Redefining Recreational Spaces with this Restaurant Design | Vybe Studio

Located in the bustling urban neighborhood of Koramangala – Bangalore, K-OS The  GameBar presents itself as a seamless culmination of brand-driven design and an engaging recreational venue and a modern restaurant design. The space is the brainchild of its four founders, a group of engineers who wanted to meld their passion for gaming and create an immersive environment to enjoy the former.

Redefining Recreational Spaces with this Restaurant Design | Vybe Studio

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The brief revolved around creating an integrated space that would allow the dart-centric game to become the protagonist, all while creating a tactile spatial scheme that brought forth geometric and futuristic nuances. The ethos for the game bar had to align with the brand’s identity which is a concoction of contemporary technology and spirited energy.

Previously fashioned as a popular Indian cuisine restaurant, the site for the gaming venue witnessed an overhaul in terms of its programmatic demands and spatial zoning. While the structural framework of the space remained intact, elements like the flooring and ceiling were gutted to reveal a bare canvas. What sets this franchise apart is its strong reliance upon inbuilt technological requirements that support the gaming interface. This feature needed to be seamed into the design narrative from the get-go, making it a hybrid of spatial and technological ideation.

The glass façade beckons one in with its lively employment of color and imagery in the signages. A dart-form signage is accompanied by a graphic figure of ‘Kolo’ the company mascot, rendered in hues of brilliant green, white, and black.

In the reception, three-dimensional mild steel triangular geometric figures line the ceiling and are finished in a warm teal hue, introducing a bold accent of colour and geometric character into the space — hinting subtly at what the end-user will witness within the premises.

The nucleus of the lower deck has been laced with 10 dart gaming lanes, each paired with a dedicated communal table for the patrons. Every lane has been demarcated with a  bespoke partition system that resembles a ‘K’ form which is representative of the brand’s identity in a bright lime green hue. To interrupt the monotony of the inclined silhouettes,  a collage of square-form lighting fixtures dots the gaming lanes. 

Binding characteristic touches of the colour green, black, blue LED illumination and the textural Kota flooring are seen across the volume of the space. A sense of visual dynamism and ingrained warmth layers the open plan in the form of the custom parametric ceiling rafter design. Each veneered rafter boasts grains in a softwood tone and layers the underside of the ceiling to adeptly conceal services while drawing the eye towards the feature. The design element also traverses the walls, creating homogeneity across the ceiling and select wall sections.

Each design intervention in the form of colour, materiality, and spatial function nods to the  overarching aim of creating a sensorial experience for end-users while tying back steadfastly to the founding brand’s vision. The success of the project boils down to exploring the childlike sense of playfulness and wonder that resides in everyone, a part of one’s persona just waiting to be urged to the forefront when accompanied by the right ambience!

Fact File

Designed By: Vybe Studio

Typology: Restaurant Interior Design

Project Name: K-OS The Gamebar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 2.5 Months

Size: 2800 sq.ft.

Principal Architect: Viraj Kumar

Text Credit: Lavanya Chopra

Photography Credits: Ravi Verma

Products and Materials: Façade Systems: Print NXT

Firm’s Website Link: Vybe Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Vybe Studio

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