A Restaurant Interior with Essence of Rajasthan | Minnie Bhatt Designs

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A Restaurant Interior with Essence of Rajasthan | Minnie Bhatt Designs

When the client approached me for the project what excited me was the name..it would mean creating a quirky yet classy ambiance with exciting possibilities.

Designer: Minnie Bhatt Designs

The restaurant was previously being done by another designer and when I got on board I had the entire layout and floor tiles changed to work towards what I had conceptualized for space.

The flooring tiles we selected drawing inspiration from black and white marble used on old palace floors. The idea was to create a concept that translates old palace walls decor into its contemporary version. This thought runs through the design of the space right from the facade to the wall art and the quirky portraits of kings and queens.

We worked in sync with brand designer Arti Agarwal to create the wall graphics which are hand-drawn and the graphics for the facade sticker. while the facade is vibrant and colorful the wall art is done in black lines only as we wanted to integrate vintage artifacts into it, like souvenirs from a royal hunting expedition, swords and shields, and Vintage wine jars.

We had artist Arnalay Chinchpure paints quirky portraits of a king with headphones and a queen taking a selfie in vibrant colors. On the wall towards the kitchen, we used wallpaper in a shade of blue inspired by the palaces in Rajasthan and put up vintage photos of kings and queens on it.

We custom created metal chandeliers with plaster of Paris rosettes. The bar front is in emerald green and the display of alcohol bottles is against a panel of the mirror. To highlight the bar area we sourced colorful pendant lights from Chor bazaar and hung them over the bar.


Floor: ceramic tiles

Walls: textured cement plaster and paint

Ceiling: exposed ceiling

Display & Artefacts- sourced from chor bazaar

Furniture: custom created as per design in teak wood


Fact File

Firm: Minnie Bhatt Designs

Project: Bindaas Begum Rockin’ Raja

Client: Mr. Jeetendra Sonar and Mr. Prasad Gupte

Location: Runwal Greens, Mulund West

Area:2,600 sqft

Chief  Architect: Minnie Bhatt

Design team: Anchal Agarwal

photo credit: Prashant Bhat

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