus on each design element – from furniture to light fixtures. The simple circulation and openness in the design help to navigate simpler add grandeur to the entire space. Double height spaces add depth to the space, and the wooden cladding staircase adds to the drama of the space. Services and toilets are provided with ventilation which flushes all the bad smells outside the villa. 

    The dogleg staircase near the kitchen is cladded with the same light oak wood tones. On leading to the upper level, the passage overlooks the living room leaving one in awe and amusement. Glass fitted railing with wooden framing increases safety for kids and provides an augmented vision of the suspended light fixtures, large fenestrations, white brick cladding wall and living area. 

    Lively elements in the house such as plants and flowers are used in served spaces which juxtaposes yet tone with the silent interiors. To complement the interiors of the public and private spaces, wooden flooring is done for the bedroom and vitrified flooring is done for the living spaces. However, the timelessness of the space lies in its monochromatic palette and soft undertones and texture. The doors are designed to be noticed and complement the furniture of the spaces. 

    The children’s bedroom design is individualistic yet a part of a theme in the villa. It has wooden flooring to have a playful nature while walking. It incorporates a bunk bed – custom-designed with a slide for the kids to play. A short study table and large mirrors mounted on the cabinet ensures the space is ergonomically designed and made spacious. The illustrations on the wall, ceiling-mounted lights and not-so easily accessible fenestrations make sure the safety to the kids. 

    The project was washed with multiple iterations of Scandinavian theme, customizing the fixtures, furniture, wall patterns and decorations – in the hope to coincide with the client’s dreams and designers’ satisfaction. The client brief blended well with the designer’s vision, making the interiors smart, welcoming, child – friendly and spacious. Indeed, a villa with a perfect intertwining of monotones, fenestrations, light fixtures and child-friendly using gentle lines, subtle curves and tapered legs. 


    Designed by : Aishwarya Interiors

    Project Type : Residential Interiors

    Project Name :  Shriram Chirping Woods Luxury 4bhk Villament

    Location : Bangalore

    Year Built : 2018

    Area : 3000 sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx :  60Lacs

    Principal Architect :  Ms Laxmi Deshmukh

    Team Design Credits : Mr Yogesh Deshmukh, Spoorthi Shetty and Habeeb Rahman 

    Text Credits : Jaival Mehta ( The Architect’s Diary)

    Photograph Courtesy : Mr Sanjith Seetharam

    Products and Materials : Finishes : Oak wood, white Matt PU finish | Lighting : Philips | Paint : Asian paints | Hardware : Hafele and Blum

    Design Element : Brick cladding at double height ceiling has come out really well which has helped achieving the Scandinavian design theme in a big way.

    Design Style : Scandinavian Design

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