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    This exquisitely curated 2700 sqft home is a fantastic balance of functionality and aesthetics. Defined by its geometric design seen in the sharp angles and mixed size segments, the space has a contemporary aesthetic while also exuding the newness of a charming and cosy home. These angular patterns are a key part of the design language, featuring in the flooring, ceiling, and paneling. This design also allows each individual room of the house to have a distinct aura of the one who resides.

    Mystical Home is a space that brings aesthetics and functionality together in a breathtaking symphony of clean geometric patterns with glamorous colours and textures. Each area of the home has a unique vibe to it, yet they blend together harmoniously, with the perfect juxtaposition of traditional with the contemporary. True to its name, the home is a mystical and copiously alluring space, with a strong design language that is nothing short of excellence.

    Air of Minimalism, Characterised by Clean Lines and Patterns : The Mystical Home | The Arch Studio

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    ‘Mystical Home’, in our client’s vision was to be a space that was opulent yet modern. They wanted each space to have its unique vibe, with an emphasis on creating ample storage and flexibility. They wanted an air of minimalism, characterised by clean lines and patterns. In three short months, we created a home that blended contemporary sensibilities with a homely feel. Each room reflects the juxtaposition of aesthetics and functionality. Although the angular patterns of the flooring separate each space, the whole layout follows a design language that speaks to these dualities.


    The lift lobby provides a wonderful space for one to enter and exit the home. An almost private waiting area which serves a public purpose as well, it gives a glimpse of tasteful choice of décor which is continued throughout the house. Minimal and clean, it is the perfect combination of aesthetic yet functional.

    The well-lit space provides not only a comfortable seating area for anyone awaiting the elevator, it also provides storage which can be used for various practical purposes. The lights in the ceiling make sure to riddle the room with enough light without being too harsh or overpowering. With the exquisite patterned flooring and the gorgeous entrance, the space will leave one inquisitive to enter the house.

    The lobby features an elegant entrance to the house, and a lovely seating cum waiting area. The aesthetic of the space is a precursor to the look and feel of the home, which sets the bar high. The addition of the beautiful plants helps breathe life and colour into the space mainly dominated by neutral hues. With the window at the end of the space provides a burst of natural light and air, basking the area with a warm and inviting glow.


    The stretch of space in the foyer has been efficiently used to provide a tasteful display area with added storage, along with a warm and decorous vibe that welcomes one into the space. The rich tones of colour and patterned flooring adds to the classic entryway, and gives a glimpse of what the beautiful home holds in store.

    The warm light suffused throughout the space makes sure to highlight the gorgeous painting, and artfully selected pieces of décor placed at the display area. Surrounded by the beautiful gold patterned wall paneling, and the pattern carved in the elevated drawers as well, a simple wall has been transformed to catch one’s eye on entrance, and sets the tone for the aesthetic throughout the house.

    The foyer now looks more spacious and ventilated, without compromising on the visual impact it carries. It gives a warm and welcoming vibe to anybody who enters the space, and binds the aesthetic of the home together, an understated commixture of elegance and beauty.

    MANDIR (Temple Area)

    The puja room is a haven of peace and solitude, perfect for one to connect with their spiritual self. With a calming dual toned colour scheme and a very minimal aesthetic, it is as calming as it is beautiful. The various elements of the room amalgamate to create a room which is the epitome of mindfulness.

    The space now provides adequate height for one to engage with the idols without straining themselves. The subdued lighting is perfect to not overpower the room and provides the perfect luminescence pervading the space. While soothing, the colours of the area are not too stark or too striking, and blend well together to give the room a rightful aura of transcendence and tranquility.


    The rooms feature a beautiful geometric design with sharp angles and mixed size segments, with a rich tone of colours complementing the space.

    The pattern has been used in the false ceilings and has been continued in the flooring as well as the wall paneling. The splendid icy chandelier in the living room is one of the focal points of the space, giving it the right touch of coolness and sophistication without being overly dramatic.

    The rooms exhibit a modern and clean design layout, which not only emphasises on aesthetic values but also the functionality of the spaces. A selection of customized pieces of furniture tastefully decorates the rooms and makes them as luxurious, as they are homely. The exquisite pattern scattered along the rooms elevates the atmosphere and makes them a warm, welcoming space.

