Rajwada- The Traditional Style Restaurant In Jabalpur | Design cloud

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Rajwada- The Traditional Style Restaurant In Jabalpur | Design cloud

A restaurant’s interior décor holds an essential part of the restaurant marketing strategy. This is how the traditional style restaurant in Jabalpur achieved a huge success in a short period. As it was situated on the fourth floor of a hotel, it was very essential for the designer to create a magnificent entry gate as it is the first thing that the visitor will notice as he/she walks through the doors.

Design by: Design cloud

Here you will observe incredible creativity and experimentation done by the designer in a limited budget. Started with the preliminary concept of serving the meal in a “big Kansa thaal”, they fixed the conventional Indian style as the main lingo for the entire restaurant.

The Royal touch to the entrance door, makes you feel as if you are about to enter “a grand darbar”. The extremely fascinating pathway in toughened glass for the restaurant lets you have a tranquil walk on the virtual little pond. Such a ravishing ambiance is worth experiencing. With the most spectacular view of the city, this restaurant was a real design challenge. As soon as you enter the dining room, you start noticing the charming pointed cinquefoil arch, made with CNC cut in wood at every door. Whereas, the white curtain of cotton allows a sufficient amount of light to penetrate through it, keeping the environment live.

The sitting arrangement makes the optimum use of the space while keeping the apt spacing for circulation. “The Exquisite Shamiyana” with elegant wooden floor separates and isolates the space from the rest of the dining. The chic wooden furniture handcrafted on-site, which maintains the exclusivity of the food court.

The hanging console with stunning carvings and the attractive golden mirror gives a divine look to the wall. The jharokha, again made in CNC cut serves as an authentic traditional style element. The wallpapers used everywhere were having extremely marvelous patterns on it. The makers have put up all the alluring elements in the space following the vernaculars of the place. For instance – the lady faced vase and the lovely hanging lights, etc.

The seating’s being another vital aspect of interior design. The floral fabric cushioning on the fixed sofa and a touch of red velvet blending well with the patterned fabric cladding. The vibrant paintings of the elephant and mandala trigger different emotions and set a lively mood. The dainty partition wall system has been enriched with similar winy cut-out patterns, complementing the overall setup. An indistinguishable balcony door has been ornamented with patterns like the ones on the partition wall, maintaining the serene rhythm.

All the adorable chandeliers and lighting elements were customized especially for the place. Whereas, we are aware that some colors stimulate the clientele’s diet and others repress it. So, the interior designer made it a point to utilize warm shades of wood, cream, orange and red which are considered potent stimulants, and so picking them was a smart choice for the restaurant. The key element of the illusion is the dispersal of light sources intelligently done to keep up with the cozy environment. Also, this place solely allows you to eat in a three feet Kansa thali.

This place also features lots of green pots of copper brass, making the interior glow with sophistication. The restaurant on several occasions changes the look depending on the time of the year. Finding this hidden gem in the city can be a little difficult but as soon as you enter this place, you know it’s worth it!


Design Firm: Design cloud

Location: Jabalpur

Area: 1450 sqft

Year: 2019

Project Type: Restaurant Interior

Principal Designer: Poonam Shrivastava

Photography: The Dark Room Photography

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Design-Cloud-545598448829675/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/designcloud7439/

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