Residential Interior Experiences Harmony and Fusion of Vivid Styles – Pinik Design Studio

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This Residential Interior envisioned by the principal designer Ar. Piyush Chandwani of PiNiK Design Studio outspread to give inhabitants additional room to de-stress and interact. This amenity space of 1350 sq. ft is a building facility designed as a part of residential project in Amravati that aims to serve about 240 existing units. The project connects the two residential towers and consists of a lobby, a yoga area, an area for multiple indoor games, a reading section, and a kid’s play area. The idea of the developer, Mr. Talda of Govinda Builders, was to design a space as a “social-unit” for an urban housing society that would encourage reciprocity and communal feeling.

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Residential Interior Experiences Harmony and Fusion of Vivid Styles – Pinik Design Studio

A spacious entry foyer brings the visitor into the space, taking them through the process of discovery. On entering one, is directed towards the waiting lobby where there is a cacophony of colors on the furniture, walls, and plain rugged flooring, and yet, assembled together, they bring out a kind of treat to the eye!


The interiors of this area have a partition with greens forming a perfect backdrop for an earthy brown color sofa coupled up with customized accents which adds an extra layer of detail.

The lobby further connects with the yoga area with a graphite wall, an indoor play area draped in shades of blue, and a kids’ zone. With the limited space, the notion was to create open and continuous activity areas that are interlinked to create a sense of largeness. Thus, a conscious attempt was made to avoid solid walls with designed partitions to optimize the space with intelligent storage. This resulted in the segregation of places with engaging partition walls and
different captivating hues. As a solution to many columns obstructing the connectivity, each one was treated differently. For instance, some were merged with the furniture while others were cladded with appropriate material.

The overall space is dressed in combination of curve and straight geometric lines by using basic materials such as laminates, plywood, teakwood, MDF, and HDMR. But the main character of the space is brought together by wise use of mirrors, helping to make space look larger than what it is and hues that amplify the beauty.

Monochromatic interiors being in favor of the moment, it’s rather arresting to witness and execute a space so dynamic, where the drama of colors dominates the entire design feel. The area is held together by layers of interior designing elements, minimal furnishing, bold graphics, and vibrant colors, paying homage to eclectic design style. It experiences harmony and fusion of vivid styles to speak cohesive design language.

All in all, every element of the amenity space is crafted with an innate understanding that interrelationships between the aesthetics and function are experienced by user therefore, every facet should foster long-term well-being and enjoyment.

Fact file

Designed by: Pinik Design Studio

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: The Social Unit

Location: Amravati, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project: 4 Months

Project Size: 1350 sq.ft.

Project Cost: 15 Lac

Products/Materials: Wallcovering / Cladding: Bhagwati ply and laminates / Lighting: IKON lights, Navkar Lights / Sanitary ware : Cera / Paint: Asian Paints / Artefacts: Whispering homes, Pure home and living, Nestasia, Hometown, Sashaa World, The Osmos Studio , Urban Born / Hardware: Akaar sales, Prince Surfaces

Principal Architect: Piyush Chandwani

Photograph Courtesy: whatweclick

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