Deception of Combinations of Pastel Colours giving a Complete Chic and Contemporary Look to the Home | Ameliorate Design Studio

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R Project : it’s a deception of how combinations of pastel colours give a complete chic and contemporary look to the home. What’s different about this design is keeping in mind our young entrepreneurial clients request of wanting colours and yet not looking gaudy, we played with pastels through the passage doors, which uplifted the space to give a sense of warmth, homely and yet contemporary finish. 

Deception of Combinations of Pastel Colours giving a Complete Chic and Contemporary Look to the Home | Ameliorate Design Studio

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The living room is a heart of every home. Our mission is to incorporate every individual members personality and vision in that space after al it’s a space where everyone come together! Starting from the entrance, main door, we have incorporated flutted design with wood mouldings. The living room colour is blue which extends to the passage of the rooms which makes the space feel relaxing. The passage includes a small basin near the dinning for convenience. To break the monotony and add diversity in the space, we used pastel pink and grey for the dinning area. 

To create an extension of the frame design in the parents room, we added a gold frame pattern on the wardrobes along with a maroon headboard which gives a balance to the rest of the room light, and a feeling of openness to the space. 

Our entrepreneurial client having keen eyes for details, we decided to do something different for the master bedroom. The statement bold teal green colour on the bed wall and dark wood lining which starts from the headboard going upwards to the entire bed wall is the highlight of the room. Along with that, we used the same wood details on the wardrobe and added circular handles gives an elegant and overall uplifts the room. The room also has a study table for the client to be able to WFH. 

Lastly, the most loved space by our client which makes him go on vacation mode is the balcony. The client specifically wanted green plants and earthly look around however wanted it to be low maintenance. Hence, we added wall plants and a green false grass carpet with a Cane swing for the client to enjoy the view and sip coffee.


Designed by : Ameliorate Design Studio

Project Type : Apartment interiors

Project Name : R Project

Location : Thane, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2021

Area :  1000sq.ft

Project Cost Appx :  27 Lac

Principal Interior Designer : Zehra Contractor

Lead Contractor: Shoeb Contractor

Photograph Courtesy : BIZOU

Products and Materials : Kitchen : DD Kitchen | Artefacts : Ikea | Wallpaper : Show House

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