50 Influential Restaurant Design Interior Trends 2024

The right ambience is just as important for restaurant design interior as preparing delicious food or offering world-class services. Most restaurant designs follow a theme, which could be based on food or pop culture. However, the space needs to be aesthetic and functional at the same time. For this reason, the size, shape, and number of tables play an important role in Restaurant Interior Design. Moreover, restaurants also include buffet counters and live kitchen counters for an interactive experience. At the same time, many are opting for an open kitchen, where diners get a view of the cooking process. Here is a list of the most beautiful Restaurant Interior Design trends that are transforming the spatial experience.

Bold and Sinuous Curves | LOOP Design Studio

The curve is the line of the Gods. Myfresh Café is an attempt to create a bold and sinuous space that mimics natural form unequivocally and unabashedly. It is an experimental endeavor that explores the minimal aspect of seamless forms. Architect Charles Deaton said, ‘If people do not have angles, then we should not live in boxes. The perishable grocery super-brand called for an unconventional, fluid, and adhesive design for its restaurant section.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: LOOP Design Studio

Location: Panchkula, India

Principal Architect : Suvrita Bhardwaj & Nikhil Pratap Singh

Photograph Courtesy : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Rustic and Vintage | Amoeba Design

The approach to the design was to create a space that is rustic yet classy like a vintage car, by curation of experiences through charming ambience and delectable food. Restricting the palatte to concrete,wood and metal was necessary as, wood is a centuries old material and concrete being modern,they both age gracefully.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Amoeba Design

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Pashmin shah and Satyajeet Patwardhan

Photograph Courtesy : Pulkhit Sehgal

Mid-Century European Restaurant | F+S Designs

Chocoholics and design enthusiasts can now get their fix at the same place. Zuci- Chocolates and Boulangerie is a delightful new restaurant at the upscale, Road 45 Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. We believe that every project is an invitation to embark on an unexpected and fascinating journey. A chance to tell an adventurous story full of soul; incorporating a mix of materials and influences. A story that portrays what the place has to offer and one that touches every customer.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: F+S Designs

Location: Hyderabad

Principal Architect : Shamila Meeran, Faisal Vohra

Photograph Courtesy : Ricken Desai

Infusion of Traditional Antiques | Studio 603

The client brief to emphasize traditional design which reflects a way of life and entice people from nearer places as well as a traveler with a familiar impression. The design ensued was imagined traditional interpretation of contextual influence and fusion with the contemporary character of the exterior building linguistic. The building exterior with exposed red brickwork, bold grooving pattern, bands of concrete, glass façade speaks of simplicity and modern look along with strong roots of earthen touch.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Studio 603

Location: Kadi –Nandasan Village

Principal Architect : Alap Shah, Chintan Shah,

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined studio

Restaurant By The Sea | Prekshaa Design Studio

To enjoy good food, one must be at ease with their food. The environment of our dining can improve the sense of flavors perceived in humans. Club Sulaimani, located by the Calicut beach, can capture the exact feelings with its unique and comfortable features. The entire ambience of the café is reflected in the concept of beach rust and hush of enjoying the food as well as the environment.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Prekshaa Design Studio

Location: Calicut

Principal Architect : Bilal Majeed ,Naseef Usman

Photograph Courtesy : Turtle Arts

Soaked in Natural Light | Minnie Bhatt Design

When I first visited the site with Prashant and Anuj the space was still not opened up and had a lot of fixed decor elements from the previous tenants. Once the space opened up the expansive facade facing the central courtyard of the mall flooded the premises with natural light. This inspired the idea behind the concept of creating a restaurant space that resembled a conservatory. Building on that concept we chose natural finishing materials that lent themselves to this central thought.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Minnie Bhatt Design

Principal Architect : Minnie Bhatt

Photograph Courtesy : Pulkit Sehgal

Loop Design Studio | Rural Haveli Inspiration

Baba’s restaurant design draws its inspiration from the architecture styles of rural havelis and houses of Punjab. The idea is to create an upcycled space with a traditional material pallette from around the context. The entrance alley is a longitudinal monolithic axis created using mud plaster/phuska and depicts the bazaar streetscape using different volumes, elements and layers. Masons and artisans were brought in from the neighbouring villages to create the phuska mixture and apply it on the walls/surfaces.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Loop Design Studio

Location: Chandigarh, India

Principal Architect : Suvrita Bhardwaj, Nikhil Pratap Singh

Photograph Courtesy : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Mediterranean and Romantic | Projected Rays Design

Brew estate Mohali, a chic cafe design is an atmospheric sequence of spaces inspired by old pubs and night clubs on lower floor whereas the terrace flips into a Mediterranean sunset environment for the romantics.The entrance to the lounge , which is on the second floor and terrace of a commercial setup is through a private lift on ground, which has been camouflaged with  an array of industrial décor arrangement using waste products but connect to the brew culture of the setup. 

