90 Round Bronze plate In Restaurant Ceiling Creates A Sense Of Drama In The Space | Ecube Planners & Designers

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90 Round Bronze plate In Restaurant Ceiling Creates A Sense Of Drama In The Space | Ecube Planners & Designers

Mezza 9 word comes from the mezzanine floor, though the placed on the first floor. Mezza 9  is a venue space created for a family gathering, corporate events, and hangout place located on the S P ring road between Koba circle and Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad.

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The love for restaurants is to spend a lot of time with our favorite family and friends. One of the strongest points we wanted to pay attention to was the comfort, the special look, and the feeling. The entire space is divided into two areas – the hyperactive kitchen area and the lively dining area. The kitchen is a private space to prepare delicious food. The restaurant, we achieved a seating layout of a total of 100 capacity without compromising on the essential space requirements. With proper space utilization, a relaxed seating arrangement is achieved. The furnishings too, use the same neutral-toned leather fabrics adding the entire theme of the restaurant.

Our culture enjoys good food with good company while eating and drinking, it is also worth asking that we also eat fast food slowly. Considering this we have given space to those who prefer intimate corners, for the more reserved, we created a completely separate space for 16 people and affectionately called it “antisocial”. This private dining area is at the far end of the space.  Bronze finish Round Mirror in different sizes inside the wall as an art piece, wooden geometry divide screen on both sides end with yellow color, and clear glass door placed to reflect and enlarge the space from inside.

The “icing on the cake” entire dining space is inspired by references of minimalism linked to pretentious and elegant designs, Very few materials was used the Dining furniture is made of teak wood and natural veneers.  Dismantled geometry of the floor emphasized in passage area in the dining and waiting area which has been customized at the site and the rest of the floor area kept dark to highlight the circulation space. 

The restaurant is illuminated by a diverse range of lighting fixtures that have been specially crafted and prototyped to blend with its surroundings at the same time act as an element of sculpture Like hanging lights on the wall side dining table and The 90 round bronze plate segments run along the central spine of the ceiling with variations in heights creating a sense of drama in the space. These elements set the rhythm of the customer’s journey and also adds vitality to the dining space. To camouflage the exhaust and air conditioning units in the ceiling we have painted with Ceiling color.

The entrance lobby is inspired by the hanging flowers though it’s artificial, to some extent as a shading device for the west-facing facade and symbol for Mezza 9 Restaurant. The indoor facing facade is a thought of the form of Rectangular geometry and created in powder-coated steel which has been a highlight in yellow color with clear glass pieces inserted. Mezza 9 Logo has been shaped on the entrance door as a handle.

At the main entrance of the restaurant Door, we placed a vertical planter box in MS with Powder coated and wooden box inserted with a cluster of small pots plants and plants on it act as a screen. To the left and right of the entrance, we placed traditional Style colorful “Khatla” (Char-Pai)   for guests awaiting a table to relax and enjoy a welcome drink and popcorn.


Architects: Ecube Planners & Designers

Project Type: Multi cuisine Restaurant – Mezza 9

Location: Ahmedabad

Principal Designer: Avani Santoki

Area: 2400 Sq Ft

Design Team: Ankit Patel, Ajay Ganatra, Atul Wagh

Website: https://ecubepnd.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecubepnd.in/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecube.architects/

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