Restaurant Interior Reflecting Mood Of The Italian Style | Talking Spaces

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Restaurant Interior Reflecting Mood Of The Italian Style | Talking Spaces

Pasta Street is an all-day dine-in Italian Restaurant. And this particular one located in Whitefield is the fourth addition to this chain of restaurants. We were commissioned to design a 3,900 sft specialty Italian restaurant, and the concept was to create an Interplay of material, pattern, colour, texture, which would be reflective of the mood of the Italian style as is the case in the earlier designed ones by us as well.

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The restaurant welcomes you with a well-lit reception/cash counter with lots of Italy related graphics to set the theme right on cue. The word ‘GRAZIE’ craftily curated with light bulbs acts as a ‘thank you’ gesture when one enters as well as leaves the restaurant. We then head to the bar which is enveloped by a rustic monochromatic Grey finish on the floor, walls, and ceiling, merging into a grid of rectangular and square compositions punctured at intervals creating an interesting back-lit medley which juxtaposes the homogeneous environment.


In the central bay of the guest seating are the ceiling was prompted by an approach where we choose to accentuate rather than conceal its features. We inserted a series of repetitive wooden beadings forming a warm textural grid in itself and creating a pattern of arrangement for the pendant lights.

Moving towards the main feature wall of a restaurant, we designed the wall as the backdrop to a cozy pocket of fixed seating in an Italian fine-dine restaurant. A monochromatic, rustic background tone with beadings, accentuated by a splash and pop of colour through various elements like mirrors, graphics, and bold coloured niches housing interesting ingredients straight from the Italian Kitchen in what we call as Pasta Jars.

The graphics too highlight various spectacular places from Italy. This area is further glorified with a distinctive ceiling feature that we introduced with a network of U-shaped brass polished members adorning the ceiling right above the fixed seating bay. These members were integrated with an LED light reflecting another network within themselves on the subtle ceiling backdrop.

The restaurant faces a 20ft long outdoor area, highlighted with stone Grey square pockets created carefully by arranging and breaking through MS rafters.Black and white printed tiles on the flooring, easy on the eye metal furniture and a composite material ceiling come together to create and a casual and comfortable outdoor seating space in the restaurant. This can be cordoned off as a group seating or a large gathering set-up as is the case many times for the corporate crowd with several team outing opportunities.  

The Natural light coming into the restaurant gives it the ability to transform from a light-filled and casual eatery during a day to a potent, intimate experience in the night for the diners.


Designer : Talking Spaces

Area: 3,900 sq.ft

Seating capacity: 124

Status: Completed, 2019

Category: Hospitality – Restaurant Interior Design

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

PhotographyShine Parsan

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