Achieving Elegance with Simplistic Forms and Neutral Colors is this Modern Design House | Bizzle

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We are a team of young, enthusiastic and creative Architects, Interior designers, Project Managers and Site Supervisors with over 30 years of accumulated expertise in their respective fields. Incorporated in 2016, we provide Modern Design interior designing and turnkey fit-out services across India.The central area forms the Living and Dining space with the Kitchen, Study and Staff room to the north, and the private bedrooms to the south of the apartment. The Master Bedroom is located in the South west corner of the house, ideal as per Vaastu.

Achieving Elegance with Simplistic Forms and Neutral Colors is this Modern Design House | Bizzle

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Our team believes in designing the interior environment our clients desire, utilising fine tuned vision and proven trustworthy business practices, turning any space into a powerful expression of the client’s personality. We strive for clean, functional designs which are tasteful and timeless.

With the glass façade on one side, the Living and Dining space is flooded with ample natural light. Delicate pastel upholstery and warm walnut veneer balances the textures and colors in the space. The cozy bar corner is subtle, yet efficient with ample storage as well as counter space. The textures and colors flow seamlessly through the Living and Dining areas and the details on the walls add just the right amount of charisma. The custom designed brass chandelier by Arjun Rathi is the focal point of the Living and Dining area.

The debated element in the Living room, according to the Architect couple, was the long storage wall required by the client. The architects tackled this challenge by creating a composition of veneer shutters and fabric sandwiched glass shutters, along with niches to create a solid-void arrangement. Italian marble flooring amplifies the opulence of the Living room.

The Master bedroom radiates finesse with a statement headboard, detailed using concrete texture and delicate brass inserts. The custom designed brass wardrobe handles integrated with the patterned walnut veneer shutters showcase the attention to detail in the space.

The TV console and side tables with fluted wood and leather-clad shutters add the perfect finishing touch to the room.

An exquisite custom-woven veneer, combined with back painted glass forms the material palette in the mother’s room. The overall subtlety of the room is enhanced by a graceful rose color fabric headboard for the corner bed.

The Kids’ room, designed for two young boys, is a beautifully lit space flanked by the glass façade on two sides. A bright, fabric clad, fluted freestanding headboard at the center of the room is complimented by custom designed, quirky blue side tables and TV console. A cozy reading corner and a compact study desk integrate dexterously by the window. The wardrobe shutters and bathroom door flush seamlessly with the veneer wall paneling on one side of the room.

The client’s brief was to create a maintenance-free, opulent home without using loud materials or garish finishes. The challenge here was to create a spacious and clutter-free space, incorporating as much storage as possible. The outcome: a high-end mid-century modern apartment detailed intricately incorporating the practicalities of an Indian household.

Fact File

Designed by: Bizzle

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Casa Elegante

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project: 12 Months

Project Size: 1800 Sq.ft.

Principal Architect: Rishi Raj Barpujari

Team Design Credits: Komal Vaidya

Photograph Courtesy: Pulkit Sehgal

Products/Materials: Loose Furniture: ZJM Exports / Rug: Cocoon Fine Rugs / Chandelier and Floor Lamp: Arjun Rathi / Bar area wall art: White Domus designs / Other wall Art and Accessorie: Invogue Luxury Décor / Mandir shutter artwork: Studio SmitaMoksh / Wall textures: Colour Coats / Master bedside wall lights:White Teak Company / Modular Kitchen: Wurfel / Bathroom tiles and fittings: Turquoise / Floor marble: Elegant Marbles / Veneers: Jalaram Timber

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