A Combination Of Old Wood And Earthly Orange Creates Eco-Friendly Aesthetics | Prekshaa Design Studio

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To enjoy good food, one must be at ease with their food. The environment of our dining can improve the sense of flavors perceived in humans. Club Sulaimani, located by the Calicut beach, can capture the exact feelings with its unique and comfortable features. The entire ambience of the café is reflected in the concept of beach rust and hush of enjoying the food as well as the environment. The sandy nature of the beach side blends along with its humble homely design. The infamous logo is also propped right outside the café. The exterior of the club is A Combination Of Old Wood And Earthly Orange Creates Eco-Friendly Aesthetics and also attracts from the external view. The interior split into two floors; ground floor and mezzanine floor with a majlis area which is much more higher from the floor level of the seating spaces to access the view.

A Combination Of Old Wood And Earthly Orange Create Eco-Friendly Aesthetics | Prekshaa Design Studio

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The dining area on the mezzanine has a beautiful paneled wall which makes the area attractive. While entering through the little door, it directs us to the beautiful sea view.

The ground floor has a deck space that allows for a sea view for those who enjoy the sea breeze. It has a specialized wall to keep our view that has a rustic finished blue wall which denotes the sea and the decorative element over the wall denotes the sand.

The first floor has a mezzanine area which allows for better air circulation and makes the space seem bigger. There’s also a balcony which offers space for outer views which enhances the experience of the area and can also access the 360 degree angle view of the sea area.


The exposed wall texture and limestone flooring along with the highlighted rustic natural stone works together to create a spectacular feel of traditionalism and modernism. The colors and pattern of the furniture beautifully blend into the interior in a different combination.

The wall art in the arched niches which highlights the dining area with its hidden factors, the textured wall balanced and themed look completing the look borrowed from the sea, shades of yellow and blue along with the plain cement. Through the design it has included amounts of greenery to it. It captures the view as well as much natural light by the fixed glass over the view area.

The facade is enveloped in corrugated mud plastering and the rest of the exterior reflects similar hues with exposed cement and glass finishes. The stairs bring an attractive part through the material, used and cracked old wood which brings the fine combination to the style of design and also the exposed ceiling makes the area spacious. Its colour-theme has a hidden combination with the furniture’s opposite wall of the stairs made by exposed brick in a different pattern which makes the area plain yet attractive.

The limited detail and ornamentation in the exterior as well as interior, has been a conscious decision so that the sea, with its changing colors, remains the major focus of the design. The entire design was completed by keeping the existing tree in a defined way. The architecture and interiors has been made attentively and curated with the client’s need in mind, while simultaneously not straying away from the initial theme of Club Sulaimani.

Designed by : Prekshaa Design Studio

Project Type : Restaurant/Bar/Cafe

Project Name : Club Sulaimani Beach cafe

Location : Calicut

Year Built :2021

Duration of project : 6 months

Built up : 1100 sqft

Principal Architect : Bilal Majeed ,Naseef Usman

Photograph Courtesy : Turtle Arts

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