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Projected Rays Design

Location: Mohali, Punjab

Principal Architect : Rohan Jain

Photograph Courtesy : Nakul Jain

Vernacular and Earthy | The Grid Architects

The evocatively named Mitti Ke Rang is a restaurant in Ahmedabad that facilitates the basic human need of socializing in an ambience that respects the earth. With the use of local organic materials — especially clay — local craft and labor, the project is an attempt on the architects’ part to acknowledge the consumerism of today’s world, and in a small way, contribute to minimizing the waste generated by prevalent urban attitudes and lifestyles.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: The Grid Architects

Location: Ahmedabad

Principal Architect : Snehal Suthar and Bhadri suthar

Photograph Courtesy : Photographix India

From Afghan To Awadh | Komal Sachdev Designer+Planner & INC Design Studio

Since this branch of The Frontier Post is located in a commercial complex that caters primarily to a working professional crowd, the design was created to reflect a unique blend of Afghani and Awadhi sensibilities with an overarching contemporary essence. A balance was carefully brought about between traditionalism and modernity – both intricately woven carpets and sleek black lighting exist in harmony with each other in this space.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Komal Sachdev Designer+Planner & INC Design Studio

Location: Navi Mumbai

Principal Architect : Komal Sachdev & Neha Changwani

Photograph Courtesy : phxindia

Glamorous and Inviting Atmosphere | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

The brief was simply laid out before us. They wanted a fine-dining space that would not come out looking rather overwhelmingly expensive. It should be inviting, glamorous yet sensible. Another very important criteria we had to keep in our minds while designing was to comprehensively make the restaurant look distinctive in a way such that its character was not lost in the pool of many other restaurants in its surrounding.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Location: Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Principal Architect : Ar. Poulomi, Ar. Jatin

Photograph Courtesy : Satish Kumar

Indo-Continental Eclecticism |  A Square Design

This project was bagged through positive word of mouth publicity. The project had a precise brief: to design an all day dining restaurant, which would have an eclectic mix of Indian, Asian and Continental food, amidst Kolkata’s buzzing IT Hub that could double up as a lounge over the weekends too. The ambience was to be smart, stylish and luxe while a specific directive to avoid the ‘industrial look’.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by:  A Square Design

Location: Kolkata

Principal Architect : Ajay Arya

Photograph Courtesy : PHX India. Sebastian + Ira

Extravagant Roman Pub | Maze Concept

The site was an existing restaurant at the heart of the city which the client wanted to renovate, to match the growing energy and the demand of the Bangalore crowd.  The restaurant had a prominent arched colonnade and vaulted roof with the ceiling height of 20 feet. The focus of the design was to add more warmth and increase the existing fine dine seating to an upscale pub for a larger and eccentric crowd.

Restaurant Interior Design

Fact File

Designed by: Maze Concept

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architect : Koushik Ramesh, Priyanka MC, Nikhil Shetty

Photograph Courtesy : Shamanth Patil

Reminiscence of Old Charm | Design Warehouse

The Blue Channel is a fine dining restaurant that has been entertaining the great and the good, for more than 25 years. Housed in Hotel Sapphire, Haryana, it covers an area of 1300 Sq.ft. This restaurant is redesigned for a fine dining experience that elevates the mood and compliments the multicuisine. We designed the interiors and brand keeping in mind the central theme of balance and visual harmony yet a reminiscing the old charm.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Design Warehouse

Location: Yamunanagar, Haryana

Principal Architect : Vanya Aggarwal

Photograph Courtesy : PerspectivesbyV

Turquoise and Neutral Tones | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

The brief was to develop a calming design language that would steer away from the conventional approach of designing a live barbeque restaurant and opens up a dialogue between the guests and the surrounding around. Rather than going for creating pockets, the design intent was to open up the plan spatially and eventually reduce the possible chaos that happens during rush hours of any live bar-be-cue restaurant.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect : Ar. Poulomi Dhar & Jatin Gupta

