Black Bastion House | Spasm Design

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Black Bastion House | Spasm Design

Located in the city of Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, which has a mild climate throughout the year , cooled by the breezes from the Nilgiris . This home lay at the end of a leafy tertiary street on race course road.

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The patrons, a lovely couple, very well-traveled and with great taste, had saved an image of Spasms work in 2014, and called it “Fav architects” Needless to say the very first proposal was accepted in principal and the journey began.

The body of the build is basically two black bastions of dark local granite stone, with an airy pavilion like double height living space, cradled in between. Stone – The local granite is highly sustainable due to its direct use from quarry to site application, lowered maintenance costs over the years, sheer endurance against elements & performance as a thermally stable material.

Historically, Stone buildings are evidently performing better than buildings in other materials. Generous, room sizes and heights give the home an understated elegance. The focus being the back garden which the sort of U- shaped plan conjures.

The bathrooms are all in White Indian marble…. sized as lovely large rooms. The windows are all custom made out of metal with bespoke brass hardware, the doors are made of salvaged wood in elegant proportions and polished oils. This, home seeks to create a refined understated elegant atmosphere for the family. It’s a delight when a pride of peacocks visits

Fact File :

Architects: Spasm Design

Area: 11500 ft²

Year: 2020

Location : Coimbatore

Building Type : Residence

Design Team: Sangeeta Merchant, Sanjeev Panjabi, Divyesh Kargathra, Mansoor Kudalkar, Jyotiraditya Shah, Vishal Thakur

Photographer: Umang Shah

Source : Arch Daily

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