Opulent Furniture Showroom Interiors For An Elevated Experience | I.E- Design

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Opulent Furniture Showroom Interiors For An Elevated Experience | I.E- Design

Palazzo, which refers to “palace” in Italian, is a showroom in Hyderabad that has a fine curation of transitional and opulent furniture.

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Furniture showroom interior designing is a very tactful process. Every bay is thoroughly planned in advance to get a better understanding of the function first. Furniture products on display are constantly changing and are never the same, the colors and wall treatments are hand-picked to be well-curated with the furniture and artifacts.

This style of design requires immense attention to detail. The flooring used is Satvario in combination with wooden tiles to do justice to the floor concept.

The transition of the colors in consecutive bay is inspired by the life of every human. It begins with purity and innocence represented in light tones, gets into deeper and darker shades, portraying the thoughts and everyday ordeals of life, and finishes with a neutral palette as humans are enlightened by end of their journey and reach an absolute-ness.

Use of rich colours in combination with one another creates beautiful contrasts. Vintage chandeliers and wall lights, mirror work, wall mouldings and brass detailing completes the look and makes the space look highly dramatic and luxurious.


Design Firm: I.E- Design

Name of the project: Palazzo

Typology: Luxury Retail Showroom

Principal Architect and Designer: Shreya Anand

Location: Hyderabad

Photograph: Ricken Desai


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