Apartment Interior With Timeless Elegance | Purvi Shah Interiors

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Apartment Interior With Timeless Elegance | Purvi Shah Interiors

To wake up next to the cool breeze of the sea is a blessing indeed. This magnificent house faces the iconic Marine Drive and is nestled in an Art Deco building – Mumbai’s Queen Necklace. “A blank canvas is white, but not every blank canvas is waiting for a brushstroke to make it complete.”

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The 2500 square foot elegant residence gracefully justifies the above expression. The luxurious setting comprises of four bedrooms, formal & informal living-dining area and a kitchen. Consistent with the designer’s vision, the design of the house mainly features white spaces that open up the entire area. Every room has its own appeal by virtue of a design theme for concept, color & materials used.

As you enter you are greeted by the famous single stroke calligraphist Ram Kasture. It symbolizes the aspects of life – happiness, togetherness, unity, family, and peace. The designer gives the home a seamless flow. It was done through the use of Statuario marble flooring. A rimless glass partition generates a sense of expansion of spaces while giving the requisite privacy. A cantilevered wooden seating overlooks the Arabian Sea. A beautiful intricately designed center table in Moroccan style is the show-stopper of the formal area.

The informal sitting is designed to lend an air of comfort and chic, making it eye-catching with splashes of red well balanced with neutral-colored furniture. The glass panel between the living and dining areas seems to depict the image of a ravishing portrait of a boat sailing over the Arabian Sea. The traditional elements such as the swing form a decorative seating arrangement that blends right in with the space created by the designer.

The living area is a manifestation of serenity, quietness, luxury, and comfort – all in one space.

The dining area houses an imposing dinner table in wood and glass with carved chairs. Wine is the predominant color in this space with a backdrop of carved marble on the wall. It is a custom-made sophisticated surface chosen thoughtfully keeping the overall feel in mind. First impressions always count as the front door opens to this visual with the hand was blown hanging crystal lights that accentuate the intricacy of the surface.

In the living, the red console kept against the royal wallpaper and an ornate mirror adds to the aristocracy of the corner. The spectacular concept of having a gist of reds in a muted palette lifts your spirits. The doors to the temple are carved and finished in silver foil with a champagne hue. The temple has been carved out of marble and has an engaging glass mirror ceiling.

The grand master bedroom is bathed in natural light during the day. The artwork on the cupboard is created by the national award-winning miniature artist from Udaipur – Kamal Sharma. The circular balcony provides a panoramic view of the calm Arabian Sea as well as the hustle bustle of Marine Drive. This is a prime spot for star gazing too.

The son’s bedroom has a high headboard with Ikat replete with a trendy combination of grey and yellow tones. However, simplicity is the underlying theme of this space and it comes about vividly.

The designer thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of taking on a project where she has to juxtapose contemporary with traditional, still with fluid and timeless elegance with today’s trends.


Firm: Purvi shah interiors

Project Type: Apartment interior

Location: Mumbai

Area: 2500Sqft.

Photo credit:  Ravi Kanade 

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