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Bar Design With  Bold Color Combination | ESI Design Studio – Architects and Designers 

One of the most significant components for designing a grand commercial bar is setting the overall vibe and energy of the space. The remarkable bar in Chembur, Mumbai designed by ESI Design Studio features such an ambiance through the bold combination of colors, patterns, and textures used with strong geometrical language. The visitors would love to spend a few extra hours with their martinis to experience such an electrifying experience. The layout of this taproom or lounge area was set in such a way to maximize the sitting area openly and also cater to the need of required openings for the same. All the services were placed at the back end to avoid any sort of abashment while managing the space constraints. The project has even got several playful grooves finished with different categories of material in a sophisticated manner.

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The floor plate is mainly segregated into three major spaces. The bar is the first zone open for the visitors to sit and enjoy their drinks. The entrance gives a buffer space before you arrive in the sitting zone. Full-Height ornate cabinetry at the entry bifurcates the areas and gives some storage space simultaneously. The dynamic open ceiling being an “exposed structure” or “open plenum” ceiling manages to give an industrial look to the bar. This event benefited the designer to increase the room height for getting a spacious feeling as well as deducting the overall cost of making a false ceiling. The color wine red is then used to give an outline to the entire framework at the top.

The ambient lighting is playing the vital key to set the atmosphere right and has achieved two major targets. Firstly, the warm, cozy light makes people feel more comfortable and brings them in a good mood. Secondly, such lighting conditions are used as diffuse surface-directed lighting, which can seem the ceiling to look higher with the walls being wider. On the other hand, the integrated lightnings above the table bring more intimacy and romance to space. The idea to have a graphic element on the walls fascinates each one of us and successfully justifies the theme of “rawness” for the bar. Space has a sitting of 48 people in total.

The bar uses a bright color pallet of wine red, orange, and grey. The showcased bar has L-shape which turns out to be more of an ornamental component due to its striking orange color. Using the strip lighting beneath and varied carpet floor pattern of black and white color, the counter has been highlighted brilliantly. The orange color gives a warm atmosphere going well with wine red color of the ceiling. Also, the counter top is treated with a natural Kappada stone with river polish to restore a brilliant gleam.

The central zone comprises of two high tables suspended from the ceiling surrounded by heightened chairs. This visual has a sassy touch to it and is primarily placed to break the monotony in the sitting area by providing an element of surprise to space. Other furniture such as bar stools, cabinets, and tables are used to plot the expected layout of the bar.  For the seating, the most comfortable option has been used that is the upholstered wooden chair with a nice backrest and customized fabricated metal legs with its maintained rustic look.

The third space is the casual sitting area with a very alluring set of furniture. This cohesive design is inter-dependent on these three major zones. The showcase area of the bar came out to be a cheerful corner. It has been intentionally kept light using materials like mirrors and SS Sheet reflecting the volume according to the scarcity of space. So, the glass racks serve the motive of gracefully showcasing the quantum of liquor and the depth of the bar. The upper portion for the same reason has been created with a mesh structure of MS steel with black coated pipes to maintain the required balance. Then the backdrop has again been highlighted by installing lights.

Fact File:

Firm: ESI Design Studio – Architects and Designers 

Lead Architects: Ar.Jinesh Sanghavi  ( Co- founder ) & Ar.Ektaa Chhadva (Co-founder) .

Name: HOG Taproom

Area: 1100sqft

Location: Chembur, Mumbai

Project Type: Restaurant & Lounge.

Mail: [email protected]

Photo Credits: Umang shah


Ar.Jinesh Sanghavi  & Ar.Ektaa Chhadva 

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