    The living room accents the beautiful geometrical pattern that is spread across the room, from the ceilings, to the walls and in the gorgeous white marble flooring. The pattern reflects the contemporary design language of the room. The alluring tones in the expanse, coupled with the tastefully curated pieces of furniture create a space that is welcoming, yet provides an exclusive tone of glamour.

    The room includes a myriad of customized pieces of furniture which harmonise elegantly with the aesthetic of the space. The plants bring the room to life while also adding little pops of colour to the room. The intricate pattern across the space adds a dimension of colour and depth to the space, making it much more inviting and spacious, as well as the ideal welcoming spot.

    An Uber stylish take on a traditional living room, the space is filled with divine details. The lavish chandelier in the centre of the room instantly grabs one’s attention and elevates the atmosphere of the room to one of regal luxury. The intricate gold detailing, along with the exquisite pattern throughout the room, stands out in the warmly lit space. With a refined selection of bespoke sofas, the room is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also immensely practical.


    The room gets a spiffy makeover and now accommodates a larger group at the dining table, while also ensuring ample light throughout the room. The beautiful wall cabinets provide plentiful storage space and spruce up the corners of the room with their elegant fluted glass doors and gold accents. The perfect combination of tasteful and functional, this dining room is an inviting space for memories to be made.

    The dining room has an intimate, yet luxurious setting with a table for six in a cozy nook, complete with statement upholstered chairs and a beautiful textured table. The window by the table provides the perfect natural lighting for a joyful meal with one’s family, while the exquisite pendant lamps suspended from the ceiling serve the perfect radiance in case one wishes for privacy. A welcoming space which is as aesthetic as functional, this dining room steals hearts.

    Complete with flooring that adorns a stunning pattern which also runs along the counters off the wall, the room boasts of a space that has been well-utilized without compromising on its aesthetic value. The artfully placed pieces of furniture and the gold accents throughout the room, give it a look of regality without being too obvious. The textured wall adds the right pop of glamour to the space while giving it a contemporized look. It indeed is an ideal space to enjoy a good meal and some great conversations.


    The ultimate spot to unwind and have a nice laugh with loved ones, the terrace has a homey seating area by the nook. Complete with an artificial lawn, refreshing plants and a cozy throw with multiple cushions, the space is perfect to bask in sunlight, relax and enjoy company.

    An inviting space to gather round and spend time with loved ones. Whether it’s a nice meal under the sky, or an evening of fun and games, there’s enough seating for everyone. Sprawling in the warm light of the beautiful hanging lights, and enjoying the view outside is the highlight of this terrace.

    The terrace is now complete with the inclusion of plants and the artificial lawn, which livens the space like a breath of fresh air, just as a real one would. The various pieces of bespoke furniture not only elevate the aesthetics of the area, but also provide optimum usage of the vast space. The gorgeous lighting ensures that the space can not only be used during the day, but also after the sun sets, and provides ample warmth and glow to make the spot ideal to hang out.


    The bedroom features a contemporary and clean design layout, heavily emphasizing on the need for storage. A range of bespoke, luxurious pieces of furniture tastefully adorn the room, which also includes a beautiful reading nook by the window. With gold detailing on the wall panels and a lovely pattern which is continued on the flooring and in the upholstery, the room is an epitome of opulence.

    The classiest way to relax, Opulent Reverie is a bedroom fit for royalty. In hues of gold, ivory and brown, it combines classic luxury with modern day practicality. It is an ideal spot for ultimate sanctuary. This splendid bedroom features accents of gold throughout the space, making it look like the picture of grandeur.

    A rectangular gold pattern has been used on the wall paneling, also continued on the curtains, cushions, flooring of the room, which gives a dramatic flair to the room without being too overpowering. The brown velvet hand tailored headboard is also a key feature of the room, alleviating the space to an almost royal-like feel.

    This rectangular pattern is repeated in various elements throughout the room, to unify it and create an intimate space. It’s easy to make the pattern the focal point of your space. Create an intimate environment by using the same design elements throughout the room, the pattern is followed in the flooring, upholstery and in the wall panelling. This pattern feels vivid and dramatic, without being overpowering or overstuffed.

