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Decorative Restaurant Ambience | Tripleadesignlab

A restaurant with an unusual theme generally attracts customers. The idea for this food outlet has influenced the architecture and the overall ambience of the place. The restaurant is the perfect place to satiate the cravings for the delicious and royal meals. It’s a great place for casual dining on the serene and pristine land of Hyderabad. A good design can do as much for an eatery as good food, drinks and service can. The main factor kept in mind while designing the space was creating a decorative and beautiful décor without disrupting the staff’s workflow. The modern style followed is appreciated wondrously with the designed interior spaces. The spatial configuration is assumed to possess the most pleasant environment.

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Primarily, to create an alluring interior that flows together the urban modern style was set as the basic language. Before stepping into the sitting area a small foyer grasps the position for the highlighted spots in this eating house. This mainly is done by emphasizing the vertical greenery for the entrance wall. The entrance gives you a preview of the typology of space a patron is entering.

Then the black framed glass door gives a ting of impeccable characteristic to the place. The gorgeous reception would surely strike the visitor’s attention while arriving in the hotel. It has a typical, clean look concentrating on the glamorous aesthetics accompanied by lovely pendant lighting done overhead. One can observe the raw edge of the table-top to be reclaimed with the wooden strips on the ceiling, the rich interior with wood seems to be a big statement here. The variations brought up for the grades of wood is pretty unbeatable, ranging from the modern, rustic or retro look, according to space. Also, the warmth and cozy feel offered here is what anyone would like the most.

The distinct appeal through the classic color pallet of whites, yellows, wooden and black frames adds a dramatic contrast simultaneously. The warm hues picked are believed to trigger the diet and stimulate different sensations. A prominent white wall brings another level of elegance that balances the overall surroundings. The play of wooden strips for the ceiling flaunts a desirable visual.  The fascinating tile pattern is best for space, keeping the design simple, yet modern. The modern interior lightings like the ceiling lamps and pendant lights in black illuminates the area.

While ambient lighting is used for some formal spaces, accent lighting is used to focus on a particular point. While you live in a city in a small apartment that offers little in the way of “nature”, the charming hanging planters are becoming a necessity now. Here as well, it interestingly brings the outside nature in and displays indoor plants suiting the contemporary décor. It even brings soothing color in every corner.

The space design and interior design are totally in sync with each other. The available space is organized brilliantly while catering to the requirement of furniture in the most efficient way. The exclusively designed chairs and tables being the fundamental component of the place, blends well with the lingo.

Optimum utilization of seating space has been achieved which allows maximum number of visitors, without compromising the level of comfort for them. One of the most vital component of the restaurant is the service area which acts as the spine of the working body. The restroom has an easy access for the customers without roaming unnecessarily. Proper attention is paid to the smallest of the details which produces a positive customer experience.

Fact File:

Firm: Tripleadesignlab

Project Location: Hyderabad

Project Type: Restaurant Interior

Principal Architect: Ar. Arulalan

Photograph Credit: vineeth

Text Credit: Abhilasha Jha


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