Terrace Restaurant With Fresh And Tropical Vibe | Intaglio Design Studio

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Terrace Restaurant With Fresh And Tropical Vibe | Intaglio Design Studio

Known for its modest and simplistic demeanor, Kanpur is a small city situated along the tranquil banks of the Ganges River. Synonymous to the ambient atmosphere of this quaint location, the recently designed project by Intaglio Design Studio, exerts a vibe that is fresh and tropical. Entitled as the Penthouse, a single glance at the frames of this all-day diner, is enough to instill a feeling of comfort and serenity in the minds of the user. Located on a terrace along a busy street in Swaroop Nagar, the design of this restaurant flamboyantly showcases the magic of minimalistic vitality.

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The perspective of the client was to commission a space that would imbibe an intimate feeling along with posing as an all-day diner ‘in vogue’. Thus, the resultant design scheme was implemented as a fine amalgamation of trendy elements, chic furnishings, and topped off with complementing interior greens. This blend is what formulates as the prime concept, perceivable through the basic verticals as well as the aesthetic elements. In the words of the Principal Architect – Ar. Chinmay Ajmani, “Choosing to portray the elegance of an all-day eatery with the use of understated yet iconic components, was the first thought that came to our minds when we started to conceptualize the stated brief. The execution of this idea in detail, aided us to achieve the exact panorama planned and also be at par with what the clients desired!”


As regards to the planning, while most of the area has been designed to entertain guests, the service areas have been placed towards the rear end. A stairway with a separate entrance, is used by the staff to provide the requisite orders through the kitchen placed on the first floor. This kitchen serves in duality, providing service to the ‘Offline Café’ located on the Ground Floor too, which is yet another executed project by the principal architect of Intaglio Design Studio. With the usage of such effective and simple planning techniques, this diner proves to be easily commutable by users and assists staff to provide an efficient service.

The inception of the space is designated with a short foyer that further leads the way to the varied seating options available. However, the glance quickly glides over the adjacent stage, specifically curated for hosting live performances. Designed with a combination of wooden textures and tropical patterns, the bling of the neon lights aid to set the tone of the ambiance, on the perfect scale. With a seating capacity for approximately 60 guests, this eatery presents its users with a plethora of furnishing styles. Fore-fronted by 5 four-seater tables on the left of the elevated stage platform, these furniture options extrude a supplementary warm grey tone, that complements the verticals of the space well. Further on, a few sofa seating options in similar shades are placed alongside a monotoned wall.

The culminating area, that quickly grasps the attention, houses booth seating crowned by an array of arches decked in a vibrant green tint. Delicately separable by chic white fabrics, these furnishings also portray a mélange of clouded tones and earthy shades like brown and ochre. The innovative hanging sofa effectively placed under twirling vines and a rustic lamp; along with the arched windows: surely render this section as a glistening bookmark, to this serene restaurant setup.

The prime component that formulates the success of this all-day diner ideology, is rooted in the styling of the roof. Drawn into a pergola, covered with acrylic sheets to prevent the entry of rain and dust, it inculcates the ultimate feeling of feasting in a cabana while soaking the vitality of Nature. Aiding to create playful shadows in the daytime and as streams of twinkling lights during dusk, this pergola is the most understated element supplementing its magic in the curation of the intrinsic aura.

Detailed to the last component, every aspect of this design exquisitely marries itself with the rest of the space, yet maintains its unique facet. The flooring for instance, although patterned throughout the entire arena, has been altered with wooden textures near the booth seating; to demarcate the intimacy that envelops this setting. Further ingenious details may be observed through the usage of ambient wall mounted lighting and the hanging climbers suspended from the ceiling. The color palette to showcases interesting variations, ranging from warm greys to pristine white, mixed evenly with wooden browns and tropical greens; thus evading the chance of monotony to creep in from every angle possible.

The Penthouse, thus, not only proves to be a sheer architectural delight but also a visual treat for the customers who enjoy delving into the milieu of quirky neon lights and comfortable décor.

Fact File:

Firm: Intaglio Design Studio

Project Name: Penthouse

Location: Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur    

Built-Up Area: 2500 sq.ft.

Typology: Hospitality

Completion Date: Feb 2020

Design Team:  Ar. Chinmay Ajmani

Photography Credits: Daniel Joseph

Text Credits: Ar. Bineeta Ghoshal

Website: https://intaglio-design-studio.my-free.website/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intagliodesignstudio/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intagliodesignstudio/

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