    The bedroom’s focal point includes the sumptuous bed which is a haven for restful sleep. It is surrounded by walls which feature paneling in a rectangular pattern, along with beautiful crystal and gold wall sconces, which light up the room in the most seraphic manner. A combination of tasteful décor and rich colours, the room is the ultimate spot for rejuvenation.

    The empyrean wardrobes are adorned with gold handles and acrylic fonts. They not only keep in mind the aesthetic value of the room but also serve the purpose of ample storage and functionality. The television cabinet features gold profiles and fluted glass, elevating an otherwise simplified form to match the vibe of the room. The gorgeous gold wall paneling adds to the space, to make it resplendent and inviting.

    The rich tones of the brown velvet, hand tailored headboard stand out in the expanse of the room. With gold detailing sheathed in soft velvet and gold skirting, the piece adds the most refined of touches to the room. The gold detailed pattern on the walls, extends to the flooring and the upholstery, making the space divine and elegant. The luxurious blinds draw in privacy and add just the right scope of luxe to the windows, enclosing the room in an aura of relaxation and restfulness.

    The room features a lovely little nook by the window, which serves as the cosiest, and most perfect spot for one to bask in the sunlight and maybe catch up on some reading.The rich tones of the bed and the pattern on the wall, make this bedroom an epitome of luxury and rest. The magnificent bedside tables are the right mix of aesthetic and functionality, sitting lightly below the beautiful fluted glass wall sconces.

    IVORY ALLURE (Bedroom 2)

    A serene spot to rejuvenate in, Ivory Allure is a bedroom that combines the refined ivory with fresh bursts of appealing green. It creates the perfect space to feel like home, with intricate details in a lovely setting.

    The concept was to create an excellent design that combines beautifully balanced, contrasting elements to create a calming space for one to relax in. The room includes a gorgeous customised bed with a range of other pieces of furniture, making it a space that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also practical. The striking combination of ivory and green is the main feature of this concept, with divine details that enhance the charm of the room.

    The bedroom features an innovative, yet clean design layout, that addresses the need for ample storage. A range of customised, designer furniture pieces which include super sleek wardrobes and side tables, are artfully placed in the room. The use of tailored clean lines, and the simple elegance of the beautiful green velvet fabric along the room makes it a truly alluring spot to kick back in.

    This alluring bedroom incorporates two contrasting colours, balanced in the most subtle of ways to create a haven of relaxation and romance. Tailored clean lines are paired with bottle green velvet fabric and tasteful pieces of furniture, as well as lights that elevate the ambience of the room creating the most refined, yet refreshing of spaces.

    The bedroom features a classic wardrobe with glossy ivory glass, and long sleek handles which indeed prove that glory lies in the fine details. The full heighted headboard provides extra support and comfort to relax, while giving the space a very contemporary and classic appearance. The addition of the cove lights enhances the overall decor and adds a practical, ambient light to the bedroom, thus not only being stylish but also functional.

    The room is set in a romantic and calming mood, and features a fully upholstered bed back in green, beautifully complimenting the ivory surroundings. It is sure to make you feel right at home with its intricate and ornate pendant lamps in glass, which bring a subtle radiance and warmth to the room, while also maintaining the minimal, yet elegant aesthetic of the room.

    The space of the room has been utilized in the most optimal way to help transform it into a haven of quietude. It features custom-made articles of furniture which are divinely detailed yet practical, the green upholstered tables being a striking focal point in this room. Its shape creates an interesting interplay between the organic emblems and the linear edges of the surrounding space, making the room a perfect combination of stunning but comfortable.

    The room encompasses classic glossy glass Ivory wardrobes which have been integrated with attractive long gold handles that add the perfect hint of grandeur to the décor. The two double doors open on concealed soft-closing hinges and make sure that there’s

    plenty of room inside for all your clothes and accessories. A green upholstered side table is unique to this space with a marble top and adds a flair of colour and sophistication, without being too dramatic, creating a heavenly balance of aesthetic value and functionality to this room. In addition the full heightened headboard with cove lights creates an ambient light to the bedroom.


    The bedroom of this mystical home is a modern layout that gives emphasis to functional aspects like the need for ample storage space. A curation of sleek, luxuriously customised furniture adorns the room to enhance spatial flexibility. Yet, there is no corner that feels empty: each element of the bedroom, from the bed itself to the closets and TV units, is arranged to keep with the elegant design characterised by clean line patterns. The room opens up to an equally spacious balcony, which features chevron patterned details in the flooring.


