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    The underlying concept of the apartment design was to create an aesthetic living space that feels modern with a slender touch of antiqueness. The dominant theme is nature, its scenic beauty exuding simplicity yet classic. To make it a nature-friendly space, solid wood and veneers were used for wood finishes. Green is the dominant color in nature – symbolic of growth. The lush green on fabrics and accent walls evoke a feeling of abundance, refreshment and peace.

    Apartment Design That feels Modern With a Slender Touch of Antiqueness | Mirai Architects

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    An Open kitchen for more spatial interaction between the living and dining. To bring the connectivity between spaces, earthen colors with the use of terracotta dado tiles and contrast concrete finishes were used in the lower cabinets with a white acrylic finish for the upper cabinets to balance the contrast and give more storage spaces.

    In the dining space, solid wood dining seater is accompanied by the boat-shaped custom-made masterpiece makes a defining beauty statement.  To add some grandeur, veneer with brass ornamentation and a mirror completed the piece. Apart from being an exhibit piece, it is also accompanied by storage space. Being the masterpiece of the house, that single piece of furniture reflects the traditional persona of the client.  The lantern light fixture and green accent wall compliment the boat element giving a scenic background. A contrast color pouf, a five in one-seater which can be detached and used for seating which ensures space-saving.

    The Master bedroom was designed with the use of solid wood furniture curated to blend with the flooring and garden space. A Green accent wall was used to exude a breezy vibe.

    Son’s bedroom has a cool and serene theme which was achieved by using blue color as an accent wall and light shade laminates for wardrobes.

    Bedroom 2 is designed in Scandinavian style. Designed to embody a theme of eco-friendliness, there is selective use of bamboo canes in all the units and a contrasting shade on the wall with a beautiful piece of a wall clock adding elegance to the room.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Mirai Architects

    Project Type : Apartment Interior Design

    Project Name :  Bhagya Residence

    Location : Bangalore

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 1.5 Months

    Project Size: 1600 Sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 23 Lac

    Principal Architects :  Sandhya Saravanan and  Aekha Venugopal

    Photograph Courtesy : Chelat Venugopalan

    Products & Materials :Asian Paints, Green Lam, Marino Laminates, Hafele , Hettich, Aditya Lamps, Prism Lights and Century Plywood / Construction Materials : Ply+ veneer, Ply+ laminate, Shesham wood

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