Photograph Courtesy : Studio NAC

Lush Green Brutalism | Loop Design Studio

The intent behind creating the Playground was to break the conventionality of the brutalist architecture of Chandigarh. The inside/outside concept was quashed and the restaurant has been treated as a single envelope that flows from one end to another.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Loop Design Studio

Location: Chandigarh, India

Principal Architect :  Ar. Suvrita Bhardaj, Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh

Photograph Courtesy : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Floating Lamp Ceiling | Ecube Planners & Designers

Mezza 9 word comes from the mezzanine floor, though the placed on the first floor. Mezza 9  is a venue space created for a family gathering, corporate events, and hangout place located on the S P ring road between Koba circle and Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Ecube Planners & Designers

Location: Ahmedabad

Principal Architect : Avani Santoki

Tropical Flamboyant Minimalism | Intaglio Design Studio

Known for its modest and simplistic demeanor, Kanpur is a small city situated along the tranquil banks of the Ganges River. Synonymous to the ambient atmosphere of this quaint location, the recently designed project by Intaglio Design Studio, exerts a vibe that is fresh and tropical. Entitled as the Penthouse, a single glance at the frames of this all-day diner, is enough to instill a feeling of comfort and serenity in the minds of the user. Located on a terrace along a busy street in Swaroop Nagar, the design of this restaurant flamboyantly showcases the magic of minimalistic vitality.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Intaglio Design Studio

Location: Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur 

Principal Architect : Ar. Chinmay Ajmani

Photograph Courtesy : Daniel Joseph

Hospitable Gujarati Touch |  P square Designs

Atithi restaurant is located in the most developed area of Ahmedabad for the last twenty years. “AtithiDevoBhava“, a well-known Sanskrit phrase is rooted in Indian traditions and rituals. It infers that the Guest is like God and should be treated with utmost honor and love.  Gujarati folks are also recognized for their generosity and warm hospitality.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by:  P square Designs

Location: Nikol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Designer : Maulik Bhadani

Photograph Courtesy : Avanti Tohare

Quirky Yet Classy | Minnie Bhatt Designs

When the client approached me for the project what excited me was the would mean creating a quirky yet classy ambiance with exciting possibilities.The restaurant was previously being done by another designer and when I got on board I had the entire layout and floor tiles changed to work towards what I had conceptualized for space.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Minnie Bhatt Designs

Location: Runwal Greens, Mulund West

Principal Architect : Minnie Bhatt

Photograph Courtesy : Prashant Bhat

Indian Accent in Wood | YBS Design

On entering Indian Accent, guests are greeted in a warm and atmospheric restaurant. Which provides a glimpse into the main restaurant area through opulently round sofa cage. The space is adorned with wooden flooring and beige color textured wall.

Fact File

Designed by: YBS Design

Location: Agra – India

Photograph Courtesy : Puru Vaishnav Photographic

Ochre and Teal Accent | Studio HC

In a world that thrives on hectic routines and fast paced lifestyles, a Satvik restaurant, Element 3 stands as an oasis of tranquillity and nourishment. Drawing inspiration from ancient Indian philosophies, the design concept is rooted in simplicity, purity and balance. Element 3 aims to provide not just a gastronomic experience but a holistic journey that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio HC

Location: Krishna temple road , Indiranagar, Bangalore

Principal Architect : Ar.Hemanth Chander

Photograph Courtesy : Mr.CreativeStories

Wabi-Sabi Restaurant Style | Studio Of Architecture

A multi-cuisine restaurant, this dining experience takes one to a different level. “The Masala County”, a grand restaurant with unique interior style which relates to the Wabi-Sabi philosophy. For the entrance zone that is the esteem of the restaurant, we designed the grand entry with wooden lattice. As it enhances the beauty and ambiance which shows the richness of the place. We then designed the Giant central zone which the combines all three zones. To cover this space, we used canvas drape ceiling and customized fiber lamps to give it a one-piece look and the royalness of the place.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Of Architecture

Location: Agora Mall, Ahmedabad

Principal Architect : Ar. Vijay Shamani

Photograph Courtesy : Dimi Shamani

A Trip To Morocco | Yellow Architects

A restaurant that is completely engulfed in the realm of arches, designed by Yellow Architects is a business haven in the city of Nizams. The warm tones of the Moroccan blue entryway and natural wood shade welcome the city’s BBQ enthusiasts in their own distinct style. The property is amid one of Hyderabad’s busiest neighborhoods, noted for its high footfall. The key aim is to pique guests’ interest right at the entrance lobby, which was accomplished by using an incredible patterned ceiling, while the walls were already swamped with promotional branding. 

