House of Tipsy – Restaurant Design | Studio PM

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House of Tipsy – Restaurant Design | Studio PM

Kalaghoda boasts as a hub of culture and architecture, flanked by landmark buildings which are remnants of colonial architecture and programs that are both modern and traditional. Every building speaks of architectural brilliance and craftsmanship that seldom remain in modern construction. Thereby, we wanted the design to observe and rejuvenate its heritage. Thus, this design is a modest endeavour, to shape the space with a great sense of poise and everlasting appeal from a material palette that is facile yet elegant.

House of Tipsy-Restaurant Design, Kalaghoda is the third project that we designed for Gipsy Hospitality.

As designers, we had a clear directive for the final scheme. The space had to be eccentric, bespoke,  and intuitively vintage. Everything here is consciously curated, crafted, structured, selected and designed, to be visually engaging while being pragmatic at the same time.


Our concept was to create a youthful and dynamic experience that also provided the comfort and sense of escape from the city bustle. Keeping in mind a diverse demographic of guests, we wanted our design to have intimate environments that offered them free will to enjoy at their own pace. This notion interlinked perfectly with the client’s intention to deliver an experience which was conventional yet in some ways, experimental.


The existing building had layers of character from its past, including the thick masonry walls, steel columns and beams which we wanted to retain. The design process required vigorous planning exercises owing to existing site conditions. The non-rectilinear layout of the building governed many design decisions.

The brand identified with certain elements which we wanted to carry forward from the previous outlet. We used a rich and textured material palette of sombre colours with dominance of greys, navy blues and shades of wood stains. To contrast this and bring out liveliness, we used pastel upholsteries and freshness was infused through planters at various occasions. These greens were holistically incorporated in the furniture making them an intrinsic part of the design rather than an afterthought.

To maintain the aesthetic of the design, we wanted every element to be in harmony with each other. Hence, all furniture which were made from metal and wood and decorative signage which were finished in brass have been specially designed and fabricated. All metal works have also been tailor made; which includes the joineries for the shelves, planter-boxes, bottle racks and acrylic light boxes at the bars etc.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are embraced by an opulent bar at the lower level and a grand staircase alongside neon signage that reads “Get Tipsy” and “# Exist or live” at upper level. The two levels were designed to host various types of interaction. Both the levels feature varied seating configurations, allowing guests the freedom to choose as per their comforts. A booth sofa, along the windows, made up of dark blue wooden panelling with brown leather upholstery, offers a contemporary take on a classical design. A few steps inside unveils the pink sofa seating which creates a threshold to a more intimate space.

A granite and wood clad staircase, with art-deco inspired metal railing, unifies the two levels. The large community table with sleek bar stools, illuminated dramatically from the angular spotlights, greets you at the upper level. Enduring the inheritance, we extensively used navy blue wooden panelling, with mirrors that have aged, to make the space tell stories of the era gone by.

The use of the blackish grey terrazzo floor with white marble inserts, brass finishes, mouldings and antique mirror render sheen to the ambience. Fluted glass was introduced at different scales to add a layer of visual drama. At the entrance, a fluted glass panel hinted the chatter of the sofa booths, whereas it was used alongside as window panels to diffuse the natural light that bathes the space.


Upholding the concept of, ‘Tipsy by Nature’ we collaborated with artists to depict nature in graphical artworks for the pastel wall, as the backdrop for the pink sofa booth at the lower level. We carried a similar artwork idea for the exterior façade, which compliments the light box signage.

The spaces, through the selective use of materials, manage to invoke a sense of belonging within the users and at the same time serve as a pleasant meeting place for social interaction. Our design has created spaces that encourage conversations, whether it is between two or amongst many. Ultimately, the design allows us to express the narrative a lineage that we love.


The project: House of tipsy

The client: Gipsy Hospitality and Destinations Pvt ltd

Designing firm : Studio PM

The design team: Priyank Mehta (Principal architect), Digvi Shah, Salaath Shaikh

Contractor: Karan malaviya , Shri balaji interior

HVAC consultants: Avies Aircon India Pvt ltd

Lighting consultants: Sk Enterprise

Graphics and art team: Za Works

Landscape consultant: Vriksha nursery

Area: 2200 sq ft

Location: Kalaghoda , Mumbai

Duration of project: 3 months

Date of completion: 31st Jan, 2019

Photography : Pulkit Sehgal

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