• Café Design that Uses Contemporary Mediterranean Ambience and Industrial Décor | Projected Rays Design

    Brew estate Mohali, a chic cafe design is an atmospheric sequence of spaces inspired by old pubs and night clubs on lower floor whereas the terrace flips into a Mediterranean sunset environment for the romantics.

    Café Design that Uses Contemporary Mediterranean Ambience and Industrial Décor | Projected Rays Design

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    The entrance to the lounge , which is on the second floor and terrace of a commercial setup is through a private lift on ground, which has been camouflaged with  an array of industrial décor arrangement using waste products but connect to the brew culture of the setup. 

    The bar counter right opposite the entrance is finished with black engraved fossil marble top, ending with the same vertical edge. The bar counter front is cladded in newspaper print sheet and the brand name is sculpted on it using thread and nail art. The red thread contrasts sensually on the black n white background of the bar the bar.

    The bar rack is a complex arrangement in metal racks in curved shape. The detailing in metal spokes and circular plates  with the amber lighting becomes a highlight on the lounge.

    The columns have been jacketed with laser glass lighting media which involves kinetics into the interiors with geometry as well as hues.

    The use of brick as a binding material on the walls combined with other materials gives a cohesive feel to the interiors and a textured background to the elements articulated in front.

    We deliberately created scaled up graffiti on the running sofas opposite the bar with faces peeping onto the lounge with a high on energy spirit thus adding to the thrill attached to the place.

    Walking further towards the front, the geometric metal screens open to the window front sitting. The furniture here is more loose and relaxed and specially designed: owl chairs” highlight the window sitting.

     The front area of the floor has a bamboo parametric ceiling which is further enhanced through the optic lights which converts into a starry night character during late hrs. The mood changes every hour to add a variable experience. A large graffiti of a girl on newspaper print anchors one end of the front section creating a focal view whereas a metal clock back lit on the opposite wall balances the space.

    The front windows have a metal screen with bottle shaped metal panels, the city life can be viewed from the openings in between this arrangement. A lot of informal quirky quotes have been illustrated on the metal bottle plates adding humor and character and same time engaging the guests.

    In the this lounge, which also functioned as a flexible extension to the sitting space, we wanted to create more of a semi private vibe where the furniture can be rearranged for one big group or to cater to many small groups. Sitting on the specially designed “ red ullu chairs “ this side along the windows under the bamboo ceiling, one gets to see the urban jungle across.

    The project marks its existence into the urban context with rustic materials such as kadappa stone floor, hand plastered surfaces, old sawcut wood and cane knitted furniture, calibrated curved forms and textures combined with bold shapes and a lively color palette, from emerald green to millennial pink with raw open grain wood members. The entrance to the terrace is from a open court encased in metal mesh screens with white pebbles .

    The play of light on this sculptured partition sets a mood right from the start setting a stage for the sequential arrangements latter.

    For this project, the columns were treated with raw wood and lighting was created through cracks . Initially we experimented with board, once the desired lighting was achieved we replicated it in the wooden surfaces with rough edges.

    The roof is a metal canopy enhancing the rustic character of the sitting area with bamboo knitted matts as ceiling treatment. Handmade basket light clusters with amber lighting are hung from the ceiling further enchanting the ambience of the place.

    The vernacular hand plastered  wall with niches and earthen pots act as a very subtle background for the complete environment.

    Grit plaster and hand plaster textures are used to embellish, decorate, separate and define spaces, and to transmit and generate different sensations during all hours of the day.

    The bar counter is placed at a corner end which majorly governs its geometry. A curved counter with a tree replica canopy occupies this triangular corner. The textured stone on walls and bamboo strips on counter front with the dramatic lighting from bamboo tokri hanging above it gives a finishing touch to the character the terrace holds.

    To hide the services we developed a landscaped wall with planters and wooden battens. Concrete sitting sofas with vibrant green cushions and hues further adds to the Mediterranean feel of the open area.

    The terrazzo finish stones on table tops along with the rustic furniture using ropes and cane in the wooden frames , the combination of pastel shades of green and peach tones makes the furniture a primary component contributing to the theme of the place.

    A cozy front cabana setup has been created for larger group  sitting, it holds and extends the same notion of the theme yet a different experience is offered to the guests.

    To sum it up human experience is the main focus of the project. Interaction with customers is dynamic and guests are at the heart of the space, becoming an integral part of the scene, whether they’re perched at the terrace, consuming fingerlicking -food while experiencing the soothing lighting on vernacular white walls , or comfortably sipping a cocktail on the designer armchairs placed on the black rustic stone floor while the urban concrete jungle stares towards you.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Projected Rays Design

    Typology: Restaurant Design

    Project Name: The Brew Estate

    Location: Mohali, Punjab

    Built: 2021

    Duration: 4.5 Months

    Size: 9000 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx: 1.5 Crore

    Principal Architect: Rohan Jain

    Photography Credits: Nakul Jain

    Products and Materials: Wallcovering: Bharat Brick Tiles | Lighting: Qulite | Doors & Partitions: Black Cobra Plywood | Sanitary ware: Jaquar | Façade Systems: Stylam Industries, Décor | Furniture: Ambience Furniture | Flooring: Simpolo Tiles | Artefacts: Armonia | Hardware: JK Hardware

    Consultants for the Project

    Acoustic Consultant: Ajay Chanyal

    Interior Styling: Amac Creato

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Projected Rays Design

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