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Apartment Design Elevating The Intrinsic Detailing | The Design Code

Aesthetics but with functionality—this is a requirement for home dwellers. This home, designed by The Design Code, is exemplary in that sense. “ The main aim while designing was to fulfill the client’s requirements. They wanted a home with ample amount of storage space, yet making it look eye-pleasing” reveals Team of The Design Code.

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It is the entrance foyer and the main door combined, that lies in the epicenter of design. The Design Code team created an illusion of larger space by placing the black reflective glass on the wall and frosted peach glasses on a shoe rack. And in compliment was the white laminated door with a coterie of circles sitting to welcome – a tranquil to embrace.

The whole interiors are designed differently from one space to another, yet a circular patterned theme has been followed in the overall design. This allowed the designer to experiment freely and create different segments into one entity. The major aspect was the play of colours. Using a shade of colour into a monochromatic scheme versus analogous was a very difficult task which, even got clients into the roller coaster of thoughts.

From religious resemblance to a contemporary look, a thoughtful design story unfolds inside this beautiful abode of six. “It was important to create a balance between the choices, each member of the family had,” says Executive Team. A family – believer of ‘Radha-Krishna’ was picturing an ambiance full of traditional elements with modern facilities. The aroma of incense sticks and the rhythmic sound of a bell coming from the temple creates a vibe, which is elevated through the intrinsic detailing on the temple jali doors.

This three-bedroom home is an aura of comfort. “I believe in transitional design where both contemporary finishes and fabrics can meet the classic blueprint of the home,” explains Executive Team. The room of both sons reveals a joyful environment. An intriguing circular motif on a subtle background with a TV unit was the show stopper. The textured walls with a pinch of orange colour and quirky lights balanced the whole look.

Besides, the elements like door handles, ceiling, etc. were integrated into the design to enfold the space. The master bedroom on the other side was a story of elegance. Each corner generated curiosity. From colour combinations to detailing, every element was shouting to grab attention. The curtains were the highlight of the whole design.

Whereas, the guest bedroom was allover from an opposite perspective. “We had to make civil changes to make this room look bigger and we shifted the whole wardrobe outside,” he says. The undisturbed room size now looked bigger comparatively with the reflective glass surfaces. This small shift into the spatial arrangement gave a comfortable environment.

Moreover, lighting played a very important role in the overall aesthetics of the house. On the other hand, curtains were creating equilibrium for every space. The use of bright colours and flushed furniture give this home a serene experiential quality. The modern take on the traditional values caters to the bigger picture of perseverance.

Every nook of the actual house resembled the on-screen design. This was the biggest achievement for both designer and the client. They had many difference of opinions during the ongoing site but, after the completion, they were satisfied with the outcome. ‘Our every requirement were fulfilled by your team and you created our dream home, the way we wanted’ – the words from their client which are etched in the memory for a lifetime.


Designed byThe Design Code

Project Type: Residential Interiors

Project Name: Mittal’s House (Mr.Praveen Ji Mittal)

Location: celebrity green ,surat, gujarat

Year built: 2020

Size: sq feet: 3300 Built-Up

Principal Architect:  Ar. Mohan Suthar & Pavan Suthar

Design Team: Shaily Shah & Dhwani Gajjar

Project Cost appx: 55 lac

Photography: Bhavesh Raghavani (Yellow-Frames)

Text: Vibhuti Sorathia

Instagram: https://www.instagrasm.com/thedesigncode9/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Design-Code-509673145903521/

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