Concise Material Palette Punctuated by Striking Accessories for this Office Design | Sthetic.Designs

Located at Sharanpur Road, the vibrant commercial hub of Nashik city, the office houses the workspaces for three firms- Amar Group, Nisergy and Precision. The office designs don an austere simplicity with subtle walls and ceilings from a concise material palette, that is punctuated by striking accessories like designer table lamps, concrete cardholders, pen stands, human models and plants. All the tables are fabricated with a cable holder to hide the untidy wiring and keep the desks clutter-free. The space carries a true essence of the ethos of the three firms as a collective.

Concise Material Palette Punctuated by Striking Accessories for this Office Design | Sthetic.Designs

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The floor layout is divided into zones with respect to the working patterns. Upon entering, the visitor is immediately greeted by the warm and vibrant reception-cum-waiting lounge, establishing their visual connection with the rest of the office spaces, and offering a drift of the expanse. The bright mustard sofas dominate the muted colour pallet of the office, emanating a cosy aura that invites one to take a seat, complemented by the bespoke, elegant centre table. Arrays of potted plants create the backdrop, bringing in much-desired outdoors within the interior setting and providing a refreshing pop of verdant hues. The natural plants are nurtured by the LED profile lighting affixed on the ceiling, which provides artificial daylight for them to grow.

The partition holding the potted plants also has a TV fixed, that features completed and ongoing projects by the firms, doubling up as an advertising wall for the visitors to refer to when waiting. On the other side of the partition, three work desks are lined up for potential future expansion requiring staff. The porous screen retains visual contact and flow of light while still creating a segregation

The interiors of all cabins are predominantly white and minimalist, except for a navy-blue painted wall in grooved MDF, that forms the highlight in each enclosure and lends it a dramatic character. The glass walls with a translucent film running along the centre ensure privacy without the employment of opaque, dead walls. The first cabin at the entrance has a classy, rectangular Italian marble tabletop chamfered at the edges, and seating for two staff with a glass opening towards the main building passage.

Across the waiting area, the accounts department is placed centrally to enable easy and quick access for all cabins and staff. The storage with administrative equipment like printers and photocopying machines is next to the accounts, becoming another central hotspot at the workspace for common access. The up-and-down storage, divided by a niche in the middle visually divides the spaces without obstructing light.

Fact File

Designed by: Sthetic.Designs

Project Type : Office Interior Design

Location : Nashik, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2021

Project Size: 600 sq. ft.

Principal Architect: Snehal Jajoo

Photograph Courtesy: Yash Katariya

Firm’s Instagram Link: Sthetic.Designs

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