• Cumulative Flow of Extravagant Spaces in this Mumbai Penthouse | Romanirav Architect

    Cumulative Flow of Extravagant Spaces in this Mumbai Penthouse | Romanirav Architect

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    “The strength of our work lies in the pure modern and contemporary approach to our designs, and this is quite evident in our work.” In this ‘Mumbai’s penthouse project’, for a prestigious client, the approach to the design was of a cumulative flow of extravagant spaces, devised for a person who has a flair for modern interiors as well as wanted his home to be vibrant and discerning, with unconventional Indian aesthetics.

    This house is in a prime area of Mumbai with a built-up area of 3500 sq. ft.  The basic requirement was to plan, 4 lavish bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, an extensively spread living room, informal & formal areas, a home-theatre, an ultra-modern kitchen, a dedicated office area, a library and also a spa area. Last but not the least, this house is having a lounge area with an open terrace/ deck area comprising of a space for Bar and a morocco terrace. The client’s strong statement for design is achieved by making use of Michael Angelo from CMC as a base element in the entire house to maintain the continuity and uniformity of the design. Overall, the noticeable elements in the entire house are, glasses & mirrors, along with a tint of gold to add glamour and create a warm ambience that was not overtly ethnic but more of a ‘Trendy Chic Appeal’.

    The question during the initial design phase was “How to distinguish a sumptuous space and give it the response that is different from the mundane life?”. We went about the design and execution process in a very systematic way to achieve this objective. This was done by providing zoning for each area. This house is a combination of 4 flats, over 2 levels. The current demand is towards simplicity and minimalism, adds Ar. Nirav Jatania taking us into the design aspects for this project.

    The main entrance door has been designed with a very interesting looking artefact or call it an accent lighting the ‘Bodhla light’ from Klove giving it the entrance a ravishing look. The finishes for the door are done in matte polish veneer with name plate in gold finish adding a sleek handle to this creates as a classic non-traditional design for a front entrance. Roma Jatania, design director, RNA design, says, “Main doors have to be designed keeping in mind the security aspect as well as aesthetics. Internal door design, however, can be purely based on the theme of the interiors.” 

    The most challenging part while designing this penthouse were the shear concrete wall, which complicated the floor plate to visually appear as a one huge space. But the challenge was very well taken care of with our design where we combined areas with minimal openings and giving each area its own identity, adds Ar. Roma.

    At the entrance, an impressively spacious foyer welcomes the guest. The upper floor lobby that follows, has both utility and design roles to play as the main entrance areas of the home. The utility aspect from moving into this area includes the way to formal living area, family room, the kitchen & dining space along with 2 guest rooms and an office with library space.  

    A small waiting area is also created with a classic design seating. This further leads you to the further glimpse of the grandeur that follows. Another beautiful accent light of ‘temple series’ from Klove are rightly placed at the cantilevered stairway. “Using light colour schemes with the use of plenty of white and pastel shades gives a sense of spaciousness to this design”.

    Walking into the formal living area a stand-alone unit is designed with veneer and semi-precious stone placed on the blank wall of the passage to give a cool contemporary look. This slides in an elegant approach for the interiors of the penthouse.

    A formal living area is located adjoining the family room, created with a seating arrangement near one of the best highlights of this penthouse; the fish tank which is incorporated along the wall emphasising on a sleek and modern style for the space. This fish tank is made to order from Zen Aqua First. This area also acts as the TV room for casual days. The transition from one area of the living room to another area is smooth and seamless. 

    Modern and chic styled furniture sourced from the ‘House of Raro’, & ‘Loca Design’ rules the overall décor of these Living Spaces. The use of wall accents & paintings gives it, an extravagant look and a luxurious feel. The handpicked dual tone textured rug from ‘Hands Carpet’ for this area specifically creates the right contrast with the Michael Angelo marble from CMC, on the flooring used in the entire project. 

    Kitchen & separate service area is kept minimal with muted colour and finished with glossy lamination. The highlighter for this area is specifically the dado walls Brazilian granite, striking a balance for the area. Grey and white solid surface for shutters and quartz stone is used on the kitchen platform to give this large running platform, a homogeneous look. Adjoining this, is a well-planned store room complete as a proper utility space.

    Exclusive elegance is seen at the vibrant dining area. The 12-seater dining table is detailed with a combination of black & rose gold mirror for the base while a rich patterned marble top from CMC is rightly placed over. The inverted buds of flower light from Klove, is springing upside down from the wooden ceiling giving this space a very exhilarating look. Adding to this space, is an intricately carved 6 feet tall metal artwork placed inside a niche adjacent to the dining table finished in veneer makes this a little dramatic. Michael Angelo brings out the wow factor while complementing the overall look for this space. Modern and chic styled chairs are sourced from House of Raro.

