A Modern Design Residence that Perfectly Aligns with the Philosophy of Contemporary Living | The Space Story Architects & Designers

The ideology behind designing this modern design bungalow was to offer clients contemporary living wrapped in warm textured minimalist interiors. 5 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, dining, mandir along  with a gathering hall which should not be connected to their main home were basic requirements received from the clients. Based on the requirements the designing was completed[Read More]

A Home of Modernity, Minimalism, and Layers of Old-World Charm | Projects by PS

Premised on a brief to imbue modernity, minimalism, and layers of old-world charm, this dwelling is delicately bundled up with modern as well as traditional elements. The concept revolves around the idea of giving life to memories of being in Santorini, admiring the sunset from their luxurious hotel room, and cherishing all the good times[Read More]

Hint of Modern Maximalism In Line with Minimal Design Aesthetics | R Interior Design Studio

For this minimal Design centrally air conditioned penthouse,the challenge was to make it a warm and a welcoming home and also give it a chique and a distinguished look. Hint of Modern Maximalism In Line with Minimal Design Aesthetics | R Interior Design Studio Visit: R Interior Design Studio The client required a hefty at[Read More]

Apartment Design That feels Modern With Touch of Antiqueness | Mirai Architects

The underlying concept of the apartment design was to create an aesthetic living space that feels modern with a slender touch of antiqueness. The dominant theme is nature, its scenic beauty exuding simplicity yet classic. To make it a nature-friendly space, solid wood and veneers were used for wood finishes. Green is the dominant color[Read More]

Moody, Luxury and Elegance is what Adorns this Jewelry Retail Design Palette | Verve Atelier

Keeping the lighter tone for binding all the components into an opulent bunch while keeping the darker tone for showcasing their jewelry with retail design magnificently paneled mirrors, creates an impression of enormous outspread space.  Moody, Luxury and Elegance is what Adorns this Jewelry Retail Design Palette | Verve Atelier Visit: Verve Atelier This space[Read More]

Display of Luxury Extravagance with Neo Classical Design Style| Furdo

This Around the Mangoes Villa Interior Design is definitely the pinnacle of effortless sophistication. Furdo has crafted these fine neo classical design luxurious villa, well optimized and have managed to achieve symmetry in the Neo classic design. Display of Luxury Extravagance with Neo Classical Design Style | Furdo Visit: Furdo We have artfully incorporated the[Read More]

Reviving Classic Arabic Design with a Modern Design Approach | Hashu Associates

When one reads the word Arabic house the thought that comes into mind is a modern design mansion with Arabic classical elements in design we have successfully developed the luxuries spaces for Mr and Mrs Ahmed and his family. Hashu Associates is committed to the highest standards of design. On each project, we coordinate the[Read More]

Organic Curves and Disciplined Geometry makes for this Mid Century Modern Home | TRE Design Studio

Clean lines and uncluttered monochromatic concepts immediately came to mind. I wanted to create a mid century modern home soothing and inviting space by keeping simple forms, timeless mouldings and neutral colour. Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand, for example by creating bay windows in all three bedrooms not only allowed additional light to[Read More]

Modern Design Apartment with Few Glimpses from the Past : Ism architects

The interiors of this residential flat in thane is a combined expression of owners associations with little things from his early life, his current and aspirant lifestyle as well as few glimpses from the past he wants to recreate in his house. Ironically, some inhibitions from his previous house that it was too cramped up[Read More]

Achieving Elegance with Simplistic Forms and Neutral Colors is this Modern Design House | Bizzle

We are a team of young, enthusiastic and creative Architects, Interior designers, Project Managers and Site Supervisors with over 30 years of accumulated expertise in their respective fields. Incorporated in 2016, we provide Modern Design interior designing and turnkey fit-out services across India.The central area forms the Living and Dining space with the Kitchen, Study[Read More]