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Yellow Architects

Location: Kondapur, Hyderabad

Principal Architect : Ar. Vamshi Krishna Cherupally

Photograph Courtesy : Volumes.

Circular and Geometries Patterns | aplus design

Taking the Oriental as a design challenge through a new, innovative concept and unique space. The project idea was comprehensible by the client of bringing the core of East Asian societies with different cultures, styles, religions and shaping it into designs that can produce friendly space, proportion and generate emotions among visitors.

Fact File

Designed by: aplus design

Location: Mumbai, India

Principal Designers: Ravi Gajjar

Photograph Courtesy : Prashant bhatt

Victorian Themed Bar | ZAD Studio

Our client reached out to us with the concept of creating a bar in the heart of the city of Jaipur. She was very specific about making it into a sophisticated and plush lounge. Just returning back from London, highly inspired by the bars and homes of Victorian style, she wanted to make a similar space in Jaipur. Being the first of this kind it should stand out and give the guests a vibe of luxury and richness of the bygone era in this Victorian themed bar.

Fact File

Designed by: ZAD Studio

Location: Jaipur

Principal Architect : Ar. Zaka Sanjari

Photograph Courtesy : Studio BluOra

Not So Stereotypical Punjabi | Amogh Archidesign

Kake di Hatti is an authentic Punjabi fine-dine restaurant. Being first outlet as fine –dine and holding legacy of decades, for us it was like painting blank canvas with its rich history. Word “Punjabi” instantly reminds us of dhaba style or a flamboyance visuals. But we decided to defy stereotype image of Punjabi fine-dine. Instead we chose to have an approach which is more intangible and make space speak for itself.

Restaurant Design Interior

Fact File

Designed by: Amogh Archidesign

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined Studio

Bohemian and Contemporary Style |  HTID

It is my passion to constantly pursue a fresh inspiration. I continually search for the most compelling design styles and highest quality of materials available. With an accomplished eye and an informal approach to the design process, we collaborate with my clients to create spaces that are truly personal. The thoughtful and well-crafted design makes a space easier to understand and experiencing such a space lifts the spirit, too. It is, therefore, not just about the aesthetic; it is a practical and philosophical discipline.  

Restaurant Interior Design

Fact File

Designed by:  HTID

Location:  Malad, Mumbai

Principal Architect : Hiren Tank

Photograph Courtesy : Robi Mehra

Biophilic and Cosy | Amogh Designs

The House of Makeba is an alluring restaurant in ahmedabad with a resplendent milieu spread across 4500-5000 sq.ft. Designed by Amogh Designs, it is a compendium of four floors, all of them offering a different ambience satisfying different nerves in you. The entire property has been painted in green and blue colour palette with neutral greys and hand painted wall art.

Fact File

Designed by: Amogh Designs

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect : Pankti shah & Shalvi shah

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined studio

Neutral Pop of Patterns | Saajan Architects

As one approaches the restaurant, the patterned tiles cladded on the walls gives a pop of patterns in the overall neutral colour scheme adopted for the entire restaurant. The central wooden ceiling houses a custom made circular glass Light fixture that sheds ambient light in the foyer area.

Fact File

Designed by: Saajan Architects

Location: Berhampur, Odisha

Principal Architect : Ar. Saajan Varanasi

60s Industrial Restaurant | Swarup Dutta

The project brief for OCTA was to do a complete turnaround of the space from its last incarnation, which was of a night club. In keeping with the times, the space has been made as something which is upbeat and happy. Industrial accents have been mixed with accents of 60’s geometric vibe inspired by Verner Panton’s work. An overarching grey colour palette have been offset with a splash of yellow. The usage of colour is very restrained. 