    A lot of emphasis is laid on styling in the entire project along with uniformity in material and colour which reflect the distinct requirements and tastes of the client, adds Ar. Roma

    Moving ahead on this floor 2 Guest bedrooms and Library cum Office space is spread to another side of the penthouse. A special touch of contemporary and modern interior design approach is given to this Library cum Office area which is made opulently cosy and comfortable by use of rich veneer panelling for the units which blends with the elements of the room.  Giving the area flexibility of having a secluded zone to work or read in peace this space is well equipped.

    The overall look and feel of a British library toss in an appealing look and feel to the planning which encourages both conversation and solitary reading, as well as relaxation, adds Ar. Nirav. Certainly, there are specifics, but ultimately, the trend is to design for positive experiences. The lower floor that houses the bedrooms, lounge and bar and also the home theatre, have been designed to reflect the individual preferences of each occupant, without letting go of the overall theme. 

    The home theatre, designed for this project has special considerations for comfort and the 7:1:2 speaker configuration optimizes the surround sound quality. Keeping the walls light mulberry in shade for a lively look, with earthy acoustic panels flushed in wall and book matched dual tone for the carpet flooring helps the acoustics and absorb the excess light and at the same time improvise the sound quality. Designer lamp placed rightly adds to the liveliness of the space. The entire house has embraced the latest technology, to enhance its performance and all active systems run on automation like lighting and appliances.  

    For this project there are two terraces, the intention was to break from the stereotype. Hence here a design therapy lets, the inside blend with the outside.  The idea was to give a ZEN look and feel with a ledge seating for one side of the open terrace and on the other side on the periphery of parapet wall the natural flower bed.  The home should be the treasure chest of living. This seating area is an additional part to the bar counter which is also utilised as a formal living area for this floor.

    The combination of sofa seating, wall art and a uniquely designed lamp has given a very trendy yet comforting look to the floor planning, something what our client always wanted. Here we are bisecting one area into separate zones, create an actual dividing line with a bar counter. While the rose gold honeycomb pattern adds a gritty modern vibe and the wooden panelling maintains a touch of traditional, retro-inspired glam.  The Michael Angelo slab does the talking for the entire area and makes it feel like a luxe hotel lobby. 

    Its true, Ar. Roma adds “Rawness and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum.”

    They are two complementary features with which to populate a luxe environment. In this master bedroom, a classy yet minimalistic design approach blends the white and brown for color scheme that comforts ones identity. This room is a fine detail of design finishes in veneer and lamination combined with rose gold metal strips which is there in the panel behind the head board. Getting an extended space to the room adds for a cozy private seating area. ~ ‘A readers den’

    Don’t design your lifestyle for comfort, design it for passion. Don’t design it for functionality, design it for sensuality.

    Living in these particular times, where our home is our whole world. This Bedroom is where we can relax and recharge, a calming interior is what best we call it. Each element of the interior is a work of decorative art, there are no random things. In fact, customised patterns create an everlasting interior to stand out distinctly by themselves.

    Keep only what one needs and making it subtle. This is what any bedroom design mantra should be. This study table designed with minimal elements be the perfect reminder that not all the space needs to be occupied. There is some unsaid beauty in neat empty spaces.

    Solids and voids in the form of protruding spaces and terrace were introduced to create an interesting play of levels. The focus was to almost merge the outdoor spaces with the living spaces in such a way that all spaces open outwards. Powder bathroom is unusual from the rest of the house. Sleek contoured lines give a clean look.

    The clean lines and elegant curves complement this design, a smooth finish adding luxury to this bathroom with brass accessories set a perfect example of rich and sophisticated design. The bathroom which is elegant and luxurious with modest lightings and a subtle self-patterned grey marble from Classic Marble Company is used to make the space appear larger than size. A large customise mirror on the wall merges well to effectively double up the space and light sources. 

    Some of the features which stand out in this classy, lavish and opulent home makes this project, “A designer’s dream come true”.


    Designed by: Romanirav Architect

    Project Type: Residential


    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Year built: 2020

    Size: sq feet: 3500 Built up area 

    Principal Architects: Roma Jatania & Nirav Jatania

    Photograph courtesy: PHXIndia

    Furnishings: Lights : Klove Studio | Rugs : Hands Carpets | Furniture : House of Raro, Loca Design |

    Marble : Classic Marble Company

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