A Luxurious 4BHK Entice With A Sophisticated Twist | Zeel Architects

A Luxurious 4BHK Entice With A Sophisticated Twist | Zeel Architects

With an elegantly luxurious setup that this home dwells into, it effuses a very cordial appeal with its monochromatic tones. It is a design by a Mumbai-based firm, Zeel Architects for a small family of a couple and their two daughters in their youth. The design is modern and sophisticated with its contemporary attributes and a deluxe material palette.

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On approaching the interiors, one confronts an alluring lobby area adorned in Onyx stone across all its surfaces. The comfortable and delightful seating, an elegant coffee table, and ravishing chandeliers await with their sensual color combination. The back wall is further detailed with overlaid stones to accommodate the indirect light juxtaposing three dimensionalities to this rapt niche.

A deep veneer polished wooden ceiling transcends one towards the dining cum living space with a large opening along its longer wall. This space is rich looking and embezzled in immaculately reflective surfaces to celebrate and correspond to the natural light oozing in. The ceiling is left plain with decent light fixtures and an enriching chandelier highlighting and demarcating the dining unit. Distinctive art pieces ornament various nooks and corners here.

The fabric for the furniture is carefully chosen with its self-textures to justify the luxurious concept that space was meant to abide by. All these furnishings expel a unilingual and custom-made characteristic with their peculiar legs in the gold-leaf finish.  The finish extends to the sofas, center table, dining table, and chairs. The TV wall is minimal and speaks of its vast indulgent nature and textured MDF paneling with an interesting play of vertical grooves. Its grey color adds warmth and coziness paying homage to the natural light approaching from the opposite wall. A rectangular console is wall hung with its reflective surfaces keeping it simple and elegant. The shorter wall here is surfaced adopting the same groove concept for its tinted mirrors. This gesture increases the perceptual dimensional characteristics of the space by manifolds.

The signature style in the master bedroom lies in its cohesive use of dark polished veneers for the hard surfaces and the lighter tone for the soft headboard. The floor and the ceiling are left plain to exemplify the other surfaces. These veneer surfacing extend to the ceiling to make the space appear larger than size. The TV wall and the bed rear wall adopt a similar concept of incorporating the LED profile lights within their vertical grooves. Even the hardware has attained the designer’s personal touch- which is customized to fit in the realm of the space. The master bathroom takes a luxurious feel with its elegant marble and fixtures.

The daughter’s bedroom beside the living space shares a common balcony with it. It is youthful and submissive to its wall self-texturing and jubilant large opening along its longer wall. Again, the mirror for the wardrobe unit extends to the ceiling making the space appear larger in terms of its dimensional trait. Furthermore, it works in reflecting the natural light from the opposite wall throughout. Detailed vertical wooden flutings adorn the other two walls with their vibrancy and youthful tone. Be it day or night- this space emits the perfect coziness to end the day.

Another daughter’s bedroom chooses to contradict the material palette keeping in mind the user’s taste. Here is an artful composition of deep polished veneer paneling with mirror pieces for the bed wall. A lighter tone is chosen for the headboard to create a perfectly contrasting setup against the natural light from the balcony. For the bathroom, the same marble spreads all over – even for the basin counter to exemplify the boldness and appearance of the space.

The guest bedroom is snug, simplistic, and adaptive of its nature. With a buttoned headboard and sand textured wallpaper, this space lodges in its restful appearance. The TV console has an interesting overlaying with its traditional polishing and wooden cutouts.

This residence is curated to aptly respond to the outdoor balconies and thus becomes a visual concoct. Hence, a perfect overlay of design, material, and detailing for this young family to relive each moment at the crack of the dawn and throughout!


Designed byZeel Architects

Project Type: Interiors

Client Name: Mr. Jitendra Jain

Location: Borivali, Mumbai

Year built: 2020     

Size:sq feet: 1670 approx

Project Cost appx: 90 lacs

Principal Architect: Nimish Shah

Photograph courtesy: Subhash Patil




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