Contemporary Indian Style Apartment Interiors | MS Design Studio

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Contemporary Indian Style Apartment Interiors | MS Design Studio

Continuity of designing yet breaks the monotony of the free-flowing spaces.

The site is located at the top floor of the residential building owned by the owner itself, where each floor accommodates a flat. The overall planning of the flat is with minimal usage of the wall, which gives free-flowing spaces. The concept derived was by studying the built condition, where the idea was to bring in the continuity to each space – using Minimal and Indian style design approach.


The formal living room beautifully sits in combination with blue, white and brown upholsteries giving the space calm and elegant ambience. The corner designed with vintage look for chest of drawers combining with a huge wall clock makes each corner of the space detailed.

The designers Shivangi and Manav Patel had derived the design keeping in consideration the liking and choices of the client.The house welcomes you with a finely designed jail screen giving a minimal yet elegant look to Indian Style Apartment Interiors , which also visually breaks the further continuity of the space and directs you to the formal living space.

Living room opens up to the open space- a balcony with an Indian set up with jhula and lower sitting. In addition, an element like vertical garden and natural green plantations adds on the beauty to the openness to the space.

Later, the formal living room adjoins to the common passage that guides to different corners of the house.The informal living cum study room effortlessly combines with puja room, by elements like sliding folding screens with a combination of metal screen and wooden slits, glass door with the buff film on it, helping the compact setting of the informal living room opening up to puja room.

Gradually the passage connects to the open Kitchen, making that space interactive with the other spaces. The idea behind the designing a kitchen was to be open yet maintaining its own setting privacy. This is to the proximity of the dining area. The Kitchen design was to make it look compact also fulfilling all the function expects. The storage designed in sliding folding manner gives maximum storage space and appropriate functional usability.

The overall ceiling design is by considering the common passage being the separate identity from other spaces. Where veneer as a material finish used throughout, thus segregating from different spaces. Later in other spaces, combination gypsum sheet and veneer finish material is used, giving each space an individual unique identity.

The flooring of the house goes as per the continuity in the spaces, using vitrified tiles. Later, this separates from master’s room being in Kota stone combined with designer clay tiles.

The passage further connects us to the master and kid’s room. The elements, which highlights the master room is the headboard in a combination of ply and veneer, where patterns cut in veneer makes space look more to the Indian concept followed all over the house.

Parent’s room later is located to the proximity of the living room. The designing of parent’s room was preferred to be in a lighter shade of color, making it look spacious and easy on the eyes. Where upholsters had a combination of beige and white and headboard textured on MDF and painted white deco paint.

Further, right next to the master’s room is the kid’s room. The Kids room being used by the hyperactive minds have been wisely designed byplay with colors in combination of blue green white and brown. Making it look competent yet playful.

-Palack Panchal



Project type:-            Residence (apartment interior’s)

Location:-                  Vadodara, Gujarat

Firm name:-              MS Design Studio

Principal designer:- Manav Patel, Shivangi Patel

Design Team:-          Milan, Ekta & Deepika

Project Duration:-   4 months

Client name:-            Priyank Patel

Photography:-          Roma Patel

Text:-                         Palack Panchal

Email:-                       [email protected]


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