Minimal Yet Classic Apartment Interior| PSB Design Studio

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Minimal Yet Classic Apartment Interior| PSB Design Studio

Sitting amidst the city of Rajkot, this apartment resonates serenity in its classical intricacies. The apartment is an indulgent 4- BHK apartment, exuding sophistication in its finishes while allowing flexibility in its usage. The client’s brief and vision were very simple, all they desired was a minimal yet very classic palatial look with the majority use of whites in the ambiance. The floor plan has been resolved in a way that the main areas allow a free flow of the spaces throughout the apartment as it is minimally partitioned yet defining each space with its functions.

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To get a feel of a minimal apartment we used the majority color white as the canvas and enhanced the ambiance with indirect lightings, hangings, and decorative elements.

The main areas such as the living, dining, kitchen and the special Pooja room have been composed of the white paint finishes and the teak finish veneer on the furniture. Adding a twist of play to the simple whites the texture on T.V. panels and the concrete finish texture on the living room feature wall add a twist to the minimal design.

The custom made ‘Pichai’ Panel in the Pooja room is an exclusive element enhancing the richness of the space.

The dining partition is an organic pattern derived from the tree branching which has been cut out on a metal sheet with antique brass coating on it making it cost-efficient and in contrast to the same the adjacent kitchen partition is a very colorful partition with the use of dye print and the decorative plates above the dining console enhances the Indian feel of the dining area.

The Boy’s room with jack arch ceiling and the classical English style louvered furniture and the stained wood bed adds up a contemporary essence with a classical design feel.

The Girl’s room is a small simple room with a deck raised platform on which the bed sits. The walls have been covered with the Polka Dot. Wallpapers from the Asian Paints giving it a very classical feel and the pink leather handles matching the pink ambiance gives it a cozy feel.

The Master bedroom with the Poster bed acts as a distinctive element adding up the beauty to the scenic view from the room of the cityscape. The design overall is an “Eclectic” feature making a balance between the old and the new.

Fact File:

Firm: PSB Design Studio

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Typology: Residential Interior (Apartment)

Style: Eclectic

Area: 1480 sq.ft

Status: Complete, September 2019

Lead Designers: Ar. Prithvirajsinh Bilkha & Mr. Manvendrasinh Jadeja

Photo Credits: Dhrupad Shukla

About The Firm:

PSB Design Studio is all about boundless designing and sustainable approaches to the design. We believe in material manifestation with a theme-based design philosophy.

The firm is budding and taking its fresh steps to prosper with its creative approaches as well as new design theories. The firm is established in 2017 by Ar. Prithvirajsinh Bilkha and since then have been into a wide spectrum of projects from Architecture, Interior Designing, Landscape, and Planning. We believe in making the imagination of our client’s to reality with aesthetics and functionality. The firm has been endowed with residential, commercial corporate sectors as well as restoration projects.

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