A Luxurious Vaastu Based Apartment With A Finite Material Palette | Kunal Shah Architects

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A Luxurious Vaastu Based Apartment With A Finite Material Palette | Kunal Shah Architects

An epochal residential apartment design with prolific aesthetics that is submissive to the needs and likes of the users! An Ahmedabad based design firm- Kunal Shah Architects were reached upon by their old clients for their 2550 sq. ft. (carpet area) abode. The brief need not be elaborate pertaining to the two parties’ old relations except for their insistence on the design following as many Vaastu principles as possible in an apartment project. 

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This statement style apartment uses a signature concept of going with a small material palette and according the spaces with breathtakingly luxurious design and detailing. The choicest walnut veneer has been selected that is maneuvered right from the entrance- accentuating the cordiality, vastness, and sophistication of the spaces. This walnut veneer is consciously chosen for its ability to reflect the right amount of light and retain an apt coziness into the space. The living and the dining cohabit in the same spatial premise. With a vast and spacious outlook, it also gestures a raw and outbursting earthy appearance.

The core living arrangement with its TV wall and introvert seating dominates the arena- aided by an engaging floor rug. The flex stone cladding is adopted for this TV wall to perfectly contrast with the surrounding veneer shelving. Cozy and comfy seating setup is attractive with its soft tan hue and a vibrant popping yellow single-seater. A set of minimal geometric tea-poi complement this setup further. To add more life to the space, a large aquarium is stationed to cast its mesmerizing spell across.

There is a large opening at the disposal of this spacious expanse that brings in those energizing rays of light. The dining is largely adorned by veneer ascertaining a raw and earthy look. This veneer adds an intense guise- it being snug and comfy for even those spellbound dinner evenings. A very interesting display unit stands tall against the wall- expelling more of a vintage style designing in contemporary styling. With perfect curvatures, lighting, and joineries, it instills a coordinated theme in here.

The kitchen is subtle and restful following the Vaastu principles in its functional design. A monolithic platform extends as a dado wall attaining a clean singular look amidst the cuboidal storage units.

The master bedroom uses a robust grey leather for the bed back and side tables. It not only makes the room rich with its texture but imparts glam and inscribe a theme of aristocracy. There is an extended leather seating alongside the bed for assistive use. Two adjacent walls with their large openings welcome the daylight to fill in rich natural light. The other two walls accommodate the furniture and utilities. The pattern is flowing where the TV unit continues as a study table- that again, perceptually merges with the dressing and the wardrobe unit.

Paying homage to individual user needs, there is also a room for the lady of the house; pertaining to her privacy and needs. It is well-coordinated with an intricate maple leaf wallpaper and a high headboard. The design is minimal with a veneer pelmet, a sober low height TV unit, and a blissful wall-mount Temple reserving the corner between the openings. The bed lies against the large opening to not miss those mesmerizing mornings.

The daughter’s bedroom takes audacious liberty with its candy blue natural leather bed and side units. This blue imparts a charming and vibrant outlook with its pragmatic wallpaper. The trending blue-brown theme is surely assertive of its timeless spirit and cordial warmth. Otherwise, a neat design is offered to the changing light quality that fall upon at various day time.

With its inclined headboard resting against the brown fabric-based wallpaper, the son’s bedroom is drenched in its youthful vibes. Also, an earthy feeling is weaved in with the surrounding veneer furnishing- low height TV unit and a corned study with a holistic approach.

The guest bedroom is volumetrically a naïve space and hence, such had to be the design. A sober wallpaper and a leather headboard with wooden beading served the purpose perfectly. A large full-size mirror against the study unit works in perceptually magnifying the scale of this space.

By restricting itself to a smaller material palette and being elaborative in its design- pertaining to the Vaastu principles, this apartment is an exemplar of luxury in itself.


Designed byKunal Shah Architects

Project Type: Residential Apartment Interior

Project Name: Residence Design for Mr. Yashwantsingh

Location: Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Year built: 2020

Size: 2550 sq ft carpet

Project Cost appx: 1.20 cr

Principal Architect: Mr. Kunal Shah

Photograph courtesy: Abhishek shah

Text: Megha Hirani

Website: http://www.kunalshaharchitects.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ar_kunalshah/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KUNAL-SHAH-Architects

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