Fact File

Designed by: Swarup Dutta

Location: Kolkata 

Principal Architect : Swarup Dutta 

Photograph Courtesy : Srimally Maitra

Levitating Cylinder Volumes | ODDO Architects

The capital of Vietnam – Hanoi is a fast-growing city in all aspects typical for the dynamic Southeast Asian region. With increasing urbanization and population, currently approximately 8 million people in Hanoi, the number of high-rise buildings in the city will certainly be significantly growing. The location of the newly designed restaurant is a high-density area of high-rise buildings with offices and residential dwellings along with a large number of major roads connecting the neighboring cities.

Fact File

Designed by: ODDO Architects

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Principal Architect : Nguyen Duc Trung

Photograph Courtesy : Hoang Le Photography

Italian Fine-Dine Restaurant | Talking Spaces

Pasta Street is an all-day dine-in Italian Restaurant. And this particular one located in Whitefield is the fourth addition to this chain of restaurants. We were commissioned to design a 3,900 sft specialty Italian restaurant, and the concept was to create an Interplay of material, pattern, colour, texture, which would be reflective of the mood of the Italian style as is the case in the earlier designed ones by us as well.

Fact File

Designed by: Talking Spaces

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Principal Architect : Shruti Bihani

Photograph Courtesy : Shine Parsan

Bold Ambient Language | ESI Design Studio

One of the most significant components for designing a grand commercial bar is setting the overall vibe and energy of the space. The remarkable bar in Chembur, Mumbai designed by ESI Design Studio features such an ambiance through the bold combination of colors, patterns, and textures used with strong geometrical language. The visitors would love to spend a few extra hours with their martinis to experience such an electrifying experience. 

Fact File

Designed by: ESI Design Studio

Location: Chembur, Mumbai

Principal Architect : Ar.Jinesh Sanghavi & Ar.Ektaa Chhadva

Photograph Courtesy :  Umang shah

Essence of Southern Peninsula | Loop Design Studio

The space is characterized by bands and layers of different hues and textures that bind the entire space in a singular composition. Shree Rathnam bridges South Indian architectural vibrancy and elegant austerity of modernist interior. The warm color tones and hues are reminiscent of the different shades of natural landscape in the Southern part of Indian peninsula.

Fact File

Designed by: Loop Design Studio

Location:  Sector 9, Panchkula

Principal Architect : Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh & Ar. Suvrita Bhardwaj

Photograph Courtesy : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Light Tones and Pure Lines | Studio Será

The concept behind the design for Under the Mango tree restaurant Designed With by simplicity and contrast. Simple, orderly and defined by light tones and pure lines. The original restaurant was a single floor, open air casual café. The architecture of the place was already reminiscent of traditional design with vaulted ceilings. We decided to push this further by paying homage to the hotel’s rich colonial history by the addition of faceted columns which introduce a layer of classical architecture into the otherwise modern space.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Será

Location: Bhopal – India

Geometric and Futuristic Nuances | Vybe Studio

Located in the bustling urban neighborhood of Koramangala – Bangalore, K-OS The  GameBar presents itself as a seamless culmination of brand-driven design and an engaging recreational venue and a modern restaurant design. The space is the brainchild of its four founders, a group of engineers who wanted to meld their passion for gaming and create an immersive environment to enjoy the former.

Fact File

Designed by: Vybe Studio

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Principal Architect : Viraj Kumar

Photograph Courtesy : Ravi Verma

Natural Earthy Finish | The Blue Leaves Design Group

From Designers Diary: Our firm, The Blue Leaves Design Group, won the competition to design the new cafeteria for SAP. SAP is the world’s largest business software provider. It needed a new cafe for its employees at their ground floor facility at Vatika Towers, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. The cafe serves 800 people in a session with a seating capacity of 200 pax at one time. The project was managed by Cushman & Wakefield (C&W).

Fact File

Designed by: The Blue Leaves Design Group

Location: Gurgaon

Tropical Vivid Sophistication | Vivid Decor

This restaurant flourishes in the capital of Gujarat, this restaurant’s interior design has an uncluttered and natural ambiance where customers can relax and enjoy the delicious food. A 750 sq.ft. space designed by Vivid Decor is a sophistication subtle reflection of both tropical and sophistication. To create a great atmosphere, our modern restaurant design incorporates striking architectural elements and a delicate combination of high-quality materials.

