Restaurant Resembling A Conservatory | Minnie Bhatt Design

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Restaurant Resembling A Conservatory | Minnie Bhatt Design

When I first visited the site with Prashant and Anuj the space was still not opened up and had a lot of fixed decor elements from the previous tenants. Once the space opened up the expansive facade facing the central courtyard of the mall flooded the premises with natural light. This inspired the idea behind the concept of creating a restaurant space that resembled a conservatory. Building on that concept we chose natural finishing materials that lent themselves to this central thought.

The indoor facing facade is an abstraction of the form of a tree form and created in powder coated stainless steel and beveled glass pieces.At the entrance behind the hostess desk we placed a console table made of poured cement concrete and wood with a cluster of small pots plants and plants on it.To the left of the entrance we placed two tall back cane easy chairs for guests awaiting a table to relax and enjoy a drink.

The entire bar , artisanal chaat counter and live tandoor kitchen were designed to resemble a large monolithic block of stone cut into 3 to create the 3 counters with angular sides in stone finish, achieved after a lot of sampling.

The bar back display rack and the rack behind the chaat counter is created with raw metal sheets left to their natural finish.The live kitchen is enclosed with fire retardant glass panels and gives a view of the faceted copper finished good inside.

We created a metal and tarnished mirror divide screen and placed it behind the bar seating to reflect and enlarge the space.The bar table in the middle is created with a natural wood log too and metal bases.

The highlight of the restaurant design is the Venetian terrazzo floor which was cast on site with natural marble and stone pieces set into situ. This visually enhances the look of the entire restaurant with its natural and rustic greenhouse charm.

The wall to the right is clad with cast cement concrete panels and a wooden shelf on top with plants, books and gardening tools.

The furniture is made of teak wood and natural veneers. The upholstery is in linen fabric of many colours like mustard yellow, rust and green.Along the courtyard side facade we placed a long running couch lending a visual expansiveness to the space.

To camouflage the exhaust and air conditioning ducts in the ceiling above we created a grid made with vertical wooden slats and suspended it below the ducts.

All the light fittings have been custom created for the restaurant .

The private dining area is at the far end of the space. We had a large botanical print custom created on wallpaper for this area .

We filled up the space with natural plants to complete the visual of a restaurant set within a conservatory.

1.venetian terrazzo flooring in epoxy resin

2.pre-cast cement concrete slabs for wall cladding

3.repurposed wood for suspended ceiling grid

4.precast terrazzo slabs for bar,chaat and kitchen counters

5.persian walnut veneer for table tops

6.white Indian marble and brass strip edge for table tops

7.natural log wood for bar table

8.vintage tarnished mirror

9.custom printed wallpaper


Design Firm: Minnie Bhatt Designs

Project Type : Restaurant Design

Photo credits: Pulkit Sehgal

Minnie Bhatt Designs

​With 23 glorious years in the world of design experience, even today,​each day is just as exciting for Minnie, who challenges herself to create and evolve with every new project.​

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