Inspiring Creativity and Collaboration with this Office Design in Calicut | Dot Architects

Inspiring Creativity and Collaboration with this Office Design in Calicut | Dot Architects

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The Office Design is in the South beach part of Calicut, Kerala, India within the major historical part of the city. The building stood at the entrance of Bavutti Haji Road which leads to Kuttichira- another important touristic site with a proud history flaunting a unique socio-cultural and architectural style. Eventually, the warehouses did not follow any homogeneity in aesthetics disregarding the existing architectural character of the area. Being located along a significant heritage corridor, this questioned the morphology of the street.

The color palette followed here is Yellow for the exterior walls and white for the interior walls. The interior flooring was planned to be cement texture to showcase the yellow and wooden furniture. The windows were kept white to maintain the colonial architecture style. The ceiling was painted black in the interior and terracotta color for the exterior.

An informal working setting was created rather than a conventional composed office space. Adding to this, the colours and tones used present a cheerful and warm environment for the users. To create an open relaxing area, an additional balcony design was cantilevered without disturbing the exterior old structure.

The ground floor area will be a commercial space and the first floor is designed as the co-working space. As we enter the building there is an interesting stair room laid with pattern tiles which retained the existing colonial style handrail. The stairs bring you to an elegant reception in the upper leve

During the design stage, we suggested to adaptively reuse the building without disturbing the existing structure and to create something that not only merges with the context but also revitalizes the street. Thereafter, the main challenge we faced was to deal with the 60-year-old existing structure. Overall, this project brings to the forefront that adaptive reuse is an efficient method of recycling. Here the whole building has been recycled, reused and repurposed which adds to the cost efficiency along with sustainable values

Fact File

Designed by: Dot Architects

Project Type: Restoration of office space

Project Name: The Yellow Street

Location: Calicut, Kerala

Year Built : 2021

Project Size: 5000 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 25 Lac

Principal Architects: Faheem Faisal, Muhammed Noufal, Sheeha Hameed

Team Design Credits:  Farha Faisal,  Ashiq K, Afeef, Adeeb, Hail, Mishal, Jaleel, Hadiya

Photograph Courtesy: Turtle Arts

Firm’s Instagram Link: Dot Architects

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