Oh Dough! – a small restaurant interior

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Small restaurant interior – Oh Dough! tucked away in the bylanes of Kala Ghoda, opposite Burmese food joint, Burma Burma- comes a sweet surprise,Designed by Minnie Bhatt . Oh Dough! A small little shop that is devoted to churning out an array of cookies.
The design brief was crystal clear when we started with the shop. It had to follow the lines of a vintage grace and leaving an impact on a timeless, ageless space.

Oh Dough! –  Minnie Bhatt


The “ I got baked in Bombay “ on an ivory white textured wall with a simple wooden ledge seating enhanced by the three bulb lights adds a lot to space with minimal design elements.


Starting with the major areas of the space, first, we focused on the flooring pattern. We wanted to give a feel of old classic and yet a neat and simple antique look. So, we finalized to have random
patterned tiles with a mixture of neutral colors.


The façade of the shop is a neat symmetrical and balanced composition, with the logo ‘oh dough’ at the center emphasized by a wall hanging light right on top of it. The whole façade stands out by the wooden louvered shade giving the entire façade a closure feel all together.


Moving ahead, we finished our ceiling with bison board giving it a matte and rustic effect. Also, the composition of the bison board compliments the lines and color pallet of the flooring patterns but on a rarer scale and hence the balancing out the entire space as the flooring and ceiling are more exposed in the area.


Adding to which, we have used hanging handwritten menu boards with a black matte slate finish. The support for the boards are same black rods with classic forms same as the legs of the counter.


Further, going into the details the legs of the counters are black metal supports, the form of which follows the lines of old classic times.


The table tops are made of rich white marble giving a classy and enduring impact. The base os the table is a three-leg support with nice and precise kind of articulated moldings giving a crisp clean feel of vintage English era. Complementing to the tables are the wooden metal chairs which follow the same form.

As we focus on the furniture, we have successfully followed our design language. For the counter front, we have used MDF panels with a distressed white finish in look and also it is articulated well in the border region of the board with the antique carvings and patterns.

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We decided to keep the counter back wall to be an open shelf as the client’s requirement was to display his printed tin boxes according to which also the composition of the shelving was done
considering the box’s dimensions. The veneer for the shelves was chosen to be light colored which blends in with the boxes, giving a soothing weightless effect.


T sum-up, it’s a cute, warm place where in you can go at any hour of day and experience a welcoming positive feel always!









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