Aesthetically Soothing Apartment Interiors Invoking serenity | Magic Houz

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Aesthetically Soothing Apartment Interiors Invoking Serenity | Magic Houz

This project for Treeland is a phenomenal experience that exhibits a sense of walking through a forest with its subtle earthy tones that are aesthetically soothing and invoke serenity. To keep in touch with nature, we decided the ideal course was to go with a neutral palette and explore and experiment amongst the tones and tints in the family. As a whole, the space is minimalistic with minute detailing in the accessories and furniture. The two accentuating walls, one with actual artwork of tree bark, and the other with stripes wallpaper bring alive the whole space with their deep tones and patterns.

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The visual textures and patterned walls in each room add a subtle advancement to the whole minimalistic vibe of the apartment. Geometric elements like the vase and the hanging light, the moss green headrest, and the peachy beige cupboards have also played an important role in elevating the apartment and giving it a subtle contemporary feel. The amalgam of nature and man-made in the space is captivating and like a breath of fresh air.

The layering up with the bedsheets, accessories, and furniture on this project was fascinating to see, like the process of a flower blooming. It was a beautiful and challenging experience that showed how even with the restricted color palette, just some subtle contrasts and added elements of geometry and texture broke the monotony and upraised the whole space.

Living Room

We decided to get a bit experimental in terms of patterns and visual textures with the living room. Altogether, space exhibits a light and relaxed character with its grey sofa with a blue undertone and the light printed wallpaper that complements the sofa quite well. The fresh white fluted ribbed wall behind the TV, the grey veneer textured walls alongside it and the black lights on the ceiling give the room a modern and crisp component and add some depth with its contrasts. The printed rug, gold geometric vase, large abstract wall art, and the bookshelf give the space an elevating element and. Overall, the elements come together quite beautifully and give the room an intriguing essence as a whole with its experimental quality.

Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, we decided on a comfy and cozy aura that’s relaxing and warm yet keeping it with the nature theme. Hence, we used a neutral palette all over and decided to focus on textures, such as the ribbed texture at the back of the bed to add some intrigue to the room.

To add some accentuating elements amongst all the neutral tones, we used a modern accent gold side table and hanging pendant lamp that instantly lifts up the whole room’s mood with its subtle bling of gold. The abstract wallpaper framed inside with the picture ledge above gives it the much-needed character to space.

Kids Bedroom

The kids’ room definitely needed a youthful character and therefore we decided to add components such as the colorful rug, the headboard, the side table and the dressing pouffe. To add some element of fun, the modern artwork hung in the room is also quite fitting for a child as well as young adults and exhibits subtle interest. The elements though are quite quirky, blend really well with the pale neutral tones of the overall room and add refinement to the room. The wardrobe and the hanging light also add a nice touch of design element to the room and gives the whole space an elevation in terms of aesthetics.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is all about exploring how subtle elements can also make interesting visual aesthetics. The room is simplistic and has an underlying sense of elegance and calm. The soft pinkish nude wallpaper along with the white walls is soothing and the peachy pink designer sideboard definitely gives the room a pop of warm accentuating quality amongst the cool neutral tints.

The textured paint at the back of the bed with a full mirrored panel at the side also gives the space a modern and graceful vibe. Altogether, the room is like a breath of fresh air with its soft neutral tones and simple elegance.


Interior Designer: Magic Houz

Project Location: Treeland, Nashik.

Apartment Area: 1054 Sq.Ft.

Principal Designers: Ar. Sara Shah and Ar. Nilay Shah

Design Team: Ar. Rutuja Aher.

Photographer: Kuber Shah.

Content Writing: Vaishnavi Bhurke.




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