10 stunning interior design wallpapers ideas

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Interior design wallpapers Ideas

Wallpapers are the key ingredient to enhance your decor, with a wide range of wallpaper available it has become easy to choose from traditional designs,  Create a truly unique statement wall that reflects the wild textures of the world in the comfort of your own home.

But in addition to it, there are multiple options that can add on to create a non-traditional ambiance in your house, apart from flora / geometrical patterns.

10 stunning interior design wallpapers ideas

1.Cracked Concrete Wall Mural:

The textured detail of a concrete wall, the Rustic Concrete wall mural instills a raw and exposed look that is popular in current trends. With its simplicity, there are homeowners who would choose this design for their sitting room, study, bedroom, and office. The light grey of the concrete works well with most colour schemes since it blends as a natural backdrop to space.


2.Blue Grunge Watercolour Paint Wallpaper Mural:

An extremely soothing, but at the same time, stimulating vista naturally comes off when the wall features the Blue Grunge Watercolour Paint Wallpaper Mural. The simple use of the diverse hues of blue, combined with the almost “sloppy” grunge look, gives the canvas an inspiring and relaxing appeal that will make bedrooms a very cozy place to be. This watercolor wallpaper can make its living, not just in the bedroom. This will be perfect in the bathroom, the dressing room, and suits the living room just fine. When placed as a supporting element to a vibrant room, this grunge wallpaper never fails to impress.


3.Textured White Marble

Instil a glamorous look into your flawless interiors with the Textured White Marble Wall Mural. If sophisticated interiors and polished furniture are your thing, you could still incorporate a unique touch to your property with the wallpaper. Featuring multiple shading of grey against a white backdrop, the imagery would immediately be a scene-stealer in your polished corners. Its illusion of depth and texture would shine and intrigue your guests. Display bold furniture and incorporate the Textured White Marble Wall Mural in the background of your sitting room, kitchen or even bathroom.


4.Sketchy Illustration Wall Mural

This sketchy Wallpaper portrays the City of Lights like how it looks as drawn up by an artist’s hand. The image is almost like a sketch, but stands out because of the accuracy of the details. The mural can be an ideal background in a living room with sophisticated or classic furniture. With mainly white and grey colors, it will work hand in hand with almost all kinds of decoration as well. The bedroom, the study, or even the foyer can certainly enjoy the view that this Paris Wallpaper Mural offers.


5.Sea of Trees Forest Mural Wallpaper

This stunning photograph captures the silhouettes of the forest, masked against the horizon in wonderful muted tones of greys and blues. Making a perfect wallpaper mural, the image transports you into the heart of the forest, whilst the crisp, simple nature of the image is understated and calming .


6.Crumbling Brick Wall Mural

If you are bored with how the walls of your house look like, getting the Crumbling Brick Wall Mural is a great idea. There is no need for you to renovate your home with this brick wallpaper. It is simple, but it is far different from the usual wall designs of a house. Instead of having plain wallpapers, textured wallpaper is now more popular because of its embossed design. There is a variety of brick effect wallpaper available that may suit the decorations of your room.



7.Summer Graffiti Wall Mural

Incorporate a splash of colours in your home by choosing contemporary wall décor, like the Summer Graffiti Wall Mural. This wallpaper features an abstract imagery with a plethora of bold colours. It instills a tone of eccentricity to your space, which makes it a good backdrop for boring furniture or monochromatic interiors. The wall mural is an exact replica of graffiti art, adding a contemporary vibe to wherever it is installed. Make your interiors memorable to guests by choosing décor that stand out, from top to bottom. The Summer Graffiti Wall Mural is a recommended piece for your living room, bedroom or playroom.




8.Ancient Style World Map Mural

Ancient Style World Map Mural is a fabulously antiquated design that will provide sheer depth of character and style to your interior decor. Wonderful golden tones contrast with the dark hues depicting the world as it was known way back when.

The Ancient Style World Map Mural is a truly beautiful design that will match any colour scheme or design ideas that you might have whilst elevating your interior decor to another level.



9.Convex Wall Mural

With its clean, angular aesthetic our Convex Wall Mural takes pride of place amongst our beautiful Prism collection. Minimalist yet modern, this is a bang on-trend geometric feature wall idea whose grey colour palette will add an air of cool to any room of the home.



10.Sanded Wooden Flooring Texture Mural

Our Sanded Wooden Flooring Texture Mural is a wonderfully charming little number that sees beautifully planed solid wood flooring add real texture and definition to your interior décor. This is the ideal mural for those of you who want a design with a touch more humour and sophistication and it would look absolutely brilliant in the kitchen or dining room areas of the home. Give your walls that added element of beauty and creativity that they deserve with our Sanded Wooden Flooring Texture Mural.






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