    Chevron Concoction is a contemporary twist on the traditional, encompassing contrasting elements that are balanced tastefully. Featuring the trendy pattern of Chevron across the room, it is the place to restore and relax yourself. Chevron Concoction transforms the space into a simple and minimalistic abode, with just the right touches of divinely elegant details. A contemporary work of art in a traditional setting.

    The concept was to create an elegant, sleek design that balances aesthetics and utility. The room is filled with bespoke contemporary furniture and lighting, yet remains minimal in its arrangement. What guides the concept most is the chevron inspired flooring, each of its neat line patterns guiding the room to create a space that exudes comfort and luxury.

    Mood Board:

    As seen in the mood board, this divinely curated bedroom is two-toned, and follows the neat lines of the chevron patterned flooring. The blush pink bedroom stands out for its careful detailing, highlighting the warmth of the room. These are subdued by the neutral toned walls, the greys complimenting the pink to create an aura that is light, peaceful, and relaxing.

    The bedroom features a grey upholstered bed which is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, alongside personalized side tables. The striking Chevron carved wardrobes are adorned with square pink knobs, adding a dynamic look while maintaining its simplicity. This contemporized blush pink bedroom is packed with many more divine details like the golden wall sconces and bespoke blinds. An ideal place to relax and unwind.

    A simple and minimalistic interior with two tones, stunningly standing out against the bold Chevron pattern which has vivaciously decorated the room. With trendy and bespoke furniture, the room is the perfect blend of elegance and modern decor.

    The room includes a TV unit that exudes modernistic luxury, with just the right pop of pink against simple tones of grey in its expanse. Made to order with spacious drawers and an open niche, it adds the perfect touch of elegance to the room while being premium and functional. The stunning pendant lights illuminate the room and gives it a discreet sense of warmth, ideal for resting and recharging.

    The bold Chevron pattern on the floor gives a very classy, fun and spacious feel while directing the eye around the room. The bespoke blinds feature a pink vertical stripe pattern that adds a pop of brightness to the room, even when the blinds are shut. A perfect way to let fresh air in or block unwanted prying eyes, while maintaining the themes of the room.

    The walls of the bedroom are adorned with a decorative lipping detail giving a soft and comfortable feel to it. Who wouldn’t mind some extra storage space? Keeping just this in mind, long shutters of the wardrobe across the room have been customized to seamlessly accommodate ample space for storage of belongings. The distinct Chevron patterned flooring manages to peacefully coexist with the two-toned walls, keeping it traditional with the perfect twist of contemporary.

    The room looks more spacious and livelier with the balanced two-toned interiors. The grey upholstered bed with clean lines and a double pillow headboard, is not only an example of finely-crafted furniture but also boasts of an elegantly bold detailing of Chevron stitching which makes it truly distinctive. The delicate lights, along with the trendy side tables add just the right touch of refinement, practicality and a hint of colour to the room.

    The stunning Chevron carved wardrobes with the glossy grey laminate give the room a dynamic look, while also being understated. The square salmon pink knobs create an accent and break the monotony of colours. With ample storage, it is a great piece of furniture that livens the room. The wall lights illuminate the room in style with a minimal aesthetic, while being practical and functional.

    The bold Chevron pattern on the floor gives a very classy, fun and spacious feel while directing the eye around the room. The bespoke blinds feature a pink vertical stripe pattern that adds a pop of brightness to the room, even when the blinds are shut. A perfect way to let fresh air in or block unwanted prying eyes, while maintaining the themes of the room.

    The addition of the tv and its unit adds the right hint of personalisation to an otherwise under utilized space by creating a nook. The wedge legs on the cabinet makes it ideal for use as it takes up lesser space. The intricately sculpted wooden lipping detail on the wall transforms it, giving a soft and comfortable feel and creating a clean, graceful ambience in the room.

    The room looks more spacious and livelier with the balanced two-toned interiors. The grey upholstered bed with clean lines and a double pillow headboard, is not only an example of finely-crafted furniture but also boasts of an elegantly bold detailing of Chevron stitching which makes it truly distinctive. The delicate lights, along with the trendy side tables add just the right touch of refinement, practicality and a hint of colour to the room.

