Jalpaan Restaurant Interiors is Adaption of “Indian Modern”style | FOAID

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Jalpaan Restaurant Interiors is Adaption of “Indian Modern”style | FOAID

Jalpaan is a restaurant that has been designed to raise the bar for authentic Indian cuisine eateries. The concept was to convey with the interior, the fresh and traditional essence that the menu was going to offer. We have reflected our ideas in the spaces through spatial planning, light and materials. The space creates moods for every occasion which is achieved through ambient lighting and the color schemes adopted.


Concrete as a surface is usually applied in spaces to bring out a raw appeal, Wood as a material works well with simple and straight craftsmanship and Saffron as a color symbolizes Indian culture and traditions. We at FOAID, have combined the three elements to give the onlooker a complete package of what we call as “Indian Modern”.



A style that has been innovated for this project. For the final touches, Ecclectism, a fusion of contemporary styles with classical accessories is used to embellish our version of Jalpaan. The experience of the user and his/ her engagement with the space is both physical and meta-physical. Extensive use of saffron and shades of the same inculcates a cultural diaspora which gives “the Indian eater” the feeling of eating at ‘home’.

Location: Saligramam, Chennai

Site area:5500sq. ft

The image of the restaurant is captured by micro concrete panels fixed on the north eastern side which is very visible from the Saligramam road. The front façade boasts of a brushed steel staircase which juts out from the elevation of the building. The staircase is connected to the lobby in the first level.


The wooden panels on the front façade fixed below the ACP gives a contemporary feel to the building. On the ground floor, as you enter the reception, it features a vibrant background with a brass table, where glass is used to provide transparency to the viewer.

The chaat area is highlighted with its open space with outdoor seating. This semi open space gives the user an experience of popping a pani puri in the original manner, where each one has been handmade to please their taste buds. The rest of the three storied structure houses the restaurant on the first floor and the banquet hall on the second floor.


The restaurant is illuminated by a varied range of lighting fixtures that have been specially curated and prototyped to blend with its surroundings at the same time act as an element of sculpture. The 528 cylindrical segments run along the central spine of the ceiling with variations in heights creating a sense of drama in the space.



The concrete mocktail table that has been spliced at angles, illuminated with strip lighting, finished with a wooden band running at the base giving you an effect of a floating counter. The PDR (Private Dining Room) houses 10 people at a time which also has the micro concrete panels arranged geometrically to achieve a pattern.

These panels also have slits which allow light to filter through space not hindering the privacy factor.

The drop lights in the Banquet Hall wrapped around the column made of wood highlighting the column. The crystal chandeliers designed in a set of three gives an ambience of luxury. The hexagonal pattern screens fabricated in metal are fixed behind the stage to give a semi-transparent backdrop for the user to allow customization for any given occasion.

The design of the banquet hall is finished with a sleek look incorporating wall panels with Indian classical dance movements sticking to the rhythm of the concept. It can host 100 people at a time with flexibility in furniture. A freestanding ‘jhulla’ (swing) is fixed from the top of the ceiling located at the entrance induces the “Indian Modern” also acts as the backdrop for taking a selfie.

FOAID Design Studio has pushed the ideas of restaurant interiors to a more experiential level. We take pride in Jalpaan because it’s a place where the user experience has been the prima facia for our design concept.


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