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A weekend villa on the outskirts of the city designed by Fables Designs sums up everything about finding the calm in the chaos. Sophisticated yet cheerful, this space delivers an individual vibe for each of its owners.

Fact File:

Design Firm: Fables

Design Team: Meeti Shroff  – Neeket Topiwala

Built-Up Area : 12,000 sqft

Landscape Area: 2000 sqft

Location: Avadh Kimberly, Palsana, Surat.

Year of Completion: 2019

Duration: 14 months

Client: Mr. Shyam Khurana

Artwork: Numan Rawal – Kapil Chauhan

Photography: Prachi Khasgiwala

With abundant natural light and the greenery coming in the visuals are a sight to behold. An expansive six bedroom vacation home with a perfectly framed blend of nature connecting it to spill out spaces adds to the charm of the space. Keeping the design principles sharply within sight, a subtle balance between simplicity and sophistication is created.

From the entrance the first thing visible is the floral artwork painted on the entrance wall extending up to the waterfall cascades, expanding in the manicured green landscapes creating an unending visual treat.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all the elements, understated the atrically.” The living area has been divided into two spaces, the formal sitting area which overlooks the entrance area artwork, and the informal area which also doubles up as a home theatre and opens up in the garden area with a sit out by the deck. As you move through the house you get a glimpse of the landscape from every corner.

The formal living area comprises of a rather more closed seating ambiance for the owners to sit back and have the conversation with a pool view opening up right through the deck in the front. The serene green color palate in the walls and the sofas unite it with the view outside its big windows. It acts as a cozy corner for quiet contemplation! A memory wall connecting the two living rooms adds a personalized touch to space with the monogram it has in between.


On the contrary, the informal living room takes cues from the charming color palette of white and champagne gold which adds a touch of glitz and glamour to space. Space doubles up as a home-theatre for all those movie nights together with the family. And when the clients have friends over for the weekend it converts into a dance floor opening up to the deck by the pool. The trio of the Kitchen – Dining – Bar is tucked alongside the long informal living catering perfectly to the needs of the moment, may it be a party or a casual dine in. The monogram on the columns connecting the trio adds to the character of the owners.

The cascades with a Buddha in front create a picturesque scenario during evenings, sitting in the living or by the pool it is peaceful in all manners. The villa has long windows on all the sides bringing in the very beauty of nature into the interiors. The sit-out created by the pergola with creepers hanging through it bestow the very feel of sitting into nature’s lap. Here the outer scope plays an equally important role as much as the insides do.

All the rooms have their individual feel based on the user’s likings, dramatic ambiances with a voguish statement. From dreamy color palates to iconic quirky elements, each room has a story of its own. Like the master bedroom had to reflect the owner’s oneness with nature. It has shades of creams and browns, employing a crisp, minimal aesthetic. Wooden flooring, Burma teak bed with a weaved cane backrest and cream colored walls create a perfect connection with the terrace garden connected to the master bedroom. The terrace garden overlooks the landscape area and the mango tree farms beyond creating the most appropriate space to sit back and relax enjoying a cup of coffee amidst nature.

The second mater room which would be used by a young couple wanted their space to be soft and subtle with a pastel color palette. Fresh and lively was the feel it caters to the users. An overlooking step out balcony with some plants and a wooden bench viewing the garden sit out below adds to bringing the outside in.

The third room is again a spill-out into nature, as well as getting nature inside the space. In this case, it literally does. The eccentric wall is covered with a tropical green areca palm trees that extends to the small garden sit out brings the nature inside the room. Soft light coming in through the shaded curtains adds charm to space.

The fourth rooms say a different story, getting in a touch of royalty through its exquisite upholstered bed and flowy curtains. The maroon wall adds a strong character to the space gelling along with the touch of gold added by the brass details in the room. The final room is more of a subtle and minimal play with a little dash of vibrancy. The blue opens up the space bringing in a part of the sky as it views from the little balcony on the second floor. Being a guest room it is clutter free and set up with minimal furniture.

With all the different feels and space combining together is a weekend home, which strikes the perfect balance between the body, soul & heart…. Designed to soothe and calm the mind, delighting all the senses in all ways!  


  • This is just beautiful. Everything about this house from the furniture to floorings and design is a treat to the eyes. Thanks a lot for sharing. Got many ideas from these images.

  • Beautiful interiors. Spacious, beautifully designed combines practicality and usability with visual beauty. Cool! congratulate.

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