    GROOVE TROUVE (Bedroom 4)

    A cozy nest of a bedroom featuring contrasting blue and grey elements, Groove Trouvé is inspired by grooves in thick and thin. It forms the absolute picture of comfort and elegance, complete with ravishing hues and striking linear details. The bedroom features a modern, clean design layout which amplifies on the need for ample storage space. A selection of trendy and sleek furniture in the likes of a closet, a dresser inside it, along with side tables, are placed tastefully around the room.

    These elements make the space an uncluttered, and spacious haven, while also ensuring the utmost usage of the area, elegantly and with the clean lined pattern. The bedroom is accompanied by a balcony which features groove patterned detailing in the flooring. The concept was to create a contemporary, polished design that is the perfect combination of artistic and utilitarian. The room includes a range of custom-made, modern furniture whilst maintaining a minimal aesthetic. As seen in the mood board, this elegant bedroom features two tones and a striking grooved detailing throughout the room.

    The neutral toned walls contrast with the bursts of blue amidst the room. The battened wall paneling adds extra detail to this sleek and stylish room, complete with warm lighting, and makes it the ideal space for cozying up. This exquisite grey bedroom is packed with divine details which ensure the maximum utilization of space but also making it minimal and elegant. The pop of blue upholstery brings life to this stunning room, and the striking groove patterns are a perfect twist of a contemporary and stylish design in a traditional layout, making it an inviting space to relax and restore.

    A splendid minimal interior with two tones and linear groove patterns interspersed harmoniously throughout the room, it stands out as a picture of modish taste and comfort. It features a set of customized, modern chic furniture, along with an array of lovely details throughout its space.

    The striking grooved wardrobes feature a matte grey duco finish, and are adorned by linear arched handles to create an accent and break the monotony of the structure. The ravishing shade of blue brings a divine pop of colour, while the usage of thick and thin grooves is a stunning addition to the overall elegant aesthetic. Not only are the wardrobes alluring to look at, they also include long shutters to seamlessly accommodate all your belongings.

    The room gets a swanky makeover, making it a contemporized, spacious haven. The resplendent bed features an architectural arch-shaped headboard with raised moulding details, and classic blue upholstery. The groove pattern on it creates an elegant colour backdrop against the grey walls of the bedroom adding to the modernity, and the grooves on the wall paneling create a beautiful illusion in the space. Indeed, an exquisite place to rest.

    This two-toned bedroom with exclusive made-to-order furniture, is the ultimate place to restore yourself. A perfect amalgamation of the contemporary and the traditional, it balances style and functionality to serve as a cozy spot to end your day at.

    The groove pattern is continued on the wardrobes and the doors, tying the room together in the most subtle, yet gorgeous way. Beautiful lights illuminate the room in style, and pervade the space with a warm and elegantly minimal aesthetic. The stunning upholstered blinds help keep privacy, as well as add a striking pop of colour and texture across the monotony of the grey wall. The room is the perfect mix of light and airy, with a luxurious feel.

    The splendid arc-shaped headrest of the bed features a contrasting hit of the shade blue, making it the utmost regal spot to rest. The grooved walls direct the eye and add another dimension to this minimal, yet elegant room, warmly lit by the beautiful wall scones.

    The battened wall paneling stands out against the monotony of the neutral walls, and maintains the minimal, clean aesthetic of the room. The splashes of blue upholstery, in contrast with the walls and the flooring, give the space a fine touch of elegance and luxury. The customized side tables add the perfect whiff of modernity, coupled with the functionality of taking up lesser space while providing ample storage. The lavish blinds add sophistication and give plenty of privacy to the room, truly making it a bedroom to replenish oneself in.


    Designed by : The Arch Studio

    Project Type :  Apartment Interiors

    Project Name : Mystical Home

    Location : Bibewadi, Pune

    Year Built :  2021

    Duration of Project : 4 months

    Area :  2700 sq. Ft 

    Principal Architect : Ar. Siddhina Sakla

    Photograph Courtesy : Atul Kanetkar Photography

    Products and Materials:

    Lighting – The White Teak Company | Sanitaryware : Jaquar | Furniture : Trezure

    Firm’s Website Link :

    Firm’s Instagram Link :

    Firm’s Facebook Link : 

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