A Simple Abode With An Embellish Touch | Space Interior Design

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A Simple Abode With An Embellish Touch | Space Interior Design

Simple meets vibrant – gives expression to its owners’ lifestyle. Mr. Taher Kachwala, designer at Space Interior Designs, talks about crafting a modern paradise – and how a varied range of materials, colours and textures can be made to blend  seamlessly together in a congenial  family home.

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It’s compelling when a design comes out of a story. “I was just sitting at site thinking about making the entrance appealing when, a person came in with sofa samples. I saw the pressed leather foam samples sitting on the table which was forming a very interesting pattern. And I took that as an inspiration and carved out the same pattern out of wood for the entrance foyer wall,” proudly explains Kachwala when discussing about his design. Play of leather blocks in grey with a wooden ceiling, defined the entrance, which also made its position as a divider between living and dining.

The wanted all semi-private spaces without hindrance. Thus, the spaces were defined with colour and material palette. The owners had a keen interest towards wooden finishes. This drew a direction for the design concept. Starting from TV unit, which was a combination of wooden strips and a black background highlighter. To compliment these two, the opposite wall was designed in Italian finish and the flooring in grey. The whole area was the balance of greys and wood.

A home with a vibrant panoply of colour. Here, adding a pinch of vibrancy into the monochromatic look gave all together a brand new perspective to the space. “Sofa fabric colour choice was a difficult one to make,” says Kachwala while describing about the bright solutions of sofa fabrics. The main sitting was finalized in red. The client wanted to add yellows to the look. Thus, the stools were chosen in pop of yellow whereas, the chairs were kept subtle with hues of pink. Other than that, the owners, wanted a space for their fish babies. So, the only divider between the living and dining was a fish tank, sitting like a form of art.

Dinning for six – the intrinsic detailed space was the center of attraction. A subtle furniture area with a heavy ceiling design. A canopy of inverted pyramids, created out of wood and veneer, this ceiling provided volume to space. Other than that, the element that really ties the house together is hanging lights, making them the unique feature.

The kids demand is always a priority and so was the children’s bedroom here. It was required to make this room in blue and pink combinations. The concept started taking shape with darker to lighter gradients. The wardrobe was divided into pink and blue tones, and the curtains were customized in similar shades. To elevate the look a little more, yellow colour pillows and stools were added to the space. Adding a pinch of yellow and making it all characterful. To soften the overall look, neutral tones of greys and whites were added. The eye catching part was the pyramid wall behind the bed.

The master bedroom and the parent’s bedroom was required to be designed in lighter tones. “We wanted a very natural look for the master bedroom and so, we selected teak wood veneer finish and natural bricks wall,” says Kachwala. The only eye catchy elements here were hangings and pillows. Other than that, parents’ bedroom was supposed to be designed in shades of green. Not making it jazzy, the headboard was designed in green fabric with pillow and bed sheet in greens. In addition the subtle hue of green was added to the curtains.

What is most commendable about the interiors is the balcony ceiling. The designer wanted to make it look attractive even from distance. It should be admired and appreciated from lower level as well. The story to look for when talking about actual inspirations. The design idea was derived from a piece of chocolate and so was it presented. A commendable work making the ceiling look like a giant piece of treat.

Evoking the personality of each of the occupants of the apartment is no easy feat—but the transition from public to private, is seamless. An expert command over materiality, and a will to experiment with tone and texture, has allowed Kachwala to create a dynamic, interesting, but most significantly, comforting home—and he has also graciously given it room to grow, and change, with time.


Designed by Space Interior Design

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : River Front Tower

Location : Surat, India

Year built : 2021

Size: sq feet : 1500sqft

Project Cost appx : 50 Lakhs

Principal Architect : Taher Kachwala

Photograph courtesy: Dishank Shah

Text: Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceInterior0053

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spaceinterior0052/

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