• This Villa Offers Amenity And Luxury Giving An Opulent Vibe | Studio 101

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    This Villa Offers Amenity And Luxury Giving An Opulent Vibe | Studio 101

    Spatial Arrangement:

    The villa is built on a plot of 500sq yards. It offers every amenity and luxury a house can offer to its owner. A driveway supporting 8 carparks, a double-height foyer filled with sunlight to give an opulent vibe upon entering. The house has 5 bedrooms separated by a small sitting space, a formal living, and a separate formal dining area to entertain guests. A family lounge where all the members can gather and enjoy their personal space. The terrace floor has the rest of the 2 guest bedrooms with a small open garden out front. The basement is more like the party den, it has a lap pool overlooking the entire expanse. A small lounge, a spa, and a home theatre.

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    The Design Intent:

    The design intent was clear we wanted to create spaces that would speak of “Less is not more”. Attention to detail was the path followed and we took that and built every element present would belong together and add value by its presence. Using a variety of material in furniture and finishes with a pattern play in fabrics and wallpapers, we created complexity in spaces which added that overwhelming feeling and presentation to each and every space within the entire space.


    Inspired by the tropical, the family lounge speaks of grandeur. It celebrates the smooth amalgamation of various patterns, textures, and finishes. The monochromatic wallpaper sets a tropical backdrop for space and is balanced out by the forest green chesterfield resting in the front. The edition of ivory and black resin along with dyed oak veneer makes the space organic. The black grit ceiling adds contrast to the otherwise organic space.


    The formal dining area for 10 people has been designed with the intention of layering various elements. The most evident being the concept of the pattern on pattern. The back of the dining chair has a botanical print whereas the wallpaper is a geometrical print. The heavily detailed ceiling pushes the walls to a fairly simple detailing. What adds appeal to space is the intelligent use of different layers of ambient lighting. Naturally, flowing curtains add a dressy look to the area.


    Acting as a passage for the drawing room, the foyer area is filled with light because of the double height. The Beautiful laser cut ceiling in a smoked ash matte finish effortlessly compliments the flooring and adds warmth to the whole expanse. An opulent chandelier filling up the double height atrium.


    The formal Living area is all about tones of gold. Starting from the ceiling which has been finished with antique gold leaf and thin mirror border running throughout to the upholstery, cushions and the beautiful antique beige marble on the floor. The accents of red and its hues is lending warmth and catching the attention.


    Celebrating nature, the basement allows the exterior to flow inside which was possible because of placing the cut-outs intelligently and focusing the right areas. The spa and the hot tub overlook the green patch, freshening up the interiors and filling it with natural light.  

    The sitting space set in the basement which is akin to a party den, with a lap pool flanking the entire expanse. The colour palette has been chosen carefully keeping in mind the natural blue colour that the pool water casts. The high ceiling gives room for play in a proportion which is evident in the scale of the chandelier, the elongated ceiling cove accentuating the perimeter, linear black mouldings going to a height of 11feet adds drama

    The furniture is a merger of abstract and organic elements. Using a dyed carbholo veneer around the sofa, satin black finish on the side tables with a hint of a multicolor mother of pearl and antique gold leaf finish, space unfolds the expression of drama. The home theatre in the basement also follows the colour palette that has been set for the lounge. Brining the teal inside the home theatre acts as a threshold in order to bind the spaces together and create a flow in interiors from one space to another.


    The master suite is an epitome of luxury. Flanked with a dark European walnut wooden flooring, the Bedroom has been designed with the colours of nature. Brown and beige family is dominant with accents of sage green present in the paneling and the coffee table.

    The bed back paneling has been divided into merely 3 sections but is combined by a uniform border running throughout. The fabric panels behind the bedside table have been customized and are hand embroidered with thread and zardozi. The furniture is detailed with the presence of metal inlays, hence adding the opulent vibe. Raw silk curtains with patchwork and tassels add the lovely charm to the suite.

    The Walk-in closet is all about the sage green veneer with the Grey Saint Laurent marble. To add that spacious feeling, translucency has been created by adding tinted glass shutters with a thin aluminum profile along with solid veneer shutters in each corner. An island dresser resting in the middle creates a circulation within the space and acts as a divider between the dressing and the bathroom.


    The geometric pattern made out of 2 veneers has been given the 3rd dimension just by changing the levels thus cutting monotony. The suede panels behind the bedside table follow the same ideology of adding levels to create depth. The bedroom uses ink blue colour as a dominant element. Throwing a colourful rug was intentional in order to pick up colours for accessories such as flowers that rest upon the simple yet detailed coffee table. The curtains are detailed with hand-embroidered borders just to achieve that finishing touch.


    Firm: Studio 101

    Location: Gurugram

    Area: plot of 500sq yards

    Principal Designer:  Harnaam Kaur

    Photography credits: Manish Kumar photography

    Instagram: studio____101/

    Facebook: Studio: 101

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