3BHK at Lodha Bellissimo | Quirk studio

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3BHK at Lodha Bellissimo | Quirk studio

This 3BHK residence at Lodha Bellissimo by Quirk studio belongs to a young working couple with their two lovely little girls. The brief from the client was to keep it clutter free and still spacious for their girls to run around but at the same time cozy and warm to host their family and friends.

Fact File.

Project:- Residential, 3BHK at Lodha Bellissimo

Interior Designers: – Quirk Studio

Photography Credit: – Chintan Meghani


As you enter the home, it has a nice long passage that carries you forward into the home and spills open into the living room which is lucky to have balconies on either side providing ample sunlight and cross ventilation.


Whilst doing a home we always make sure that the client’s personality is showcased and comes through. In order to maintain that we decided to do a neutral shell for space and use pops and burst of color through art, accessories, and cushions.

We used pristine white marble through the passage and living area and master bedroomand wooden flooring in the kids and guest room to bring in some warmth. For the walls, we have used a lot of wallpaper through the home, right from the passage to one of the walls in the living room but again the wallpaper is very muted. We have then added grey and deep blue sofas, and a print fabric on the single chairs to tie in the colors along with brass and glass accent tables. The cushions and art are to bring in some fun and add color. Like the art frames collage in the living room, that the client purchased on their travels, is of cassette tapes with some of their favorite music artists.

We kept the layout of the living and dining open and something that flows seamlessly into one another. We added a bench seating between the spaces to tie in the spaces especially when they are hosting friends and family.

For the bedrooms we have selected delicate floral patterns for the wallpaper, the master has a lovely grey cherry blossom which complements the rest of the grey and white color scheme. We finished the sliding wardrobes with mirror from top to bottom to make space seem larger.

The kid’s room we have wallpapered all the walls with a lovely watercolor pattern pink floral to brighten the space and make it fun for the girls and also a reminder for them to not scribble on the walls. We created a fun bunk bed design with steps that double up as storage and finished all their furniture in white.

And lastly, the guest room we used a blue floral wallpaper, and refurbished their existing old bed and turned it white along with the rest of the furniture in the room.


The clients also like us love their greens, which ends up adding so much warmth to any space, therefore right from their entrance to the passage and balconies we added plants to add freshness, warmth and as natural air purifiers.

We also have added a herb garden in the balcony where they pick their mint and rosemary from and for the kid’s room flower bed we decided to add tomatoes, pineapple, and other vegetables and fruits as a fun activity for them to do and also look after and be responsible for.


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