Fact File

Designed by: Vivid Decor

Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Vidhi Soni Teraiya

Photograph Courtesy :  Pratikruti09

Bursts of Foliage | Grahaam Studio

The concept of kindness begins within and is derived from the journey of transitioning from a past of unhealthy living to a present of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. This cafe is designed with organic architecture principles, incorporating elements of feminist design. It features an earthy and rugged aesthetic, contrasted by a modern strip. The unique concept of the space is centered around two rocks, with a long rectangular area sculpted between them to create a modern eatery space.

Fact File

Designed by: Grahaam Studio

Location: Bandra (W), Mumbai

Principal Architect : Ar. Krittika Jain

Photograph Courtesy : Kashvi Gidwani

Classic Contemporary Fusion | FOAID

Jalpaan is a restaurant that has been designed to raise the bar for authentic Indian cuisine eateries. The concept was to convey with the interior, the fresh and traditional essence that the menu was going to offer. We have reflected our ideas in the spaces through spatial planning, light and materials. The space creates moods for every occasion which is achieved through ambient lighting and the color schemes adopted.

Fact File

Designed by: FOAID

Location: Saligramam, Chennai

Modern, Rustic or Retro | Tripleadesignlab

A restaurant with an unusual theme generally attracts customers. The idea for this food outlet has influenced the architecture and the overall ambience of the place. The restaurant is the perfect place to satiate the cravings for the delicious and royal meals. It’s a great place for casual dining on the serene and pristine land of Hyderabad. A good design can do as much for an eatery as good food, drinks and service can. 

Fact File

Designed by: Tripleadesignlab

Location: Hyderabad

Principal Architect : Ar. Arulalan

Photograph Courtesy :  vineeth

Exotic Arabian Experience | Artystry Interior Design Studio

Our client wanted to create a timeless, elegant and exotic experience for their customers. We chose to use interior decoration and décor products that are an imaginative blend of Arabic and contemporary embellishing style Restaurant Interiors.

Fact File

Designed by: Artystry Interior Design Studio

Location: Calicut, Kerala

Principal Architect : Nahal Ahamed and Anas Mohammed

Photograph Courtesy : Pressy Xpressions

Authentic Southern Culture | Arghusk

Sambharsa is a small south-Indian paradise in the north of India in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a restaurant serving authentic delicacies. Here every aspect of the decor is Authentically inclined to the culture & craft of the South. We kept the theme bright with vibrant motifs & textures inspired by South-Indian art & South Indian homes. We took inspiration from our trip to South India, which eventually helped us understand their architecture precisely.

Fact File

Designed by: Arghusk

Location: Jaipur

Principal Designer: Manali Jamad & Kushagra

Photograph Courtesy :

Evergreen and Rustic | Studio PM

Kalaghoda boasts as a hub of culture and architecture, flanked by landmark buildings which are remnants of colonial architecture and programs that are both modern and traditional. Every building speaks of architectural brilliance and craftsmanship that seldom remain in modern construction. Thereby, we wanted the design to observe and rejuvenate its heritage. Thus, this design is a modest endeavour, to shape the space with a great sense of poise and everlasting appeal from a material palette that is facile yet elegant.

Fact File

Designed by:  Studio PM

Location: Kalaghoda , Mumbai

Principal Architect :  Priyank Mehta 

Photograph Courtesy : Pulkit Sehgal

Stepping into a Grand Durbar | Design cloud

A restaurant’s interior décor holds an essential part of the restaurant marketing strategy. This is how the traditional style restaurant in Jabalpur achieved a huge success in a short period. As it was situated on the fourth floor of a hotel, it was very essential for the designer to create a magnificent entry gate as it is the first thing that the visitor will notice as he/she walks through the doors.

Fact File

Designed by: Design cloud

Location: Jabalpur

Principal Designer: Poonam Shrivastava

Photograph Courtesy : The Dark Room Photography

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15 Types of Wardrobe That Adds Extra Space In The House

A wardrobe is not just a piece of furniture constructed in the house. There are types of wardrobe one builds in the house according to their needs and requirements. Choosing the right type of wardrobe can be a critical task at times. While designing the house, one always thinks about the kind of storage space […]

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Furniture for Small Spaces: 15 Ways to Decorate Compact Homes

Compact homes and furniture for small spaces have become today’s trends in designing a home. However, affordability is not the only reason for choosing a compact house with furniture for small spaces. They are also easy to maintain and reflect simplicity in daily life. For furniture for small spaces, their ideas and designs are more […]

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